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Looking for the best baby name for your baby? We've got meanings, origins, nicknames and more!
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How to Choose the Right Baby Name
Choosing the right name for your baby is a big deal. I mean, what you name your baby will be something your child lives with for years. So what's the best way to go about that? Here is some practical baby naming advice, along with some great baby name lists.

Baby Naming Style Quiz
What's your baby naming style? Do you like traditional names? Perhaps you're a trendy name person. Find out with our baby naming style quiz.

Reactions to Baby Names
What advice do you have for baby naming and sharing the names?

Baby Name Controversies
Did you fight with your family over naming the baby? Or maybe you committed a baby naming sin?

6 Ways to Try Out Your Baby Names Before Birth
You've got to actually work at choosing the right name for baby. Here's a system to quickly figure out if the name you've chosen works well.

Top 100 Baby Names for Twins
The top 100 twin set names for babies. Naming your baby twins...

Top 100 Baby Girl Names
The most popular baby names for girls.

Top 100 Baby Boy Names
These are the most popular baby names for boys.

Fetal Nick Names
What did you call your baby before birth?

5 Tips for Choosing a Middle Name for Your Baby
Need some guidance for choosing your baby's middle name?

The Baby Namer
Baby Names from A - Z for girls and boys.

5 Unexpected Places to Find Baby Names
Looking for just the right name for your baby? If you want an unusual, original or rarely used name, here are some places that you might not have thought to look for baby names.

10 Most Popular Fetal Nicknames
A fetal nickname is what you call your baby before birth.

Giving Your Children Biblical Baby Names
Are you looking for some great Biblical baby names for your new baby?

10 Baby Names That Won't Make a Comeback
There are some names that really cycle around. They are popular, then not so popular, and then return to their popularity status. Here are some baby names I doubt will ever comeback to any great success.

Celebrity Baby Names
Celebrities do the darnedest things - including the baby names they pick. Here are some of the more famous and infamous baby names chosen by celebrities.

Baby Names from Siblings
Are you expecting a baby that is not your first? Here are some tips to avoid bad baby names from siblings.

Location Baby Names
Looking for a location baby name to name your baby?

Arguing About Baby Names
Believe it or not there is a large portion of families who actually fight over baby names. It might be that your sister claims to have dibs on a baby name you really love, or perhaps you and your husband can't agree... Here are some tips to avoid fighting over baby names.

Baby Name Hints
Trying to figure out the rules of the road? Here are tips on naming your baby, including naming multiples and children other than your first baby!

Baby Name Drama
Baby name drama, it happens. Baby names are something really important. And sometimes that means, someone steals a baby name, hates a baby name or worse...See submissions

7 Things to Think About When it Comes to Nicknames for Your Baby
Don't let your fear of nicknames dominate your ability to name your baby.

Baby Names for Twins
Coming up with one baby name is hard enough! Have you ever wondered what you would name twins? Here are baby name tips for twins, triplets and more as well as the top 100 names for twins.

Baby Names: The Gender Swap
Is gender swapping for names the latest craze in baby naming?

Baby Naming Style
Are you a traditional namer? A trendy? What is your baby naming style?

Baby Names for Every Holiday
If you are looking for some holiday inspired baby names, look no further, from Valentine's Day to Christmas and beyond...

Baby Naming Controversies
As long as there are babies, they will be named, and there will be trouble.

Baby Name Help
Advice on how not to name your baby!

The Perfect Name for Your Baby May Be Hidden in Your Past
Can't come up with a name for your baby? The perfect name may be hidden in your past. Check out these great ideas for honoring your relatives, ancestors or heritage while creating a unique name for your little one.

Choosing Names for Your Multiples
Rob & Bob? Pammy & Tammy? Will & Jill? Choosing names for multiple babies can be a challenge! Do you want matching monograms or distinctly different designations? Here are some strategies to consider when selecting a set of names.

How do you choose a last name for your baby?
Choosing your baby's last name can be complicated for come families. Here is some advice on which last name is best for your baby.

Using Colors as Baby Names
There are lots of places to find inspiration for baby names, why not look at colors?

Baby Names!
A massive site with names, naming advice, and even a BBS on names, can be slow loading.

Modern Baby Names
If you want a modern sounding name, here's a list of different types of names that are really popular right now for babies.

Lucky Baby Names
Choose a lucky name for your baby based on I-Ching.

Baby Naming Style Quiz
What's your baby naming style? Do you like traditional names? Perhaps you're a trendy name person. Find out with our baby naming style quiz.

Japanese Baby Names
This is the page for people who are looking for information about Japanese names. Learn how to write your name in Japanese, look for Japanese baby names, or learn the meaning of Japanese names. From the About Guide to Japanese Language, Namiko Abe.

How do you feel about unisex baby names?
How do you feel about unisex baby names?

Kick to Pick App iPhone Review
A review of the iPhone baby name app, Kick to Pick. This App lets your baby pick their own name.

What name would you give a Christmas baby?
So there are lots of parents who have babies new Christmas and decide on a Christmas inspired baby name But what would you name a Christmas baby?

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