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Including dad in your pregnancy is a great way to promote father-infant bonding. There are many things dad can do to help make pregnancy enjoyable for everyone and prepare for the birth of the baby and life afterwards.
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Dads & Pregnancy
How can dads help be a part of pregnancy?

Advice for New Fathers
Do you have advice for new dads?

5 Ways Your Partner Can Help with Morning Sickness
You're not alone with the morning sickness, many guys report feeling helpless while women are feeling ill. Here are some ways to be helpful.

What Dad Needs to Pack for the Hospital Bag
There are many, many articles written about what to pack for labor, but most of these focus on what moms needs with an occasional tidbit thrown out there for what to bring for baby. But what about dad? He needs things for labor as well.

Pregnancy Books for Dads from Pregnancy Information to Labor Support and Parents
Dads have a wide range of books to select from when it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenting. Try some of these on for size.

Getting Dad Involved in Pregnancy
Interested in getting your husband involved in your pregnancy? Here are some ideas to help bring you closer together in pregnancy.

Gifts for Fathers-to-Be
Every dad-to-be needs to feel loved and pampered too. These are some cool items you can get as a gift for that expectant dad as he waits for his new baby to let him know he is not forgotten.

Dads/Siblings Birth Stories
Birth stories from the dad's point of view.

10 Tips for New Dads
New dads need help too! Here's some quick advice.

Dad's View of Pregnancy
One dad tells it like it is from a guy's point of view.

Sympathetic Pregnancy
Couvade syndrome can strike at any point. Do you suffer from pregnancy symptoms too?

10 Tips for Dads to Make the Most of Pregnancy
Dads, here are some ways to help pregnancy go smoothly for all involved. Enjoy these tips from other dads and moms.

Birth Stories by Dads
Birth stories by dads for dads.

Top Gifts for Dads
What to buy the father in your life.

Our About.com Guide takes you on a journey of fathers.

Husband Doesn't Like Blood
Here's a practical piece on what to do if your'e worried about being at the birth because of blood.

Baby Tips for New Fathers
A new dad shares the tips you need to know.

Diaper Changing Primer for New Dads
This is a really cute "article" on changing diapers.

A great site filled with all things dad!

A compilation of stories, surveys and more from dads.

A Guy's Guide to Pregnancy in Guy Terms
A guy's guide to pregnancy is different. It has to be something that you can relate to, so just how big is your baby and when is it doing what? Impress mom-to-be with your pregnancy knowledge.

5 Ways to Make Dads Comfortable at Birth
Looking for a way to make dad more comfortable at your upcoming birth?

Fatherhood Basics and Pregnancy
Fatherhood is an oft overlooked aspect of pregnancy. This is obviously because the most excited parts of pregnancy are the growing baby, all of which takes place inside mom's body. In recent years much has been talked about in terms of how dads need help emotionally and physically being drawn into the pregnancy and how to promote a healthy...

Dad's Guide to Childbirth - Hospital Version
Here is a simple guide to helping dad prepare for his role of coach for childbirth.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone in Labor
You might have heard that there are things you shouldn't say to a laboring woman. Here are some of them....

10 Things to Help Dad Cope in the Delivery Room
Dads can be concerned about how well they will perform when it comes to the delivery room. Here are ten tips to help ease their anxiety and mom's too!

What worried your partner about labor?
Many partners are worried about labor, what worries did yours have?

What books did your husband read in pregnancy?
Reading pregnancy books is not something that many dads spend a lot of time doing. So it's important to pick the right books. What books did your guy read about pregnancy or birth? What did he like about that book?

Sympathetic Pregnancy Symptoms in Dad
When dads experience sympathetic pregnancy symptoms, or couvade syndrome, they may experience weight gain, morning sickness and other symptoms of pregnancy.

Did your man have sympathetic pregnancy symptoms?
Sympathetic pregnancy symptoms, known as couvade syndrome, happen to those around you when you're pregnant. It can include gaining weight, morning sickness... any number of pregnancy symptoms.

Overzealous Dads in Pregnancy
Some dads go way to far in pregnancy and drive moms nuts with the attention to diet, weight, prenatal care and other details.

Did your partner drive you nuts in pregnancy?
Did your partner go a bit crazy in pregnancy? How did you cope with the craziness and how did it all resolve for you? Share your story.

How To Involve Your Partner in Pregnancy
a simple how to on pregnancy, fromyour about.com guide

A Guide for Expectant Dads
A mom tells you what to expect in the coming months.

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