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Baby Shower Themes


Updated July 03, 2014

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Choosing the right theme for a baby shower is so important. Your baby shower theme really sets the tone of the whole baby shower. Here are some ideas for themed baby showers.

  • Boy or Girl?
    The baby shower theme does not have to be anything fancy. It can be as simple as using the sex of the unborn baby. You can have decorations in pink or blue to match up. Foods can be color matched as well. Think cake icing colors, colored punch, or even ice cubes. Balloons and crepe paper are always easy to find as well as store made decorations to match either gender. This theme also works well if you don't know the sex of the baby. Simply make it either or and have a guessing game be one of the baby shower games.

  • Nursery Rhymes
    This theme is very popular for a baby shower. You can have books around the room as decorations, either ones you already own or as part of a gift for the new baby. Gifts can be clothes with nursery rhyme themes (think onesies with three bears). Guests can read different parts of their favorite nursery rhymes too. This is a very easy to do baby shower theme for either a boy or girl.

  • Books for Baby
    Looking for a great way to make gift giving simple? Or maybe the mom-to-be in your life has everything she needs for her baby. The books for baby theme is very popular. Using books as a centerpiece as well as other decorations, you're good to go. Guests should bring a book for the baby as a gift during the baby shower. (Instruction manuals welcome too!)

  • All About Mom
    Forget the baby! How about we shower mom instead! Ideas for this party are numerous. Some of my favorites include henna tattoos and belly casting for pampering mom and guests. Gifts might be spa products, a new bathrobe, etc. To decorate for this type of baby shower, I'd think about what a spa would be like. Maybe even have your guests show up in their bath towels! Think scented candles, relaxing music and no real fanfare...

  • Meals!
    When showering a second time mom, you might not want to have guests bring gifts. While it is perfectly fine to have gifts of the regular variety, if you are uncomfortable with that don't do it. Try this instead - meals. Some guests will bring the meal with them, ready to freeze, others bring a note to be called on after the birth of the baby. This is always a much welcomed gift, even to the first time mom.

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