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5 Ways Your Partner Can Help with Morning Sickness

Do more than just stand there!


Updated April 21, 2014

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There is nothing funny about morning sickness, whether it occurs in the morning, at night or both. But having some support can go a long way towards easing the pain of nausea and vomiting when you're pregnant. Here are some tips for your partner to help ease your load while you suffer from morning sickness:

  1. Be prepared.
    Nothing says I love you like your partner carrying around a supply of plastic bags in case you're sick. You might also consider a couple of bottled waters, some mints and other mouth fresheners. This is likely to win her heart.


  2. Plan ahead.
    If you know that she's going to be sick in the morning, plan accordingly. Help her stave off morning sickness with a light breakfast in bed or even a protein snack by her bedside the night before. If it's more likely to strike at night, try to make dinner for yourself and save some for her for later if she's interested.


  3. Don't get in her way!
    Seriously, if she's trying to contain herself or looking green around the edges do what she asks immediately, even if all she wants is to be left alone. I've heard horror stories of dads trying to jokingly race her to the bathroom. It's not funny.


  4. Learn what sets her off.
    If you can get a handle on what sets her off smell wise, then you can avoid it. If it's onions, lay off the onions, even away from home. If it's smoke, quit smoking and avoid smokey places.


  5. Suffer in silence.
    She probably doesn't want to hear about your headache or how tired you are feeling. It won't take her mind off of the feelings of nausea. And it might land you in the doghouse.

Sometimes you're going to get the bad end of the deal and not do something right. You may even get your head bitten off occasionally. Just remember, do what you can, bite your tongue and hold her hair out of the way when she asks you to do so.

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