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Domestic Violence in Pregnancy

Domestic violence is prevalent in pregnancy, with homicide as the leading cause of death for pregnant women. Prenatal screening and well newborn visits provide screening opportunities for family violence as well as routine physical care.

Domestic Violence in Pregnancy
Pregnancy is often a time when physical abuse starts, resulting in poorer outcomes for the mother and the baby.

Domestic Violence and Your Unborn Baby
A look at how domestic violence effects not only pregnancy but your baby as well. Includes a section on chronic verbal abuse.

Helping Sexual Abuse Survivors Through Labor
The experience of labor can evoke memories of early trauma. Learning to listen to survivors is a first step toward creating a safe environment. By Jennifer Burian

Fast Facts on Domestic Violence
A list of facts pertaining to domestic violence of all types, including the impact of pregnancy.

Plea to Abuse Victims
A special note to women about emotions during pregnancy, labor and birth.

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