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Prince Lionheart Cloth Wipes Warmer

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By Ashley Benz

Updated October 13, 2012

Cloth Wipes Warmer
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The Bottom Line

The Prince Lionheart Cloth Wipes Warmer says what it is going to do: keeps cloth wipes damp and warm.
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  • Keeps wipes warm but not scalding
  • Allows premoistened wipes to stay mildew free


  • Needs a replacement Everfresh pillow every 3 months
  • Needs to be refilled with wipes often


  • Only one heat setting
  • Plugs into the wall
  • Tight sealing plastic container

Guide Review - Prince Lionheart Cloth Wipes Warmer

Cloth wipe users rejoice! No longer do our babies' bums need to be subjected to cold wipes solution. While many mommies have tried to shove cloth wipes into a regular wipes warmer, it was a dangerous idea and did not work well. Enter the Prince Lionheart Cloth Wipes Warmer. This warmer held at least 16 premoistened baby wipes and kept them just as moist as when I put them in the machine, 3 days earlier. The wipes came out of the warmer without a smell and did not mildew. My baby seemed to enjoy the sensation of warm wipes. The warmer comes with 4 bamboo Warmies cloth wipes. As soon as I picked up one of the (small) wipes, it promptly snagged. I did try larger cloth wipes in the warmer and they worked just as well. The instructions for the warmer tell you to roll the wipes and place them in the warmer after you had soaked them in the solution or water. This provided a more even heat throughout the wipes than when I just layered them in the warmer. Unfortunately, putting the cloth wipes in the solution and putting them in the warmer is time consuming. Also, the Everfresh pillow needs to be replaced every three months to assure that mildew does not grow. While most cloth wiping parents can get by with a squirt bottle and wipes, the Prince Lionheart Warmies Cloth Wipes Warmer is one of those luxury items that your baby will thank you for.
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