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Are you trying to decide what "stuff" you need for your new baby? From diaper bags to cribs, safety products to fun stuff, we've got you covered with reviews from parents who have been there!
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Before You Buy a Crib
When we think of babies, most of us imagine a beautiful crib and baby layette. Nowadays there are so many options for baby bedding and more designs than we can shake a stick at. The problem is that we need to keep safety in mind when we're choosing a 0ed for our newborn. Here is my advice as the mother of six children...

Before You Baby Monitors
Baby monitors are a fairly new invention. The idea behind a baby monitor is that you can have the ability to move around the house or your yard and still be able to keep tabs on your baby by listening or now viewing your baby. This can help alert you to a crying baby, a baby who needs your help or just help you watch baby while he or she sleeps.

Tips for Used Baby Items
In an effort to save money, parents are buying used baby items for their new baby. This is a great idea, as long as you follow some safety guidelines.

What You Don't Need for Baby
What don't you really need for baby? What was a waste of money?

Saving Money in Pregnancy
Having a baby can cost a pretty penny. Here are some great ideas at ways to save money on your baby budget.

My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule
My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule is a way to record your pregnancy for posterity.

BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listener
The BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listener is designed to allow you to listen to your baby during pregnancy.

Gifts for Grandparents
Grandparent gifts are becoming an increasingly popular thing. Some give gifts as a way to announce their pregnancy, while others give gifts from the grandchildren to present to the grandparents. What's your family tradition?

Great Gifts for Pregnant Moms
Looking for that special gift for the mother-to-be in your life?

Baby Gifts for New Moms and Newborns
Here are some of the coolest new gifts around for that special baby in your life. Whether it's a baby shower gift or a present for a new baby or mother-to-be we have something for everyone on this list!

Yogi Poof Mamba
Yogi Poof Mamba is designed as a pregnancy body pillow with other uses as well.

Ubi - Baby Changing Table
A unique look at a baby changing table for stylish deisgn and delight.

Boppy Total Body Pillow
The Boppy Total Body Pillow is designed to help support your pregnant body as it grows in pregnancy for more comfortable sleep. It also has postpartum uses.

Twilight Turtle
The Twilight Turtle by Cloud b is a great nursery gift for every baby as a gentle but educational night light.

Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit
The Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit is not your typical baby shower gift, but that makes it all the better! This cute kit reminds us that while we're mothers where also women, and sometimes we have needs, like chocolate or charging a dead battery.

Making Your Own Baby Cards
Making your own baby cards can be fun and simple! Say thank you without a lot of hassle.

Kipiis - Bib Clips
Kipiis - Bib Clips, designed to make anything into a bib.

Aden + Anais Baby Products
Aden + Anais baby products are well known for their quality. Here are some of my favorite Aden + Anais products for parents and babies.

mama mio It's time! Hospital Kit
The mama mio It's time! Hospital Kit is designed to provide a laboring mom with everything she needs in one kit to aid in relaxation for labor and birth. This cute kit makes a great new baby gift or a baby shower present.

MomSpit - Universal No-Rinse Cleanser
You've seen them - the no-rinse cleansers filled with alcohol that we lather over our hands when we don't have time to go to the sink. Well, this is a new alternative...

Pregnancy Skin Care Products
There are plenty of products out there that are available for pregnancy skin care, including to try to help relieve itching and hopefully reduce stretch marks.

The BellaBand is an accessory to maternity clothes, designed to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy and maternity clothes.

Get Your Baby to Sleep
Books and products to help get your baby to sleep through the night.

Belly Imprint by Belly Vita
The Belly Vita by Belly Imprint is a type of a belly cast to help commemorate pregnancy.

Newborn Care Class Online
Expecting a baby? Here's a bunch of information on caring and preparing for your new baby.

The ITZBEEN Timer is used to help you figure out how long it has been since you have fed, given medicine, slept, or insert other trackable baby need here.

Mommy Tags Jewelry
These tags are perfect for mother jewelry, be it a necklace or a bracelet. A great gift for a new mom or a mom-to-be.

Top Baby Safety Products
Baby safety starts early. You can't wait until your child is crawling or walking to do it. Here are some products to make your home safer with ease.

The Original Slumber Bear by Prince Lionheart
The Original Slumber Bear was designed to use the sound of a mother's heart beat to calm a fussy baby and help them sleep longer. Here's my take on it...

Bumbo Baby Seat
This plastic, cushy seat helps your baby sit up.

Baby Scale
A baby scale used to be something that every mother had in her baby's nursery. Now there is little need for a baby scale.

HABA Baby Rattles
A look at the HABA Baby Rattles as a gift for baby.

Christmas Gifts for Baby
What Christmas gifts for baby do you get before birth? Here are some ideas of what to buy for baby before birth.

What is your baby proofing advice?
Baby proofing is something that most parents at least give some thought to, but every family takes it to a different level.

Baby Shower Gift Toppers
A look at some fun and practical ways to top off your baby shower gifts!

Belly Banter Review
Belly Banter is a unique way to help create fun memories in pregnancy using these creative stickers.

Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow
This pillow is designed to support you both back and front while you sleep on your side.

Serenity Star from Aden and Anais
The Serenity Star from Aden and Anais is designed to be a five in one baby gadget for the nursery.

Blabla Kids Products for Babies
If you love cool baby clothes and toys, check out what blabla kids has to offer.

The Little Green Pouch Review
One mom talks about her experience with The Little Green Pouch and her kids.

Apple Park Farm Buddies Line
Interested in a sweet collection of toys from Apple Park? Check out this line!

Cloth Diapers for Babies
Cloth diapering for babies is becoming very popular as the movement for a green nursery builds. Whether you are choosing cloth diapers for the benefit of your baby, the environment or both, these products might help you. You can choose from prefolds to fitted, all in ones (AIO) or cloth diapers with covers. What's your cloth diapering style?

BabyKick kickTrak
The BabyKick kickTrak is designed to help you follow your baby's movements in pregnancy so that you are aware of changes that may indicate changes in the baby's health.

Parent Talk Board Game
The Parent Talk Board game is something you can use to learn about parenting, all while having fun.

Jazz for Babies Review
A look at the Jazz for Babies collection as a relaxing musical interlude for your baby.

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