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Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE

Giving Thanks for Pregnancy

By November 20, 2012

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Newborn baby in a cocoon

If you're on Facebook, you've probably seen the days of thanks that November has brought. People basically post a daily post on something that they are thankful for every day, all month. I have a slightly different tradition on Facebook and my friends laugh, but I though we could combine the days of thankfulness with my haiku throw down.

A bit of background: I don't have much time to write for fun any more with kids, school and well, life. So a few years ago, I started occasionally posting haiku throw downs on in a thread with some friends. We figured we could haiku, it was short and yet required creativity - a quick outlet for busy moms. Sometimes it's open session, sometimes one of us gives a theme or word to use, which is where I'm at today.

I'd honestly been thinking of doing a haiku thread here recently, perhaps on Thanksgiving, but today, we had an ultimate challenge that yielded one of the most awesome haikus ever, and it was about pregnancy and hemorrhoids (which was the haiku throw down challenge word today). So I have permission to share with you this lovely haiku from Sharon Muza (She also blogs at Science & Sensibility about pregnancy and birth.):

Little delicate grapes | in the most tender of spots | THANKS pregnancy time.

So what's your pregnancy haiku? Leave it in the comments, it doesn't have to contain anything about hemorrhoids. The rules are simple, I pick a topic, in this case thankfulness surrounding pregnancy, birth, kids, breastfeeding; and you write a haiku in the comments. Go!


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