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Pregnancy Dictionary

Here we've tried to define many of the new words in your vocabulary associated with pregnancy. If you don't see one listed, ask us to add it for you!

  A -- AFP to Aerola
  B -- Back Labor to Breech
  C -- Cephalopelvic Disproprotion to Corpus Luteum
  D -- D & C to Due Date
  E -- EDC to Episiotomy
  F -- False Labor to Fundus
  G -- Gestational Age to Group B Strep
  H -- hCG to Hypotension
  I -- Implantation to IVF
  J -- No words for this letter.
  K -- Kegel
  L -- Labor to LMP
  M -- Meconium to Mucus Plug
  N -- Neural Tube Defects to Nurse Midwife
  O -- Obstetrician to Ovulation
  P -- Pediatrician to Preterm Labor
  Q -- Quickening
  R -- Rectum to Round Ligament
  S -- Silver Nitrate to Stretch Marks
  T -- Tertatogen to Threatened Miscarriage
  U -- Umbilical Cord to Uterus
  V -- Vena Cava to Viability
  W -- Womb
  X -- No words for this letter.
  Y -- Yeast Infection
  Z -- Zygote

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