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Pampers Newborn Disposable Diapers

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Updated October 13, 2012

Pampers Disposable Diapers
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The Bottom Line

Pampers is obviously a leading diaper brand for disposable diapers. They contain what they are supposed to contain, but have a certain smell to them not coming from the baby.
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  • Umbilical cut out
  • Some have wetness stripe


  • They have a distinct odor, not from contents of baby.


  • Umbilical cut out for newborns.
  • Wetness indicator in some styles.
  • Reusable tapes to allow you to reposition them if needed.

Guide Review - Pampers Newborn Disposable Diapers

You can't have a baby an not come across a Pampers diaper or two. Whether you're given a sample Pampers diaper in your childbirth class or someone bought you a big pack of disposable Pampers diapers for your baby shower - you've got Pampers.

As a diaper, they have all the basics I need in a diaper. They fit my babies well, both those who are skinny legged and not-so-skinny. While I don't find that they leak often, I do notice more of the gel residue on my baby's bottom when using Pampers than with other brands.

I like that they offer some features like wetness indicators, but your baby has to have really good aim to turn the strip colors. This can drive parents nuts, particularly if you are told you can't leave the hospital until the baby's diaper is wet. Putting the diaper on really close to the baby can help this issue resolve itself.

My real complaint about the Pampers is literally how they smell. Fresh from the package, these diapers already have a distinct odor. I can smell a Pampers diaper on your baby from a few feet away. Most people who can smell it are not bothered by it. Your thoughts?

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User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Pampers Are Not Crunchy, Member maelli3

We mostly use cloth diapers but occasionally need a disposable or two. My favorite thing about the Pampers brand is that they don't crinkle too much when they are on the baby. The soft texture is nice as well. The cost is a con for me; they are very expensive! Also, we had trouble with the ""can't leave the hospital until enough of the diapers have changed color"" issue. She was wetting but the line on the diaper wasn't changing color. It was very frustrating.

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