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Fetal Development

Watch your baby grow through pregnancy with an amazing collection of pictures, video, sound clips, ultrasounds and more. Step by step see your baby develop to birth.

Pregnancy Week by Week in Photos
This gallery is a fetal development gallery to see how your baby grows in pregnancy.

Your Growing Baby - Fetal Development
The amazing growth that takes in pregnancy starts with the joining of a sperm and egg. From the beginning your baby goes through a miraculous journey towards birth. Watch that development in every stage with pictures of fetal development.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Photos Week by Week for Fetal Development
These ultrasound photos take you week by week through pregnancy, showing you babies at various stages.

Hearing Your Baby's Heart Beat for the First Time
How did you feel when you heard your baby's heart beat for the first time?

Pregnancy Month by Month
Here is a quick tour of pregnancy month by month, looking at fetal development as your baby grows through ultrasound pictures and text describing the details. Watch your baby grow from conception to birth.

Fetal Development Video
This is a quick video to show you the basics of fetal development.

Pregnancy Stages
Pregnancy is divided into three distinct pregnancy stages.

1st Trimester Ultrasound Photos
Here are ultrasound photos taken in the first trimester. This includes ultrasound photos with 2D and 3D technology as well as ultrasound photos or twins, triplets and other multiples.

What is a normal fetal heart rate?
What is a normal fetal heart rate? Does your stage of pregnancy change the normal fetal heart rate?

2nd Trimester Ultrasound Photos
From 3D ultrasound to 2D ultrasound, you can see your baby grow, including sex determination ultrasounds in the middle of the 2nd trimester. You'll also see twin and other multiple ultrasound photos.

3rd Trimester Ultrasound Photos
These 3rd trimester ultrasound are 2D and 3D, including the girl ultrasounds and boy ultrasounds. Here you can see how baby has grown and prepares for birth in these ultrasound photos.

Fetal Movement - Share your story about feeling your baby move.
Share your story about feeling your baby move.

10 Most Popular Fetal Nick Names
What do you call your fetus?

Baby's Heart Beat
A baby's heart beat as heard by doppler at 10 weeks 2 days from LMP.

A definition of the word Lanugo.

Visible Embryo
The Visible Embryo web site is an evolving educational resource on human development from conception to birth.

Crown to Rump Length
A simple chart of measurements for early pregnancy.

Fetal Development
Pictures and brief descriptions of different phases of pregnancy. Great photos of babies inside wombs, broken down by trimester.

Images from the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago
Pictures of embryos, sperm, eggs, and more.

Ultrasound Images
Many photographs of ultrasound images at different stages of pregnancy. This site includes an FAQ on ultrasound, and the different types of ultrasound available.

3D Ultrasound Photos
This gallery contains pictures of 3D ultrasounds from all stages of pregnancy. You'll find many photos from various 3D shots.

25 Weeks Pregnant
Can you believe that you're nearing the end of your second trimester? Only 15 weeks until the estimated due date. Here are pregnancy photos from the second trimester, 25 weeks pregnant in this belly gallery.

20 Week Ultrasound - Fetal Anatomy Survey - Fetal Anomaly Screen
The midpregnancy ultrasound is used to scan for fetal anomalies or problems with your baby.

26 Weeks Pregnant
Do you have any stretch marks yet? Here are pregnancy photos from the second trimester, 26 weeks pregnant in this belly gallery.

26 Weeks Pregnant
Do you have any stretch marks yet? Here are pregnancy photos from the second trimester, 26 weeks pregnant in this belly gallery.

Is home fetal doppler use okay in pregnancy?
You can now rent a fetal doppler for home use. Is this a wise move for the average pregnant woman?

Did you have trouble hearing the heartbeat?
Hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time is something amazing. When you don't hear it, you panic. Here is a chance to read stories from other mothers who lived through this experience.

How To Do a Fetal Kick Count
A fetal kick count is one of the best ways you can watch out for baby's health from home.

How soon can I hear my baby's heartbeat in pregnancy?
Wondering at what point in pregnancy you can hear your baby's heart beat? Here's the scoop!

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