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Induction of Labor Birth Stories


Updated May 15, 2014

Birth is a powerful force. These birth stories have been graciously sent by our readers so that you may share their experiences, and gain knowledge of alternatives and practices. We hope you enjoy the stories! If you would like to submit your birth story, please send it to us at: Birth Stories.

Mitchell Paul's Birth
Induction, morphine, tear.

Asher Nathaniel's Birth
Epidural, internal monitor, induction.

Jackson's Birth
Induction, epidural, high blood pressure, cesarean.

The best and worst.
Induction, demerol, epidural, vacuum cesarean.

Eric's Birth
Induction, demerol, epidural, vacuum.

Kalista's Birth
Induction, natural, jacuzzi.

Mackenzie's Grand Entrance
Induction, intrathecal, midwife.

Jordan's Birth
Induction, epidural, nubain.

Victoria's Birth
Induction, pitocin, stadol.

Cesarean Birth
Unmedicated labor, induction, cesarean.

Matthew's Birth
Induction, stadol, spinal, cesarean.

Ben's Birth
Induction, premature, Group B Strep, NICU.

Two Births
Induction, epidural, IUGR.

Jacob's Birth
Induction, nubain, epidural.

Hannah's Birth
Premature, induction, cesarean, postpartum uterine rupture.

Keymond's Birth
Induction, cesarean.

Connor's Birth
Hospital, induction, unmedicated.

Maya's Birth
Induction, unmedicated.

Haylee's Birth
Induction, epidural.

Two Births
Induction, cesarean, doula, VBAC, unmedicated.

Kennedy's Birth
Unmedicated, induction.

Adrian's Birth
Induction, epidural.

Colin's Birth
Induction, epidural, morphine, spinal.

Three Epidurals
Induction, epidural, three stories.

Christy's Story
Nubain, epidural, induction, vaccum, forceps.

Heather Bay Berry's Birthday
Induction, pitocin, epidural.

Baby Sullivan's Birthday
Induction, pitocin, epidural.

Austin's Birthday
Hospital, midwife, pitocin, meconium, unmedicated.

Kaleigh's Birthday
Induction, doula, cesarean. A pictorial essay. Written account.

Madeline Belle's Birthday
Cytotek induction, birth center, unmedicated.

Pierce Allen Ralston's Birth Story
VBAC after 3 cesareans, Stadol, no episiotomy, pitocin.

Three Birth Stories
Pitocin, Stadol, Nubain, Birth Center.

Kobe's Birth Story
VBAC, Pitocin, Fentanyl, Epidural, Cesarean.

Lucas Isaiah Przybyla's Birth Story
Cervadil, Bradley Method, Midwife.

Taylor Moore's Birth Story
Induction, epidural, vacuum, paralyzation.

Lucas Anthony's Birth Story
Placenta previa (corrected), stripped membranes, partial epidural.

Ferryn's Birth Story
Midwife, pitocin, fentynl, older brother present.

Josie's Birth Story
Toxemia, cytotec induction, Pitocin, hospital, epidural, doula.

Isabel's Birth Story
P Gel, cytotec induction, midwife, hospital, unmedicated, doula.

Lily's Birth Story
Induction, epidural.

Aurora's Birth Story
Water broke, augmentation, Pitocin, Epidural.

Madeleine's Birth Story
Induction, 5 weeks early, pitocin, P-gel, Nubain, epidural.

Tori Trampler's Birth Story
Induction, epidural, large baby.

Hilary's Birth Story
Hospital, OB, pitocin, epidural, forceps.

Lauren's Birth Story
Induction, stadol, epidural, no episiotomy.

Kaleigh's Birthday
Induction, doula, cesarean. A pictorial essay.

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