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Once your baby is here you'll need to figure out a feeding method. Here you'll find information to help you make your decisions, including information on breastfeeding, breast pumps, baby bottles, weaning and more.
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Breastfeeding Your Baby
If you are looking for the basics of breastfeeding, here are the basics.

The Breastfeeding Quiz
See how much you know about breastfeeding and nursing your baby, including the benefits of breastfeeding and how to position your baby at the breast.

Breastfeeding Books
Breastfeeding may be natural but there are a lot of things that you still need to pay attention to and figure out like working and breastfeeding, how to choose the right breast pump and when and how to wean.

5 Signs You Have Good Breastfeeding Class
Taking a breastfeeding class before you have your baby is a great idea! There are so many things to learn, the problem is that not every class is created equally. So how do you know if you have a good breastfeeding class or a bad one?

Pictures of Breastfeeding Babies
This breastfeeding gallery show pictures and photos of breastfeeding babies. Here you can see different hold and correct and incorrect poitions for breastfeeding.

How to Breastfeed Your Baby
A simple step by step guide to breastfeeding your baby. From starting a feeding, to getting a good latch and finishing your feeding...

Reasons to Breastfeed
Here are some reasons to breastfeed. Some you may know, other might be a complete surprise. See how you can help you and baby be healthier.

Breast Milk or Formula
Making the Right Choice for Your Baby, from the FDA.

Pumping and Dumping - Alcohol and Breastfeeding
Information on the ever-popular question, "Should I pump and dump my milk if I drink alcohol?"

Choices that can affect breastfeeding
Written by Andrea Eastman, a childbirth educator, learn how your labor choices affect your breastfeeding.

AAP's Breastfeeding Statement
This is the official publication to support breastfeeding from the American Academy of Pediatrics, including new guidelines for visiting your pediatrician.

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