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Top 6 Baby Shower Planning Guide Books

Books for Planning a Baby Shower


Updated November 15, 2009

Baby showers are designed to be special. Whenever I throw a big party, I like to have some help. These baby shower planning books are great companions to throw the perfect baby shower or blessing way, even if you don't use them word for word. The ideas are fresh and new and help you build your own ideas about how to plan the perfect shower for that special mother-to-be. So if you're looking for recipes, baby shower themes, etiquette, or even a great cake recipe, these books are great places to start.

1. Mama's Got a New Diaper Bag

Mama Needs a New Diaper Bag
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This is a Mad Lib for parents-to-be. It's got some really funny ones about pregnancy and parenting. I even use one of these in class they are so much fun. They get people laughing and learning. If you haven't thought of or tried Mad Libs in years - this is one to try on for adult size at your baby shower, even a coed baby shower!
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2. Baby Showers: Ideas & Recipes for the Perfect Party

Baby Showers
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This book has only four major themes, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. The photos are beautiful and graceful, it's definitely a shower I would want thrown for me or even to have thrown for someone else. I do admit to liking pretty books and this book is very pretty.
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3. Mother Rising

Mother Rising
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Mother Rising: The Blessingway Journey into Motherhood is designed to help you plan and execute the perfect blessingway. It gives you a full range of options to choose from and breaks it down into great detail how to pick what's right for the mother-to-be. Filled with recipes, love, and plans - this is the perfect book for the perfect blessingway.

4. Baby Showers

Baby Showers
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In the belief that every shower should be precisely put together, this book has a ton of ideas for recipes, themes, invitations and more. The small details make this book a great find for your baby shower throwing pleasure.
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5. Blessing Ways

Blessingways: A Guide to Mother Centered Baby Showers
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This book was a great insight on how to throw a very meaningful baby shower or blessingway. The emphasis was on the woman and her experience as opposed to focusing on gifts and babies. It had ideas for invitations, food, and how to throw a ceremony, including ideas on making it meaningful for all involved.

6. Themed Baby Showers

Themed Baby Showers
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This book is a collection of different themed baby showers, including a Noah's Ark theme, and others. You'll find ideas for each theme including cakes, invitations, decorations and even gift ideas to match the theme. This books works well for people who don't have a clue about a baby shower, or those who are pros.
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