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Baby Nursing and Breastfeeding Gift Basket

The Perfect Gift for a New Mom with a Nursing Baby or Baby Shower


Updated July 03, 2009

Nursing Baby - A Side View of Breastfeeding

Nursing Baby

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The baby nursing or breastfeeding gift basket is something that can be very simple and inexpensive or as expensive as you'd like it to be. It works as a great gift for a new mother or for a baby shower. You can customize it to meet her needs and yet, I really have fun making these.

The first step is to decide when you will give it to her. For example, if you're giving it to her after the baby is born, you can include something like healthy snacks for her to eat while nursing baby all the time, if you're giving it at a baby shower, the snacks might go bad before the baby is born.

The decide what container you'd like to use. I've done a couple different things, everything from a diaper bag, to a diaper caddy and even a simple cloth bag with a positive breastfeeding message on it. You can even just do a gift bag - whatever you choose works well.

Here are some ideas for how to fill your bag:

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