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How many weeks pregnant?


Updated June 30, 2014

Pregnant Hispanic woman holding her belly
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  • I first heard of counting a pregnancy in weeks at my very first OB appointment. But no matter how many times I tried to add up the months of pregnancy, it didn't work. There were way too many weeks to cram into nine months. Despite the fact that I married a mathematician, math is not my favorite subject, though I quickly saw the benefit of calculating the weeks of pregnancy based on a single date, like the last menstrual period (LMP), to help make a universal time line for all women.

    Haven't you seen women who give you the number of months they are and it simply doesn't seem to be the same as the last woman who said this? I had a lady in our childbirth class who said that her first baby was born prematurely at seven months. But later on she said he was due four weeks after he was born. By my calculations this wasn't seven months. Then there was another mom who I met early on in pregnancy, her due date was nearly a month after I was but told me that she was four months pregnant when I had calculated that I was five months.

    So, I find months of pregnancy very confusing. It would be hard to say that a mom or baby really needed to be doing x, y, or z by a particular point if we didn't really have a way to ensure that the weeks were equally calculated. All that said, do you find calculating months to be effective? Do you prefer months to weeks or vice versa?


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