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5 Maternity Clothes Trends That Thankfully Died

Be glad you weren't around for these maternity clothes...


Updated December 24, 2012

Lucille Ball in her maternity clothes.

Lucille Ball in her maternity clothes fashion crime of an outfit was blazing for its time.

Photo © Hulton Archive/Stringer - Getty Images
Let's face it maternity clothes have gotten a lot more comfortable and stylish to wear in the last few years. When Lucille Ball was a pregnant celebrity all those many years ago, she had to wear some of these very maternity clothes fashion crimes on television!(And let's not even go into the state of maternity underwear.) While you still might think that maternity clothes have a ways to go, let's have a look at some of the maternity clothes trends that are thankfully dead!

  1. Bows
    You heard that right! Bows. Everywhere. On the top, between the breasts, on the sleeves... It wasn't that long ago when you couldn't buy a top that didn't have a big bow or even a little bow on it somewhere. Sometimes the bow was so big, it was like you were a flower arrangement and the bow was meant to hide the fact that you were pregnant.

  2. Tents
    While I'm certainly not one to let it all hang out while pregnant, I'm also very glad that I don't have to hide in a tent like object that some designer tried to pass off my pregnant body as a tent or even a blimp, maybe that's what they were going with for the yards of fabric that billowed around my belly. I could have hidden my toddler in there.

  3. Horizontal Stripes
    Anyone who knows me gets that I am not fashion conscious. I like the fact that you can simply get away with solid pants and fun tops while pregnant. But one of the few facts I do know about fashion, particularly as it relates to pregnancy, is that you don't want to wear horizontal stripes. Let's just say this was not accentuating exactly what I was looking for in maternity clothes.

  4. Casual Only
    If you wanted T-shirts and cotton pants, you were fine. There were even a few dresses available, but they were more for lounging around the house than going out in. Now you can buy business suits, bathing suits and even ball gowns in the maternity clothes sections. This makes me very happy.

  5. The Muu Muu
    Okay, technically these are still available, but not popular. The point here is that if you want a dress you can have one, a nice dress too! You can wear something slinky. You can buy a sun dress, wedding dress - lots of dresses. But please, keep the muu muu at home.

So even if I'm not the best dressed person, pregnant or not, these fashions going way out of style have thankfully saved my style. The sad thing is, is that if I can tell they were not that fashionable, why couldn't others?

I'm sure future generations will look back and think that we were absolutely crazy. Maybe they will think that baring our bellies was wrong, maybe they will think striped maternity clothes was probably a bad idea (They might be right on that one...), but no matter what, we'll still know that we had it better!

What maternity fashions do you this should go out of style? Visit the forum and let us know!

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