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Halloween Baby Names


Updated September 28, 2012

Halloween is a very popular holiday. And whether you celebrate with ghosts and goblins or a less scary version, you may consider choosing a Halloween inspired baby name for baby's born on or near Halloween.

Baby Names for Girls

  1. Rosemary - Latin name meaning dew of the sea. From the horror movie.
  2. Cybil - Greek for prophetess
  3. Carrie - Feminine form of Caroline. Of Stephen King's novel fame.
  4. Beatrix (Trixie) - Latin for voyager
  5. Hazel - English for for tree
  6. Morgana - From Old Welsh, Morcant (male name)
  7. Rhiannon - Celtic for great queen
  8. Sabrina - Welsh name for the river Severn
  9. Samantha - English form of Samuel. Of Bewitched fame.
  10. Autumn - From the Latin autumnus for the season.
  11. Wendy - Probably related to the Welsh Gwen, meaning white. Was Casper the Ghost's witch friend.
  12. Cruella - Villain from Walt Disney's 101 Dalmations.
  13. Morticia - Mother from The Addams Family.
  14. Brunhilda - Common witch name.

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Baby Names for Boys

  1. Freddy - English form of peaceful ruler. Freddy Kruger was a horror movie character.
  2. Herman - German for army man. Made famous by Herman Munster.
  3. Igor - Probably from the Old Norse for bow and warrior. Often used as a name for an assistant in the mad scientist's lab.
  4. Charles (Chucky) - Germanic for man. Chucky was the name of an evil doll in a horror movie.
  5. Damian - From the Greek to tame. Famous horror movie character.
  6. Frank - From the Germanic tribe, the Franks. As in Frankenstein.
  7. Vlad - From the Salvic to rule. Name of the inspiration for Count Dracula.
  8. Jack - Diminutive of John. As in Jack-o-latern.
  9. Casper - Dutch form of Jasper. As in Casper the friendly Ghost.
  10. Forrest - English surname.
  11. Jason - From the Greek to heal. Name of a horror character.

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