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Baby Shower Invitations


Updated March 12, 2012

Baby Shower
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Your baby shower invitations will be the first glimpse your guests get of your party. Make sure that your invitation conveys what you want known about the party with these simple tips.

  • Theme
    If your baby shower will be themed, make sure your invitation reflects the theme or feeling. If your guest of honor has a particular nursery theme that might make a great shower invitation. You might choose characters or merely colors.

    This about the guests and who they are and what they will think when opening this invitation. If you are inviting men, will they feel strange opening a card with a half naked pregnant woman (not matter how artful) on the cover?

  • Information
    Does your invitation give your guests all the information that they will need to attend? You should include the day, time and date of your party. Instructions to the location should be given to those who do not know how to get there or are coming from out of town. You will also want to include information about RSVPs in your note, including a firm date to RSVP by.

  • Gift Registry
    If the mother-to-be has a gift registry you can include this information in your invitation. Many stores now give out special cards to be added to the invitations. Or if you have special requests, like no gifts or meals be sure to state this in clear language.

  • Timing
    Be sure that you mail the invitation or email them in enough time to allow people to arrange it for their schedule. You should also allow enough time to get RSVPs back as well. Do not wait until the last minute. A general rule would be 2-3 weeks prior to the baby shower.

  • Cost
    ou can save money by sending pre-made shower invitations, using a service online like Evite or even making your own. I enjoyed sending the photo of the mother-to-be as a postcard and printing the details on the opposite side.
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