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Newborn Babies

Babies are beautiful! Look here at some of the normal characteristics of babies at birth and get a sense for what your newborn will be like, a different look at the most precious time.
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Bringing Home Baby
From how to diaper a baby to bathing your new baby and everything inbetween!

What a Newborn Baby Looks Like
When you think of what a baby looks like, you probably picture a three month old baby from some ad. The truth is that most newborn babies look very different. Come see what a newborn baby looks like...

Newborn Care Class Online
Expecting a baby? Here's a bunch of information on caring and preparing for your new baby.

Newborn Photo Gallery
Picture gallery of newborn babies.

Choosing a Pediatrician for Your Baby
A peditrician should be your best friend when it comes to caring for your baby. So how do you pick a pediatrician?

Schedule for Well Child Visits
Most pediatricians will see your baby for well visits or well baby checks. These help ease your mind and follow your baby's growth and development to quickly spot issues that need addressing.

When to Call Your Baby's Doctor
Calling your pediaitrician may send you into a tizzy. Knowing when to call and what to say will help you a lot.

Ways to Bond with Baby
There are many ways to bond with your baby after birth. Here are some of the more common ones.

Delayed Cord Clamping
The definition of Delayed Cord Clamping as it pertains to childbirth.

Teach Your Baby to Sign by Monica Beyer
Teach Your Baby to Sign by Monica Beyer Review of a book on teaching babies sign language as a way to communicate.

Airplane Travel with Baby
How to travel safely and sanely with a new baby on an airplane.

When to Call Your Lactation Consultant (LC)
Knowing when to call the lactation consultant can help you in your breastfeeding.

Taking a Road Trip with Your Baby
Taking your baby on the road can be a thought that drives you bonkers. With some planning you can make your next long car trip a piece of cake to help ease you and baby along the way.

Handling Unwanted Advice
Trying to handle unwanted advice while you care for your newborn baby?

Newborns & Risk of Breathing Problems at Birth
Could simple medications, or even how your baby is born be the source of a potentially deadly breathing problem?

What surprised you most about how your baby looked at birth?
Babies are certainly not the images we see in commercials or ads. What did you notice about your baby that surprised you?

Your Newborn's Reflexes
A look at the amazing reflexes that help your newborn survive.

Numbers for Newborns
Information on how and why to obtain a social security number for your newborn.

How do you handle unwanted baby advice?
With a baby comes the village - to tell you what to do. How do you handle unwanted baby advice?

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