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The birth day you've been waiting for! Preparing ahead of time can save you a lot of worry and frustration. Labor and birth defined, including cesarean section, epidural anesthesia and more.
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Labor Basics
Labor and birth is the culmination of pregnancy, but the beginning of parenting. There are many options available today in childbirth. How will you know if you're in labor? Will you have a vaginal birth? Do you want a natural birth or an epidural? Will you need a cesarean? Do you want a doula? Many questions...

A Picture Guide to Childbirth
A guide to childbirth using pictures.

Is this real or false labor?
Trying to figure out if you are in the early stages of labor, or real labor can be confusing. Some women experience something often called false labor, meaning that it is unlikely that you will be having the baby rapidly. What are the signs of labor? When should I go to the hospital? Here are the most common false labor questions - answered.

The Labor & Birth Quiz
Labor and birth can be a very exciting time in your life. It is definitely one of the most memorable. Learning to work your way through can help you enjoy the experience and relax. Here is our basic level quiz!

Top Signs of Labor
Do you think you'll know when labor starts? Here are the top signs that your baby is on the way!

How To Deliver A Baby
A baby is born! A simple how to deliver a baby at the end of pregnancy in an emergency situation.

Packing for Labor & Birth
Advice from other moms on what to take to the hospital or birth center for your labor and birth.

5 Things That Cause Contractions That Might Not Be Labor
Just because you are having contractions, doesn't mean you're having a baby. Here's the scoop on how to tell the difference and some reasons that you might be having contractions other than labor.

Online Childbirth Classes
Don't have the time or opportunity for a class? Maybe you need something extra? Check out our complete class online!

Cesarean Birth Quiz
With cesarean rates on the rise, how does your knowledge about a cesarean birth rank? Test your skills.

5 Things You Shouldn't Pack for Labor
When you're packing your bag for the hospital, here are some things you shouldn't pack.

Getting to the Hospital Too Soon
Getting to the hospital too early in labor can have detrimental effects on your labor.

How much does having a baby cost?
How much does having a baby cost? Even with maternity insurance you can spend a lot of money on having a baby. Here are ways to cut those costs down without compromising your care.

What is augmentation of labor?
Once labor is started there are times when it will slow or even stop. Augmentation is the treatment for a stalled labor.

10 Tips for Grandmas About Birth
Ever wanted to have a frank discussion with your mother or mother-in-law about birth? Here are some things she should know...

Birth Ball
How to use a birth ball for labor and birth.

5 Ways to Tell Your Mother-in-Law That She's Not Invited to Your Birth
So, your mother-in-law has invited herself to your birth. What do you do now?

Stages of Labor and Birth
There are three stages of labor used to help you figure out where you are on your journey to giving birth.

5 Tips for Getting Along with Your Labor and Delivery Nurse
Your labor and delivery nurse is one of your biggest advocates while you are in labor. Here is how to make the most of this relationship.

Sibling Hospital Bag
Ever wonder how you're going to entertain your older child while they wait for their sibling? Here is a hospital bag to pack for them or ways to entertain them where ever they are while their new baby is being born...

Celebrating the Labor & Delivery Nurse
How will you celebrate the labor and delivery nurse who helps you?

Common Hospital Bill Errors
Common hospital bill errors can cost you a lot of money, even if you have health insurance.

How did it feel to have your water break?
During childbirth, how did it feel to have your water break?

Who do you invite with you to the labor and delivery room?
Congratulations, you're pregnant! Now you get to deal with all the people who want to come to your birth. How do you decide if someone would make a good guest or not?

Quick Guide to Labor
If you don't even know where to start thinking about labor, this is a great place to start. It will help you figure out what you'd like to have more information on and point you in that direction.

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