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Morning Sickness at Work

How to make the best of morning sickness at work.


Updated April 21, 2014

Pregnant at Work
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Most articles about morning sickness cover all the various ways to try and prevent you from actually being sick. While this is always preferable, in the real world it's not always possible.


Many pregnant women will experience morning sickness is pregnancy, most of them will experience it in early pregnancy, though a few will have it in the third trimester. The unlucky ones experience both. While it can strike at any point during the day, it may cause the most problems if you're feeling ill during work time.


You may only experience the feeling of nausea, but not vomiting, or you might have both. Either way it's a good idea to plan ahead. One of the first things to think about is how you're going to safely get to and from work. You might consider public transportation or even car pooling if you're feeling nauseated or dizzy. Both of these can interfere with your ability to drive. This may not always be possible. In that case be sure to have your car prepared. A big glass of ice water can sometimes help, as well as driving with the window down or with the cool air on your face. Worst case scenario, have a couple of plastic grocery bags (without holes!) tucked near by. You can also pull over to a safe spot until the wave of nausea or vomiting passes.


Once you arrive at work you can freshen up if you've been ill on your way in. Some women find that eating as soon as they get up makes the ride to work more bearable. Deep breathing can also help delay these feelings for a few minutes.


At your desk you might want to plan the route to the nearest bathroom, or again keep those plastic grocery bags handy. Even a waste basket can be good, and usually there are plenty around. If you're lucky enough to have your own office, you can quietly shut the door. If you work in a cubicle try to borrow a private enclosed space or head to the employee lounge or restroom. Cool rags around your throat and on your forehead may also help.


You might even want to try and enlist some help from your office mates. They might be able to cover for you while you step away from your desk. The downside to this is if you wanted to keep the good news a surprise for awhile longer, this might make it harder to achieve. So be sure you place your trust in someone who can keep your secret until you're ready to share.


To freshen up after a bout with nausea or vomiting you can try a pocket toothbrush. If toothpaste is something that is making you nauseated you can try using children's tooth paste with different flavors, or a really soft bristled toothbrush. One mom told me that resorting to baking soda and salt as toothpaste really helped her get through those first few weeks. Another breath freshening technique is to use mints or even the square sheets of gelatin that are impregnated with mouth wash that melt quickly.


Hopefully, you won't ever need this information. And here's to hoping it passes quickly if you do!

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