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Natural Childbirth

Getting through labor without drugs, how to do it and where to find support.

10 Steps to Natural Childbirth
If you are considering having your baby without medications there is some planning involved. Here is what you can do to increase the chances of not requiring medications in your labor.

Choosing Natural Childbirth
Ever wondered what natural childbirth really is or why someone would choose it?

6 Stupid Things People Say About Natural Childbirth
So, you've decided to give birth without drugs. Here's what to expect from the peanut gallery.

Guide to Natural Childbirth - Reducing Pain in Labor
If you are thinking about having a natural childbirth or delaying an epidural until later in labor, you'll need to know how to cope with labor. Here are many ways to help you reduce the pain of labor and childbirth.

Natural Childbirth Tips and Advice
Natural childbirth is something that some women choose. To achieve this goal they must make plans to help them along the path and in labor. What advice do you give for people who want a natural childbirth?

7 Tips for Finding a Natural Childbirth Friendly Doctor or Midwife
Natural childbirth is a personal option and one that requires some support from from your doctor or midwife. But how do you know if your practitioner is supportive of your plans or simply tolerating them?

Labor Drugs
Labor can sometimes be harder than you thought and while you were planning on not using medication, it becomes an option. How do you handle that situation in labor?

Myths About Natural Childbirth
A look at some myths about natural childbirth.

Natural Childbirth Online Course
This online class looks at what you need to do to prepare your body and mind to give birth without medications. It is a free email course.

Books to Help You Prepare for a Natural Childbirth
There are a lot of things that you need to do to prepare for a natural birth. Deciding to forgo medications means knowing how to comfort yourself in labor and to find someone to help you stay comfortable. These books all provide information on keeping you comfortable.

Online Childbirth Classes
Don't have the time or opportunity for a class? Maybe you need something extra? Check out our complete class online!

Abdominal Breathing for Labor and Birth
How to use abdominal breathing to ease the pain of labor and childbirth, including the cleansing breath.

Positioning for Labor
Moving in labor is a great way to alleviate pain and help the process go more smoothly.

Labor Positions with a Partner
Having someone help you with positioning for labor and birth is of great benefit. Not only is there someone else to remember which position works well with what situation, but there is also the physical comfort of having someone touching you.

Labor Positions with a Birth Ball
Here are some great labor positions to use with a birth ball.

Drugs for Birth?
Should you take drugs during your labor or birth?

Is Natural Childbirth Dead?
Would all the women who don't want epidurals, please raise your hand? From your About.com Guide.

Pain in Birth: Placebos & Potential
One woman's remarks on pain in labor, very interesting reading.

Natural Birth Stories
Stories of natural childbirth from women and their families who have experienced natural childbirth.

8 Reasons Moms Dont Get Epidurals
The reason to avoid an epidural vary widely, but here are the most common cited reasons for skipping the epidural.

Acuppressure in Labor
Advice on using this non-medicinal pain relief.

Birth Stories
Unmedicated birth stories.

Natural Childbirth: The Next Time
" Becoming empowered to have natural childbirth the second time (even if the first time wasn’t great)" Dr. Bartell helps you decide what's right for you.

Interactive Birth Plan
Point and click on your choices and this site will prepare and e-mail you your birth plan.

Methods of Childbirth
Information on different childbirth classes.

Pain Relief Without a Price Tag or a Needle
How can you help yourself during an unmedicated birth.

Support for Unmedicated Birth
Midwives Support Unmedicated Birth Because It's Better for the Baby.

Why would anyone want a natural childbirth?
Natural childbirth is often discussed as something that is frightening or painful, but then why do so many women choose to have a natural childbirth? Here are some of the reasons that women give for making the decision to have a natural childbirth.

Five Tips for Dads Dealing with Natural Childbirth
One dad decided he had to join his wife, not fight her but join her. And along the way, he decided it was great.

Supporting a Laboring Woman FAQ
A how-to guide for anyone attending births.

Natural Pain Relief for Labor and Birth
Looking for a few good tips on comfort measures in labor?

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