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Location Baby Names

A Special Meaning for Your Baby's Name


Updated September 06, 2013

Newborn Baby

Some parents are using location baby names!

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Location baby names seem to be a new trend. While some parents choose a baby's name to commemorate the city of conception, their home town, favorite vacation spot or other locality, some families just like location baby names. Here are some of the favorites being used today:

Girl Location Baby Names

  • Paris
  • Montana
  • Alaska
  • Cheyenne
  • Dakota
  • Brooklyn
  • Savannah
  • Georgia

Boy Location Baby Names

  • Dakota
  • Phoenix
  • Texas
  • Jackson
  • Austin
  • Mason
  • Lincoln
  • Branson

Some like Savannah and Georgia are names that go together because of their locality. This could be used for twin baby names.

Readers Respond: What's a place name you'd chose for a baby name?

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