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Couple in Childbirth Class

Couple in Childbirth Class

Photo © Scott Olson/Staff / Getting Images Labor Partner Photo © Scott Olson/Staff / Getting Images This newborn baby is bonding with his mother after a home water birth.

This newborn baby is bonding with his mother after a home water birth.

Photo © iStockPhoto
  • Class One: The basics of pregnancy, pregnancy adjustment, nutrition, and exercise. A look at pain in pregnancy, labor and birth and the beginnings of coping with pain.
  • Class Two: Comfort measures during pregnancy and labor/birth, prelabor, timing contractions, relaxation.
  • Class Three: First stage labor: from beginning to end. What to expect, how to cope and answers to questions like "When should I go to the hospital?" and "Is this the real thing?" Also emphasis on being a great labor support person.
  • Class Four: Second and Third Stage labor (pushing and placentas), birth plans, doulas, and lots of neat tips!
  • Class Five: This class will focus on medications, interventions and complications. We will cover cesarean birth, fetal monitoring, episiotomy, and more.
  • Class Six: Postpartum adjustment, newborn care (diapering, bathing, cord care), sex after baby, postpartum your 6 week check up, bleeding, and postpartum depression.
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