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Fun Things for a Gender Reveal Party

Party Supplies


Updated February 20, 2013

If you're planning a gender reveal party, you'll want to look through some of these fun things. Here you'll find party favors, announcements and even some very clever ways to make the big announcement. Don't forget to drop me a line if you see something that you think needs to be included here: pregnancy at aboutguide dot com

Waddle You Think It'll Be? Invitation

Waddle You Think It'll Be? Invitation
Photo © 2 Bird Studios
I love these invitations with the penguins and the insinuation that there will be waddling going on - the penguins, not the pregnant mom! These gender reveal invites are perfectly clever and adorable.

Dr. Suess Inspired Printable Postcard Invite

If you love Dr. Suess, this is perfect, with a take on the One Fish, Two Fish lines from the book. It's also easy because you can print as many as you need. I like the thought of continuing the theme at the party itself. This is also something that shows gender neutral doesn't have to be boring.

Cootie Catcher Invitation

Cootie Catcher Gender Reveal Party Invitation
Photo © QuidProQueaux
If you are looking to capture the young at heart, these cootie catcher invitations really do the trick. I also really love that they seem to start the party before hand. As you "play the game" you can wind up choosing girl or boy. The final opening of this cootie catcher reveals the details of your party (not your big news). These also have the great ability to be personalized.

Gender Reveal Scratch Off Cards

While many of the reveals actually use food, these lottery-like scratch off cards can be a lot of fun. I can even see using this as a game - whoever gets the answer first wins some sort of prize. These are even inexpensive and fun enough that you could use them to send the "reveal" on a trip to out of town guests who couldn't make it. Sure beats the heck out of "Envelope, please..."

Gender Reveal Onesie Sugar Cookies

A Cookie Gender Reveal
Photo © TheSugarCo
Nothing says baby like a one piece outfit! That alone makes these delicious looking cookies fun and fabulous. They come in various colors on the outside, but take one bite inside - and you've got your answer. I think the crisp white says a lot, but I'm a plain kind of gal and love the stark contrast with the pink and blue. One word of advice, if you're doing something like cookies as your reveal, pass them out to the guests after the official reveal.

Gender Reveal Egg

I love the thought of the egg as the gender reveal. It's just so fitting. (Maybe it's just that my name is Robin and I'm partial to bird themes!) Or maybe it's just so neat that you can have this beautiful egg with your very own personal message inside. This is also a neat thing to send to special people who can't be in attendance. I can even see a grandparent on live video stream opening the egg as the actual gender reveal. How would you use an egg in your party?
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