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Am I Pregnant?


Planning for a pregnancy and baby has never been easier. Now that so much is known about fertility, ovulation and getting pregnant, we're able to help families conceive much more quickly. The same is also true for diagnosing and treating many couples who suffer from infertility. So from your preconceptional health visits to the big fat positive on your pregnancy test - we've got you covered when you ask the question - Am I Pregnant?
  1. Am I Pregnant?
  2. Signs of Pregnancy
  3. Pregnancy Tests
  4. Announcing Your Pregnancy
  1. How to Get Pregnant
  2. Ovulation and Fertility
  3. Planning for Pregnancy

Am I Pregnant?

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Let's face it, women often spend a lot of time wondering if they are pregnant or not. Sure you've got a symptom or two, but what does it really mean?

Signs of Pregnancy

Early pregnancy signs

Pregnancy signs are indicators that you may be pregnant. This might be a missed period, morning sickness or feeling pregnant. What was your first sign of pregnancy?

Pregnancy Tests

Positive Pregnancy Test

The tests to determine how much hCG, a pregnancy hormone, that is in your blood or urine are very sensitive these days. This is true even of the home pregnancy tests. So which one will you take and will you know what it means?

Announcing Your Pregnancy

Yes! You're pregnant - congratulations! Now comes the fun part - telling people. You may have a really good idea of who you're going to tell when and why. But if you're looking for some creative ideas to share your good news, we've got you covered.

How to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant involves the particular timing of sex with ovulation for most couples. Trying to determine when you ovulate can be tricky for some, but fertility charting and ovulation prediction kits (OPK) can be helpful. It is also a good idea to be preparing your body physically for a baby with good preconception care from your midwife or doctor.

Ovulation and Fertility

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Ovulation prediction and figuring out your fertility can be the key to getting pregnant quickly. While not everyone chooses to start out by detecting ovulation in order to conceive, it is becoming more common as women try to gain control over their fertility or if they are having difficulties in conceiving. This is also beneficial for women who are trying to plan for a specific timing of their pregnancy, though pregnancy doesn't always work out that way.

Planning for Pregnancy

Believe it or not, but what you do before you get pregnant actually has a large impact of the health of your pregnancy and baby. With a tiny bit of planning you can maximize your chances of having a healthy, full term baby - what we all want.

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