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Top 10 Infant Carriers & Slings


Updated June 18, 2014

Babies love to be held. While it may not always be possible to hold your baby close, there are a variety of carriers designed to help you in carrying your baby hands free. These are also great for discrete nursing. These also make great baby shower presents!

1. Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier
Photo © Price Grabber
The Ergo is an amazing baby carrier. It provides support for your back and uses your hips to do that. The baby is happy and easily goes into the Ergo. Many moms say it's the most comfortable baby carrier they've ever tried. That said, it does require a newborn insert for a smaller baby, but not for older babies.
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2. Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Mei Tai Baby Carrier
Photo © Price Grabber
The Mei Tai Baby Carrier is a great baby carrier for infants to toddlers. The flexibility is really amazing making it a front pouch or a back carrier.

3. Moby Wrap

Photo © Price Grabber
This wrap has more fabric and goes over both shoulders, rather than just one. This allows for better distribution of your baby's weight. The length of fabric can hold from preemie to 45 lbs. When not being used as a wrap it can also be used as a blanket, nursing cover or pillow.

4. Maya Wrap

Maya Wrap
Photo © Price Grabber
A great sling with several sizes and colors for men and women. This sling offers a built drape via the tail for nursing. It does not have the padding found in other slings.

5. Hotslings

Photo © Price Grabber
This is type of carrier is more commonly referred to as a sling. It has a padded shoulder, but no rings built in so that it is really more of a pouch. Moms who have these rave!
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6. Cuddly Wrap

Cuddly Wrap
Photo © Price Grabber
The Cuddly Wrap is a one size fits all wrap that is used to place the baby in a centered position (front or back). The material is soft, organic cotton.

7. New Native Baby Carrier

New Native Baby Carrier
Photo © Price Grabber
This soft sided sling is an excellent way to carry baby. Many moms like this carrier because it is a lot less bulky than any of the other slings and carriers available.

8. Baby Bjorn

Baby Bjorn
Photo © Price Grabber
This carrier is very popular and it comes in multiple sizes because mommies and daddies aren't all the same size. It can be used for babies weighing 8 lbs. to 33 lbs. and provides head support for the little ones.
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9. Snugli

Photo © Price Grabber
This carrier is a soft carrier and the difference in features is that it provides you the ability to carry the baby either front facing or rear facing. This allows curious little ones to look around while being snuggled next to someone.
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10. Kangaroo Carrier

Kangaroo Carrier
Photo © Price Grabber
This carrier sports a zip on feature to protect baby from the elements while effectively shifting the weight of the baby from the shoulders to the waist. Also has a storage pack that snaps off for convenience.
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