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Breech Babies

About 4% of babies are breech, learn what you need to know to give birth safely, vaginally or by cesarean.

How did you try to turn your breech baby? - Turn Your Breech Baby
How did you try to turn your breech baby?

5 Ways to Turn a Breech Baby - Breech Babies
A look at some natural ways to turn a breech baby before labor.

Heads Up!
The truth about breech babies from top to bottom.

How to Turn a Breech Baby
Turning a breech baby can be simple or it can be a real pain, here are some of the various techniques that you can use to get your baby to turn head down from simple tricks at home to help from your doctor or midwife.

External Version - Personal Story
One mom tells all.

Transverse Lie - Fetal Position
Transverse lie is a type of fetal position.

Prenatal Breech Issues
A great source of information on every aspect of turning a breech, the safety issues surrounding the mode of delivery and more.

Mode of Delivery for Breech Presentation
Journal article about whether breech babies should be born vaginally or by cesarean.

Hypnosis for Turning a Breech Baby
Can something as simple as this turn a baby?

Attending a Breech Birth
Safety issues, techniques, turning babies, and more!

Breech Birth Woman-Wise
A book on breech birth, written by Maggie Banks. Includes order form.

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