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Valentine's Day Baby Names


Valentines Day Baby
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Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday with a religious background. Some families are happy to name their baby after a nearby holiday if they give birth. So here are some names for you if you have a Valentine’s baby.


  1. Valentina – Latin for strong and healthy

  2. Rose – Latin for the flower

  3. Violet – Latin for purple

  4. Amy/Amie – French for beloved

  5. Carys – Welsh for love

  6. Ruby – English for red gemstone

  7. Adora – Greek for adored

  8. Juliet – Latin for youthful, romantic character from Romeo and Juliet

  9. Yedida – Hebrew for beloved

  10. Belle – French for beautiful


  1. Valentino – Latin for love

  2. Romeo – Italian origin for citizen of Rome, romantic character from Romeo and Juliet

  3. Beau – French for handsome, sweetheart

  4. Eros – Greek for love

  5. Doved – Hebrew for dove

  6. Philo – Greek for love

  7. Ehud – Hebrew for love

  8. Cullen – Irish and Gaelic for good looking

  9. Adonis – Greek for handsome

  10. Thaddeus – Aramaic for heart
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