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BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listener

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Updated June 05, 2012

BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listener
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The Bottom Line

The BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listener is designed for you to be able to heart your baby's heart beat in pregnancy. It is very difficult to work for most parents which winds up causing distress when the fetal heart tones can't be found.
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  • Inexpensive
  • Does not use ultrasound


  • Hard to use
  • Hard to find baby


  • The BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listener comes with two sets of headphones so you can listen together.
  • It is an electronic stethoscope, designed to amplify sound.
  • You can record the sounds you hear and pass them on to your relatives.

Guide Review - BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listener

I received one of these as a gift when I was pregnant with my first baby. It was early on in the pregnancy and I couldn't wait to use it closer to the twenty week mark. Having heard my baby's heart beat at my prenatal check up, I know it would be great to hear at home.

The problem was that this device was not so great. It was really hard to hear my baby, even knowing what I was looking for in the sounds. I waited for my husband to get home and he tried to listen as well. Nothing discernible.

We decided that we had tried too early and waited another week. The same issue, we had a really hard time hearing anything. This continued through out the pregnancy. Causing me at least once to call the nurse help line in tears. It was reassuring for her to tell me she had a lot of calls like mine.

When I was pregnant again we pulled it out again thinking perhaps the baby's position in the first pregnancy had been a cause, but no. We had the exact same experience. We'd listen and hear nothing that sounded anything like the baby's heart beat.


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User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Not easy, but possible, Member MrPak

This is using simple amplification technology thats basically 40 years old. There's alot of noise, but with patience & some hunting around, we where able to detect a heartbeat in my 25 Week pregnant wifes stomach. Near her ribs we could pick up the mothers heart beat. Only took us a few minutes. I think its worth it if your curious & you get it for a deal. We got it at a goodwill store for 3 US dollars. It helps to have the mother lying flat on her back, and as the manual says, no clothes on. Oh, and Hold the button in, otherwise its not fully amplifying.

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