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Are You Pregnant?

Wondering if the signs and symptoms you have warrant a pregnant test? Here are some answers to the most common questions about pregnancy signs and symptoms.
  1. Announcing Your Pregnancy (38)
  2. Can I get pregnant if... (13)
  3. Pregnancy Tests (49)
  4. Signs of Pregnancy (14)
  5. Symptoms of Pregnancy (17)
  6. Unplanned Pregnancy (4)

Could I Be Pregnant? QUIZ
Wondering if you're pregnant? Yes, the answer is that you probably could be. Before you waste money on a pregnancy test, look here first.

10 Reasons Your Period is Late
So you expected your period but it's not here - what does that mean? Does it always mean pregnancy? Or could it be something else?

Could I be pregnant?
A look at some of the more common signs and symptoms of pregnancy. What is your body telling you?

Why is was your period late that was not pregnancy?
Pregnancy is the most likely reason that your period would be missed. But what else can cause your period to be late? Do you have a story to share?

First Trimester of Pregnancy: Weeks 1-12
The first trimester is the beginning of pregnancy. You will learn about pregnancy tests, morning sickness and prenatal care as your start your pregnancy off with a healthy beginning.

I was drinking before I found out I was pregnant, is the baby okay?
Sometimes life gets the best of us and after a wild celebration involving lots of things known to be avoided in pregnancy - you get a positive pregnancy test. Just what damage have you caused?

The Rabbit Died! And the Origins of the Pregnancy Test
The history of the pregnancy test from rabbits to hCG.

Holiday Pregnancy Announcements
It's the holidays and you're expecting. Here are some creative ways to share your big news with the family during Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other holiday.

50 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy
50 things you can do to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Surviving the Two Week Wait
So, you're trying to get pregnant and now you've got to wait to take a pregnancy test. This is called the two week wait and it can be heck to get through.

Is my girlfriend pregnant?
Sometimes dad is more interested in taking a pregnancy test than mom is, here's what to do in that case.

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