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Pregnancy Month by Month


Updated July 17, 2014

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2nd Month of Pregnancy
Nine week ultrasound 3-D

9 Weeks 3D Ultrasound Photo

Photo © J. Reid

The second month of pregnancy is a critical month in fetal development. Your baby goes from being a blastocyst to an embryo. Early on in this month your baby’s heart will begin to beat. First it beats slowly, then very rapidly, later in pregnancy the heart rate will slow a bit more.

In the beginning of this month it’s hard to tell which way is up on your baby. As this month progresses it becomes very easy to tell which end is your baby’s head is and which end is your baby’s bottom. By the end of the month your baby’s upper and lower limb buds will also appear. And the primordia of the liver, pancreas, lungs, and stomach are evident. While your baby is a girl or a boy, it is not yet apparent without genetic screening. Though one doctor swears that an early ultrasound can determine if baby is a boy or girl.

Your baby is now measuring between 8-11 mm from crown to rump (CRL). By the end of this month heart activity is always present on ultrasound. Toe and finger rays are present, though not quite enough for you to count yet.

The pregnancy symptoms really kick in this month. You may find that you're alternating retired, Wideawake, unable to sleep, sweating and/or feeling like you want to be sick. Welcome to pregnancy. The mood swings can also be rough. Make sure you tell those around you and your closest circle what's going on so they don't think you lost your mind.

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