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Nipple Nurture by Bella B

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Updated October 19, 2007

Nipple Nurture by Bella B
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The Bottom Line

Nipple Nurture by Bella B is a very nice product to help you protect and heal your nipples before and during breastfeeding. It is paraben, lanolin and petrolatum free meaning that it uses only the most gentle products like aloe for your nipples.
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  • Convenient cleansing pad available.


  • Difficult to find offline.


  • Comes in cleansing pads (80 count).
  • Comes in cream form in a tube.
  • It is paraben, lanolin and petrolatum free, making it hypoallergenic for you and baby.

Guide Review - Nipple Nurture by Bella B

There are a million things to try and remember when you're nursing. Many of these things revolve around your nipples not being sore. Position the baby correctly. Remove the baby gently. And so it goes... The problem is that sometimes you get sore nipples, sometimes your even have cracked nipples. Nipple Nurture by Bella B comes in cleansing pads and cream to help you heal your nipples during breastfeeding. You can use this before and after breastfeeding in an effort to help soothe and heal your breasts. The benefit of having the cleansing pads is that you are able to wipe off the nipples and then toss the pad. I found this much easier to use.
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