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Boy or Girl?

It's fun to sit around and guess if baby is a girl or a boy. You get to plan each out and dream about baseball games and ballet recitals. Part of that fun is listening to the "old wives" and their tales.

While there may be history to some of the tales, scientific evidence is largely against them. Sometimes you might here that your baby will be a certain sex because of the way you're carrying or based on the heart rate. And there are plenty of women who swear by these methods. I thought it might be a lot of fun to see if can gather some statistics of our own rather than base it on the two or three people we know who have tried it. And while this is also not very scientific it will be a lot of fun!

Below you will find a page dedicated to each tale and a poll to allow you to vote to see what the tale predicts for you and if the tale works for you!


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