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Vera Bradley Diaper Bag | Review

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Updated January 08, 2010

Vera Bradley Diaper Bag
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The Bottom Line

The Vera Bradley Baby Bag is a stylish diaper bag that can be used long beyond the baby years.
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  • Lots of opportunity for organization
  • Holds up well
  • Stylish


  • Price


  • Cloth bag
  • Hard bottom insert
  • 11 pockets - both zippered and unzippered
  • Clip for pacifiers

Guide Review - Vera Bradley Diaper Bag | Review

I am hard on a diaper bag. I take it with me wherever I go and have tried many different diaper bags so I know what I like. When I received the Vera Bradley Baby Bag I was instantly impressed with how cute the patterns are. Having given the bag a long trial, I have found that it holds up well to washing and hasn't ripped or torn despite being thrown in and out of my car. The bag has helped keep me organized with the many pockets it contains and the pacifier clip has saved me from digging through the bag many times. The quilted outside of the bag also helps protect the electronics that I store in the outside pockets. I have been very impressed with the Vera Bradley Baby Bag and have received many compliments on it, as well.

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