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Labor and birth is such an important topic. You will learn what you need to know to have a safe and satisfying childbirth experience. From cesarean birth to home birth and everything in between - there are many options for you to choose from no matter where you live. Once you've given birth you will then need to take care of your newborn baby and your postpartum body. Not only do you need to deal with your changing body, but worries about postpartum depression are real. You need to do this all while taking care of your baby from feeding to diapering.
  1. Your Guide to Labor & Birth
  2. Childbirth Classes
  3. Dads, Doulas and Others
  4. Pain Relief for Labor & Delivery
  5. Natural Childbirth
  6. Induction of Labor
  7. Cesarean Section (C-Section)
  1. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)
  2. Common Hospital Procedures
  3. Complications in Birth
  4. Caring for Your New Baby
  5. Postpartum Life & Body
  6. Breastfeeding Your Baby

Your Guide to Labor & Birth

Mother with Newborn on her Chest

Doulas, cesareans, and epidurals - oh my! There is a lot to learn about giving birth. Do you know what an epidural is or when fetal monitoring is used? Be prepared for childbirth by educating yourself with birth stories and photos about birth.

Childbirth Classes

Couple in Childbirth Class

Do you know what kind of childbirth class you're taking? There are plenty of options available in most areas. Here is a bit about various methods of childbirth education and why one might be better for you over another.

Dads, Doulas and Others

Mom in Labor, Dad Helping

The people that you choose to have with you when you give birth make up your support team. These people can include dad, partners, doulas and other friends and family. Though it is important to make wise choices about who will care for you during your labor and birth experience.

Pain Relief for Labor & Delivery

Epidural Anesthesia

There are many options for pain relief in labor from IV pain medications like narcotics to epidural anesthesia to natural childbirth. Which medication or technique you choose will depend on your medical history, your preference, your practitioner's preference and what is available at your place of birth.

Natural Childbirth

Labor Partner

Planning to have an unmedicated birth simply requires some time. Time to research options and to learn some basic skills to help ease the pain of labor by using relaxation, labor positions, breathing and other support.

Induction of Labor

Pushing with IV

Sometimes nature needs a nudge in the form of a labor induction. This can be true if you have completed 42 weeks of pregnancy or if there is a medical complication for mom or baby.

Cesarean Section (C-Section)

Dad - C-section

As the c-section rates creep up over to nearly a third of all women you need to learn about cesarean birth in case it becomes a necessity for you and your baby.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Water Birth - Oh it's a baby!

The vast majority of women who have had a previous c-section can have a vaginal birth in their next pregnancy. It is the safest way for most mothers and babies to experience birth. Here are some ways to help figure out if VBAC is the best option for you and to have a positive VBAC experience.

Common Hospital Procedures

Fetal Monitor - IV - Laboring Mom

IVs, fetal monitors and catheters - oh my! Some of the more common procedures that can happen as standard procedure might surprise you.

Complications in Birth

This is an external fetal monitor used to listen to baby in labor.

Sometimes problems arise in birth. This can be something that is a known issue or something unexpected. Using fetal monitoring and other techniques, your practitioner will watch you and your baby closely to intervene when necessary.

Caring for Your New Baby

Newborn at Birth with Vernix

Congratulations on your new baby! Now that your baby is here you are probably wondering about some of the basics like diapering, bathing and feeding your newborn.

Postpartum Life & Body

Mom Jogging with New Baby in Stroller

Let's face it, after you've had a baby your body is quite different. Here is your chance to help figure out how to get back in shape and enjoy your new life.

Breastfeeding Your Baby

Discrete Breastfeeding - Baby Nursing Photo

Once your baby is here you'll need to figure out a feeding method. Here you'll find information to help you make your decisions, including information on breastfeeding, breast pumps, baby bottles, weaning and more.

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