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10 Tips for Great Postpartum Sex


Updated October 07, 2013

Mom Trying to Choose Between Baby and Sex
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During pregnancy you may have wondered what the effects of the pregnancy on your body and mind, not to mention a new little one would have on your sex life postpartum. The good news is that many women find that they have better sex lives, just different, after the birth of a baby. Just remember it will be different. Here are some tips to enhancing your postpartum sex life!

  1. Don't rush into anything. Take your time.

  2. Shower together! Or bathe together. Not only will it save time and money for water but you might have a lot of fun.

  3. Plan for birth control. Don't be someone who is caught 2 months after the birth of your baby wondering if you got pregnant because you took a chance.

  4. Try to plan some time alone, even if it's just to cuddle. Having a baby may leave you feeling "touched out," but some special snuggle time with your main guy can help revive that, even before sexual intercourse is allowed or wanted.

  5. Get to know each other a bit better. Remember you're both having to adjust your life to being parents, even if it's not your first child.

  6. Be spontaneous! Bedtime might not always be the right time. Nor will the bedroom always be the right place. Add some spice to your sex life, act like a teenager!

  7. Lubrication! Make sure you and your partner take enough time to get into the mood and that you're feeling moist enough to handle it. If you think you need some more help than what mother nature is providing, be sure to use an over the counter lubricant rather than worry needlessly. If you're still concerned talk to your practitioner.

  8. Remember it's quality not quantity.

  9. Talk about your fears of sexual intercourse. Maybe you're worried about the repair of an episiotomy or some stitches that you had or the fact that you had a cesarean section. Perhaps you're concerned about how your partner feels after watching you give birth.

  10. Never hesitate to say no. Maybe you need the freedom to say no once in awhile. Your partner might also need the same freedom. There are also compromises that can be made along the way. Maybe intercourse is out but some good old-fashioned kissing and necking isn't?

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