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Book Themed Baby Shower

A Literary Baby Shower


Updated February 05, 2014

Baby Book Shower
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Reading to your baby is a great way to bond, interact socially and for your baby to be exposed to reading. Without going into all of the great reasons that you should read to baby, here is a quick way to build your baby's book collection in pregnancy - a baby shower with a book theme!

As you invite your guests, explain that instead of the normal baby shower gifts that one might think of bringing - bring a book! You can specify the kind of book (toddler books) or a theme within a theme (your childhood favorite).

You might consider some of the following books:

  • bath books
  • toddler books
  • board books
  • baby books
  • breastfeeding books
  • Dr. Seuss (always a favorite, but will bring multiple copies of certain books)
  • gift cards for book stores

If you leave it open to interpretation you might get some really great gifts that you weren't expecting. One baby shower we threw like this netted the mom-to-be a great collection of books for babies and toddlers, but a breastfeeding book, a handmade book with a story of her pregnancy, a personalized book coupon of the baby's birth (for afterwards) and some books for her to enjoy while nursing.

You can also have the invitations match your theme with some really cute and inexpensive library cards with the details written out and placed in library pockets covered with stamping or with stickers with a baby related theme. Your foods can also be library related with a book shaped baby shower cake.

This makes a perfect co-ed baby shower or baby shower for a second time mom.

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