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Fun Birthday Facts - May

Birthstone, Flowers and Famous Birthdays


Updated November 01, 2008

Birthstone: Emerald

Birth flower: Lily of the Valley

Famous Birthdays

  1. Steve Cauthen, Kate Smith
  2. Catherine the Great, Dr. Benjamin Spock
  3. Bing Crosby, Joe Namath, Golda Meir, James Brown
  4. Audrey Hepburn, George Will
  5. Karl Marx, Tammy Wynette
  6. Willie Mays, Sigmund Freud, Orson Welles
  7. Tchaikovsky, Eva Peron, Johnny Unitas
  8. Harry Truman, Melissa Gilbert
  9. Billy Joel, Tony Gwynn, Mike Wallace
  10. Fred Astaire, Phil Mahre
  11. Salvador Dali, Irving Berlin
  12. Yogi Berra, Katharine Hepburn, Emilio Estevez
  13. Stevie Wonder, Dennis Rodman
  14. George Lucas
  15. Emmit Smith, George Brett, John Smoltz
  16. Pierce Brosnan, Janet Jackson, Henry Fonda
  17. Bob Saget, Jeff Bagwell, Sugar Ray Leonard
  18. Pope John Paul II, Reggie Jackson
  19. Peter Townshend, Malcolm X
  20. Cher, Bronson Pinchot
  21. Harold Robbins, Mr. T
  22. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Richard Benjamin, Laurence Olivier, Naomi Campbell
  23. Joan Collins, Scatman Crothers
  24. Bob Dylan, Priscilla Presley
  25. Miles Davis, Dixie Carter, Connie Selleca
  26. John Wayne, Sally Ride, Genie Francis, Al Jolson
  27. Frank Thomas, Henry Kissinger, Louis Gossett, Jr.
  28. Jim Thorpe, Jerry West, Ian Fleming
  29. John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, Melissa Etheridge
  30. Gale Sayers, Mel Blanc
  31. Clint Eastwood, Brooke Shields, Prince Rainier III
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