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Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE

PUPPP in Pregnancy

By January 8, 2010

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Dr. Brannon, the Dermatology Guide, tells you all about this common skin rash in pregnancy. "Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP), also known as polymorphic eruption of pregnancy, is the most common rash in pregnant women." Find out more about this condition that affects many pregnant women.


August 20, 2008 at 10:59 am
(1) Adriana says:

has anyone ever gotten Puppps after pregnancy? my daughter is 8 months and i start with a rash 2 weeks ago. i went to the doctor and told me i had puppps. but i’m not pregnant. what do i have?

October 19, 2008 at 8:29 pm
(2) Jodi says:

I too have a rash that looks a lot like PUPPP. I had PUPPP for the last few months of my pregnancy and I’m petrified that it is back!!! My son is 7.5 months old. What did your doctor say?

December 8, 2008 at 8:25 pm
(3) anne says:

Am wondering if either of you ever found out what you had – I have an almost 8 month old and am afraid my PUPPPs is back. It’s awful!

December 8, 2008 at 8:34 pm
(4) pregnancy says:

Have you seen anyone yet? My first stop would be my dermatologist.

December 9, 2008 at 1:07 pm
(5) rebecca says:

Natural Remedy:
Liver Cleanse
Stinging Nettle
Omega 3′s

January 8, 2009 at 3:28 am
(6) Laura says:

I had PUPPP two days post delivery of my first (a boy). It was really hard going, and drove me mad. It lasted several months. Antihistamines and prednisone helped a lot – and bags of frozen veges for ice packs. Now I’m pregnant with number 2 and think I might be getting it again. Good luck girls!

January 22, 2009 at 4:36 pm
(7) Tara says:

I had a terrible case of PUPPPS at around 26 weeks with my first son. The only thing that finally got rid of the rash and the itch (after trying lotions and soaps and herbs…) was taking one Claritin pill a day. It saved me!!

January 24, 2009 at 9:48 am
(8) kelly says:

hey girls…i had had puppps in my first pregnancy and it was terible…i finally went to my dermatoligest and she gave me milk thissle and dandalion roots and it went away in a week thank god…so if anyone is lookin for cures try that i had tried everything before that!

January 26, 2009 at 10:26 am
(9) Chrissy says:

I had PUPPPS for the last 15 weeks of my pregnancy but I’ve never heard of anyone getting it after giving birth.

February 10, 2009 at 11:58 pm
(10) Amy says:

I developed a raging case of PUPPPS 3 days after my son was born. It lasted about 2 weeks. Now, HONEST TO GOD, I have had flare ups on and off for the last 12 MONTHS! My son will be one in a few days. I am tired of hearing I have dry skin or allergies or something. I know my body. I have tried most things, but have yet to try dandelion root and thistle. It’s now on my list of errands to run tomorrow.

February 13, 2009 at 2:41 pm
(11) shad says:

I have THE ANSWER to PUPPPS, and I would be more than happy to share it with everyone, because I know it can ruin your last trimester of pregnancy, or for some women even earlier than that !

I was 30 weeks pregnant that I got a rash around my naval, and for 3 days it wasn’t that much bothering me, but it got worse every day, and my Dr. told me that I’ve got PUPPPS, and unfortunately it will even get worse than this. As he said, the rash spread all over my big tummy. They gave me Betametazon cream, reactine pills, hydroxyzin 50mg to put me to sleep at nights (which couldn’t overcome the rash and itchiness….) they also recommended SARNA P to ease the itch, and Calamine lotion… which theses two last items were a temporarily relife for an hour or so….

within couple of days the rash spread to my breasts and neck, and the itching was so bad that I almost burned my skin from putting ice on the spots at nights… I didn’t sleep at nights even for one hour for two weeks… On day 14 of this horrible thing I told myself that I had to find a cure.. I couldn’t tolerate living like that for another month and a half, since it was getting worse, and also spreading to my arms as well… My tummy and breasts turned almost purple color, it was so bad to look at …..

After couple of hours searching the net… I came across Dandelion root pills, someone mentioned that her midwife recomened it for her PUPPPS, and it was like a miracle, after 2 days the itch was tolerable, and after 4-5 days the rash statred to heal and gone on the fifth day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow could something cure this illness… when Dr.s tell you that it will get worse each day and only resolves by delivery?????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so against pills and stuff like that, and I wasn’t sure if it is safe for my baby… apparently the dandelion root works on the liver and helps with the liver function. The same day I called natural pharmacy and asked if it is safe for pregnancy… and the answer was YES .

I got the dandelion root extract capsules, and had 3 in the morning and 3 at night… at first of course I wasn’t optimistic since the doctors told me that there is no cure until the baby arrives !!!!!!!!!

* no itch during the day, but still itchy at nights….
*itch was more tolerable at night
ON THE 4th-5th DAY :
* no more itch during the day and night
* full normal sleep on the 5th night
* my skin started to peel off on the tummy and breast, and the color was getting back to normal
:) )))))))))))))))))) I AM GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

( A SIDE NOTE: I was taking salmon omega-3 capsules during my pregnancy… I am saying this because that miracle note that I found on the internet mentioned about the combination of omega-3 and Dandelion capsules, so I continue with my omega-3 as well, and I also drank 2 liter of water during those 5 days of my treatment :)

I am gonna tell my story to my Dr. and also all the nurses at the hospital… because I think they should know that there is cure for this horrible thing… only took me 5 days, wow I still can’t not believe it :)
Best of luck to you :)

February 19, 2009 at 9:47 pm
(12) Emily says:

Hi girls, I was diagnosed with Puppps over a week ago and was told the same thing by the dermatologist: the only cure is child birth! I had been suffering with it for a week and by the time I saw the dermatologist it had spread from my belly to my breasts, arms and upper thigh area – I was in agony!

I was prescribed eleuphrat cream (an anti-inflammatory cream) and an anitihistamine but they didn’t give me much relief then one night of intense itching I decided to rub baby powder all over the red rash and it was a miracle – no itch for the rest of the night! I stopped using the antihistamine tablets and eleuphrat cream after that.

I then started using pinetarsol wash daily for showering and then baby powder twice daily and after just 5 days the rash COMPLETELY disappeared!!!! I couldn’t believe it!

I was lucky enough to only have suffered from this terrible condition for less than 2 weeks – after being told it would get worse and that I had another two and a half months of it!

I thought I’ld share that with everyone :)

March 28, 2009 at 2:20 pm
(13) jess says:

I am still convinced there are answers for this and I am getting my liver checked!!!!!!! I still have it and I had my son in February!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The after birth theory isnt true now is it??!!! I am totally irritated now and scarred for life!! The first child, boy and after pregnancy cure is a bunch of BS!!!

March 29, 2009 at 1:22 pm
(14) Cassandra says:

I had puppps for about 1 month starting around 31 weeks. I tried the dandilion root tea for about a week and it did nothing. Here is what I tried and it worked…

Natures way dandilion root capsules I took 3capsules a day 3 times a day after I would eat something. I drank as much water in ounces that are 1/2 my weight so Im around 194lbs so i drank 100 ounces a day. I bought flax seed oil w/lemon and I took 1 tblspoon a day. I did not drink any coffee and stayed away from citrus fruits like oranges. Basically clensing the liver is what you want to do. I ate lots of strawberries and blueberries and i mean alot!!! The rash took about 5 days to go away and the scars are slowly clearing up but I am 37 weeks prego and sleeping much better. I still itch a little bit in spots but it is only where the rash has healed. I also put on this jones brand aloe lotion the is 70% aloe vera its not the best smelling but it helps the healing and it makes my skin really soft. It has been a slow process but I dont know how I would have delt with having this rash until I have my son…that would have been horrible. Good luck ladies I hope this helps. I would never wish this on anybody it by far has been the worst thing I have ever been through….

March 31, 2009 at 8:05 pm
(15) jess says:

Yeah, I am convinced that your liver doesnt get rid of the waste and such……leaving PUPPPS, which is the bodys way of getting rid of the waste. I have had this since January 24th, my son was born 2-24 and its April 1st tomorrow……and I still have it!!!!!!!!!!

April 6, 2009 at 2:20 pm
(16) Melisa says:

I was diagnosed with pupps at 8 weeks of pregnancy!! I am 11 weeks now and it is getting so bad!!! I have never heard of someone getting them this early and i cant find a thing about it on the internet!! Is there anyone out there who has got them this early? Im really hoping i dont have to go 29 more weeks with this awful rash!!! Also has anyone got scars from them? I do my best not to scratch them but they look like they are going to scar.

April 11, 2009 at 2:34 am
(17) katie says:

Ironically I have had 2 out of 3 children in the month of Sept, and after each of these 2 children I have experienced chronic hives the following April when they were both between 6 & 7 months old. I have never heard of post pregnancy pupps before, but I am now convinced that this is pregnancy related. I went in a couple of days ago received a shot of kenalog, prednisone rx, and am taking benedryl every 4 hours. Miserable!!! Doesn’t seem to be working to well!!

July 15, 2009 at 7:14 pm
(18) Jessica says:

Because I’m joining this message board much later than some of the postings – can people tell me if your rashes are gone? I need to believe that this will go away!!

I started getting a rash about 2 weeks after delivering my baby girl. It started around my belly button so I thought maybe it was a heat rash or my nickel allergy (from pant buttons) acting up. After a week of that, the rash spread over my legs, arms, and butt. I went to see my GP who said that it must have been something I ate so she gave me some stronger hydrocortisone cream to use.

Well, after a couple of days, the rash on my legs got quite bad..so I went back to the doctor, who then referred me to the dermatologist. The dermatologist diagnosed it as PUPPs and prescribed prednisone (started with 4 pills daily)

Initially the pills seemed to help because after a week, the rash seemed to disappear, however the itch did not go away (btw – does anyone else find the rash the most unbearable at night???). So as per the doctor’s instructions, I started the prednisone therapy again but this time only starting with 2 pills. That seemed to do nothing because new rashes and areas of itchiness popped up. I started the prednisone again but starting with 3 pills, which seemed to give me one day of relief then back to the itchiness and new rashes again.

I’m now at week 7 and I’m still itchy as hell with new rashes popping up every day. I just saw the dermatologist again and now he’s not sure what’s happening with the rash. I’m back on the prednisone therapy but this time starting with 6 pills for a week.

BTW – my dermatologist said that prednisone is safe during breastfeeding. The only possible effect on the baby is that they may get a bit hyper. I haven’t seen that yet in my baby but I’m wondering if I will now with the higher dosage.

I found that Benadryl or Reactine didn’t help me at all. And like a lot of you guys have said already, calamine or Aveeno anti-itch lotion, ice packs, cold showers only work for a short time.

Seriously…labour was way better and easier than this stupid rash! I hate it but feel a lot better knowing that I’m not alone in this misery!! Thanks for everyone’s stories!

August 2, 2009 at 6:55 pm
(19) Mandi says:

I am on pregnancy #3 and have had PUPPS with all three of my kids now. My first pregnancy it showed up about 8 weeks into it, and with my second it did not appear until about 7 months along an lasted for almost 2 months after delivery. This is the first that I have heard of the Milk Thistle or Dandalion Roots but I will be stopping at the Health Food Store tomorrow that is for sure. I am extremely miserable with this! I have the rash covering my breasts and belly, and it is starting on my theighs. I have already had a steroid shot and was given an antihistamine by the doctor; however, I have not gotten much relief from either at this point. I am glad to have found this webpage. I am at the point that I will try about anything to stop itching….It drives me crazy and I cannot sleep at night. Will update eveyone on how the Dandalion Roots work for me once I stop and get some tomorrow. Thank you for all the information that I have received.

August 14, 2009 at 3:36 pm
(20) Jessica says:

Mandi – how did you get rid of it during your previous pregnancies? Did it just go away on its own? How long did that take?

I’m still itchy and it’s almost been 3 months now. The doctor now thinks it’s a type of eczema brought on by pregnancy. Whatever it is, treatments seem to be futile. The rash is physically gone but the itch is still there right under the skin. Any little thing sets off the itch. Let me know how the dandelion root goes!

August 31, 2009 at 8:13 pm
(21) Danyle says:

I had PUPPPS with my first child, which was a boy and it started about 33-34 weeks. I tried everything over the counter and herbal. It didn’t work so I went to my dermatologist who gave me a steroid cream and put me on a Prednisone taper. It went away days after having my baby. I am 15 weeks with baby #2 and am hoping and praying that it doesn’t show up again as it ruined my pregnancy experience the last month. I have heard it it more dominant with boys and in first pregnancies, but when I asked my Dr. about that, he said I still have a fair chance of getting it again. At least this time I will know what to do and get treatment quickly before it gets too out of control. What a horrible rash!!!

September 10, 2009 at 5:28 am
(22) Lani says:

On the day of delivery, my stretch marks started to blister up and became super itchy. I thought it was my skin getting irritated from having the monitors on my tummy. In addition, using hot compress to relieve the post delivery camps. The blistering in my stretch marks became worse over the days. I went to my OBGY and she said she didn’t know what it was and I was instructed to use a hydrocortisone cream. Leaving disappointment. I went home and did further investigation online to discover I had Puppps but wasn’t one hundred percent positive. In the matter of three days, the itchy blister became a rash that spread all over my body from my neck to the bottom of my feet even in the palms of my hands. I was literally going crazy from being so itchy, and the B.S. I had to go through after delivery (you ladies know what I am talking about).

I made a appointment with my regular doctor and he confirmed I had PUPPPS. I was prescribe Predisone a six day treatment, it took the rash away but, only for the rash to come back a couple days later. I completed my second treatment of predisone and now this horrible rash is flaring up again five weeks after delivery!! My doctor refuses to prescribe me another treatment of Predisone due to the side effects and he wants me to wait it out until my hormone levels return to normal. So I am left to suffer!!!

Listening to OBGY to use the hydrocortisone cream it was the biggest mistake ever, let alone it didn’t work. the hydrocortisone cream left my skin discolored and ugly!!

I tried using calamine, oatmeal lotion, oatmeal baths, and almost everything in the book with creams and lotion nothing works to take away the itchiness.

September 10, 2009 at 12:14 pm
(23) jess says:

Jess here again. I am wondering if anyone else suffered horrible stretch marks(due to PUPPPS) and what do do about them?? I am going to try a cocoa butter scar stick……willing to try anything!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even take my shirt off in front of my husband(sex)!!! I am about to break all mirrors in my house!!!

September 10, 2009 at 4:48 pm
(24) jess says:

I am so interested in finding out what causes this…..I am so terrified of it!!! I will NEVER have any more babies because of it!!!!!!!! I am 29 and have one son, now 6 1/2 months. My pregnancy went great until the end then this rash happened ALL over my body!!!! And no one could help me, awful!!!!!! I took three oatmeal baths a day, couldnt take Benadryl-that just keeps me up at night, and no matter what I did it still itched!!! I literally wanted to die!! It did not help that my doctor was inconsiderate and made awful remarks to me with no recommendations or hopeful words!!! I didnt want her to deliver my baby and it turned out she didnt :) I had a c-section, to top it off I was 9 days over due too(everything I told this OB happened……c-section, would need to be induced)!!! And to make her feel like an ass, she was over 2 lbs wrong on the birth weight, she said 7 and my baby was 9.2 lbs!!! No matter what listen to your body, no one else knows it better than you!!!! I almost switched clinics, but now I have a new Dr(did my C-Section) and she is wonderful!!! I also now have terrible stretch marks because of this rash and now use Cosmetyn, I am a new customer. So we will see how it goes.

September 10, 2009 at 10:15 pm
(25) Jess says:

One last note. If a Dr. tells you it happens only with boys, first pregnancy, nothing to fix it blah blah blah. Dont listen, everyone is different with this rash and do WHATEVER works for you and give everything a try as long as its safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They dont know why it happens or how to fix it, or “what” it is??!!!

September 25, 2009 at 11:37 am
(26) Jessica says:

Jessica from July 15th comment here:

My rash finally went away almost 3.5 months after the delivery! It was a long haul but it is REALLY nice not to be itchy anymore.

After all of the prednisone, creams, etc., I really believe the only thing that truly helped was having my hormone levels naturally drop down. The reason I know my hormone levels have dropped is that once my rash went away, my hair started falling out (which I’ve read is related to lower hormone levels at approx the 3 month mark). I’m not sure which one is worse!

So hang in there ladies…it *does* eventually go away. It’s just a long road to recovery but it will pass. As for the scars, I still have my PUPPPs scars on my tummy but am more concerned about my hairloss now than any scars. Motherhood definitely has its downside, eh? :)

September 29, 2009 at 4:09 pm
(27) jess says:

Hi Jessica. I have a low thyroid and lost over half of my hair, it grows back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scarring NEVER EVER goes away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 6, 2009 at 1:46 pm
(28) Kendra says:

Hey everyone! Im sorry that all of us are meeting doe to how miserable pupps is…but I have good news. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my second boy…never got pupps the first time around but about a week ago I noticed a terrible rash all around my belly button, called my doc and she said to go to the er…and they said it was pupps. They told me it would just get worse and of course over the next 2 days it spread to my sides and back. After looking for a natural rememdy (didnt want steroids) I found the dandelion root and flaxseed oil rememdy. I went to a healthfood store asap and got them. I took 3 dandelion root capsules 3x a day and one flaxseed oil capsule 3x a day. I also bought grandpas pinetar soap and showered with it twice a day leaving it on my rash for about 2 minutes and then rinsing it with lukewarm water. After only 3 days my rash is almost completely gone and I am not itching whatsoever. The rash was so bad that it hurt and I could not believe it when this natural rememdy actually worked. I found the soap, dandelion root, and the flaxseed oil all at a whole foods store. My midwife told me that it was safe to use but to be careful with the flaxseed because it can cause premature labor if your taking too much so I am going to cut back to one pill of flaxseed 1000mg a day but still use the dandelion root b/c it is not dangerous at all. anyway I had to share this with you all I hope that it helps and good luck!

October 21, 2009 at 7:49 am
(29) Ellie says:

Hi to all,

I found a lot of your comments really useful especially Kendra’s.

I’m 39 weeks pregnant and have had this horrible rash for the past two weeks. I didn’t realise what it was until I googled it on the net and found out the info. I just thought it was where I’d scrubbed it in the bath a bit too hard with the scrunchy, cos it was itchy and i’d possibly made it worse??

I wish i’d have known sooner, cos I would have done something about it. So far, i’ve been using Sudo Crem, E45 and Aqueous Cream…none of these really work, they just take the itching away for 20 mins tops.

I’ve got an appointment this arvo with a “stand in” doc…unfortunately; so have written down some of your solutions and will put them to him.

Not that he’ll listen I doubt. I’ll probably be told the same as most of you…”It will heal itself after deliver, blah, blah, blah”!!!

Will keep you updated. Thanks again x

October 21, 2009 at 7:53 am
(30) Ellie says:

Hi to all,

Thanks for all the information. I have an appointment this arvo with the doc, so will put your solutions accross to him…only to be told I guess, that “it will heal after delivery”…! But i’m going to try your remedies anyway, as i’ve had this awful rash for a couple of weeks now and am already at my wits end.

I only have a week to go until my due date, so am hoping and praying i’m not overdue…aarrrggggggghhh!!!

Will keep you informed xx

October 21, 2009 at 11:57 am
(31) LCM says:

I suffered with PUPPPS during my pregnancy, it started late in the third trimester. I tried everything – Sarna, accupuncture, every herbal remedy out there, and more. You name, I tried it. I seriously thought I was going to lose my mind. I saw my OB/GYN several times throughout this process, and the nurse told me that it was the worst case she had ever seen. They finally agreed to induce me one day before my due date, saying that it would go away after I gave birth. It did seem to be going away for about two or three days, and then my milk came in and I was back to square one. I couldn’t even hold my baby! I finally opted against breastfeeding and started taking steroids. This went on for about two or three weeks. I ended up making an appointment with my regular physician who put me on a higher dosage of steriods and she later sent me to a dermatologist. I spent my entire 12 weeks of maternity leave in and out of various doctors offices, all to learn that I now have eczema. My child is now 13 months old, and I still have major skin problems and scarring from the PUPPPs. My husband and I have decided not to have any more children because the ordeal was so awful. In fact, I was thinking about the experience and wanted to see if others developed eczema following PUPPPs when I landed on this site.
Gosh, I know it is the worst thing that anyone can experience. Rencently, someone told me, “Oh yeah, I had that with my pregnancy.” I thought to myself, it would never be said so nonchalantly if you suffered as I did and the many, many others whose stories I’ve read online. Which tells me that there must be some mis-diagnosing going on out there or varying degrees of PUPPPs. Dandelion root didn’t touch what I had. And, as much as I wanted to stay away from steroid use while pregnant, for me, it was a choice of sanity as I truly felt suicidal. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but if you’re really suffering, please know that the steriods your doctor can prescribe are the same dosage as one might prescribe for a 4 year old and it can bring a great deal of relief if you have tried other things and nothing seems to work. I feel for all you ladies out there.

November 8, 2009 at 9:48 pm
(32) Kim says:

The posts on this blog have been extremely helpful. I have been suffering with this for four days. Each day gets progressively worse. I called my OBGYN on the 2nd day, knowing I had an appointment coming up. He said to take a Benedryl and wait until the Monday appointment. It did nothing except put me to sleep for about 2 hours. Then the flare ups began in the middle of the night and I caved and took a hair brush to reach all the itchy places I couldn’t reach myself.

My husband has been wonderful throughout this and I told him to get me some of those Dandelion pills TODAY! The herbalist said that it’s a diarrhetic, so I should check with my doc tomorrow. I don’t care what he says, I’m taking them. I’m at 36 weeks now and the thought of continuing to suffer for much longer is making me nuts. Seeing the horror stories of this stuff coming back after pregnancy is more scary than actually giving birth. I’m actually looking forward so some other kind of pain than this…at least I can get an epidural!

I think I’ll also get the Omega-3 pills as well. I’m desperate.

I will tell you that Benedryl Spray (for poison ivy, etc) does give me about 20 minutes of relief. Word of warning, though. The initial squirt of spray on your skin feels like you’re on fire. If you can endure the pain for about a minute, your skin begins to numb up. It’s temporary relief, but it will keep you from going insane.

I’m going to try the remedies I’ve seen here and report back.

God bless all the rest of you suffering. I can truly feel your pain.

November 24, 2009 at 7:50 pm
(33) CLARE says:

Hey all

I have found the info here fantastic, not just for the advice but just to know there are other people who understand!!!!!!!!
I am 34 weeks with bub #2 and with my first child at 34 weeks I got PUPPs, and suprise suprise its come back at exactly the same time!! now I can remember why I said I wasnt having anymore!

This time is much worse, i have hives EVERYWHERE instead of only in a few places and am much more itchy!

With my first my doc said calamine, phenergan and a low dose steroid cream, NONE of which even scratched the surface(pardon the punn). So this time I feel totally helpless!! They induced me at 38 weeks last time cos i was going to have no skin left and my labour didnt progress and had to have an emergency c section. Ireally really really dont want another one of those!

So thank goodness for your dandelion omega3 suggestions, ive sent someone to grab them for me already! anything is worth a shot I just have to stick this out man its soooo itchy!!

thanks again for giving me a glimmer of hope girls xoxoxoxoxoxox

December 3, 2009 at 11:18 pm
(34) Snaz says:

I wish this info had been out there when I had puppps during my first pregnancy. It started around 36 weeks and spread so horribly all over my body that anyone who saw it would be in shock. Nothing worked for me…the only thing that provided at least half hour of relief was covering myself in cold yoghurt. My doctor ended up inducing me at 39 weeks which ended in csection so I wish I had waited but I know at the time I couldn’t. It took some time to go away completely after delivery but there was a big difference straight away. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and so scared it will return. I am considering taking the dandelion pills just incase! This had to be the worst thing I have ever experienced. I remember wanting to scratch my skin off. I don’t have any evidence of the rash left but the ugly stretch marks on my belly are permanent.

January 7, 2010 at 5:22 pm
(35) Veronica says:

This is my first pregnancy and i thought i was getting a flesh eating disease!!! I went to my doctor and she gave me yeast infection cream to rub over my tummy. The next day it spread all over to my arms and legs!!! My boyfriend then suggested Aloe leaves. I jumped in the shower, cut some leaves and spread it all over. It helps a lot but it has to be applied constantly. By the next morning my skin was not irritated and the inflamation went down so much, and it started to peel. Hopefully it will work for some because i know how it is to go crazy with PUPPPS!!!

January 25, 2010 at 1:13 am
(36) Ashley says:

I am almost 28 weeks with my 3rd child and have been diagnosed with PUPPPs. I have had it for 7 weeks and I’m about to go insane. I am currently on oral and topical steroids an taking benedryl to help at night. I also use Grandpas Pine Tar Soap, which does help some. I would like to know if anyone knows if Dandelion Root is known to cause any problems for baby. I’m very frustrated and need to be able to get through the next 10 weeks without goin crazy

January 26, 2010 at 11:14 am
(37) Amber says:

Hi Everyone, I’m only 16 weeks preggo with baby #2, and was diagnosed with pupps, i have it all over my tummy and breasts, i never had it with my first boy, but OMG, i can’t deal with this, 24 more weeks of this i think i’ll go nuts, going to the store tonight to buy some dandelion root and salmon omega 3 oil pills, i hope this helps, good luck to you all and i pray this goes away for all of you :)

February 1, 2010 at 3:41 pm
(38) Cherie says:

Hello, My Puppps started in my second trimester of my daughter. it was horrible. It was every where except for my face. doctor said it will go ayay after delivery, but it didn’t. I had it for a year after my delivery. And i got it about a week b4 a would get my period. after about a year it mysteriously dissapeared for like 4 months and now all of a sudden i just recenlty got it back. does any one know whats going on with me? Y is it back?

February 17, 2010 at 11:05 am
(39) Niki says:

I started with this rash early November… did not find out I was pregnant until December 23rd. They gave me a gestation date of Nov. 16. doctors have told me it is PUPPP so what I am wonder is if my gestation date could be off. I had this rash before November 16. my last menstural period was only 2 days….. less than 1/2 my usual length. I am thinking that I am further along than they are telling me so far. I have my 16 week ultra sound march 8th so I am going to be talking to my dr. about all of this to see if there is a possibility that i concieved earlier and am furhter than thought. Try aveno bar soap, grandpa’s pine tar soap, and medicated gold bond… it is all temp relief but hey it’s is temporary sanity in my case~!

February 20, 2010 at 6:04 pm
(40) L B says:

I am due in 3 weeks and I had PUPPS since week 20. I’ve tried everything…oatmeal baths, antihistamines (prescription and over the counter), different over counter creams, medicated creams, dandelion, watching what I eat and about a million other things. It magically is starting to go away on its own now. I have no idea why I haven’t changed anything at all. I’m so happy it’s going away as my body was covered and I was only sleeping 3 hours a night.
It will get better but I must admit I’m a little nervous to hear that other people are getting it back after pregnancy. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I had the worlds most perfect pregnancy last time (awful delivery, but great pregnancy). I’ve had nothing but problems in my pregnancy this time and I’m hoping the labour will be easier lol. Somehow doubt it. The PUPPS will go away but it’s awful and embarrassing especially if it’s all over because you become very limited as to what clothing you can wear without someone staring at you like you’re a walking disease.
Hang in there ladies. Just remember as much as it’s really awful, the reward at the end is unlike any other and worth it (even if it doesn’t seem like it now)

February 24, 2010 at 8:52 pm
(41) Kari says:

Hi gals,
I just want to share my own experience with PUPPPs. I developed it the first time when 10 weeks preggo with my son, lasted about 4 weeks. I battled it with topical remedies, the best two were Aveeno cream and Benedryl cream. The only oral remedy I took was prairie sage tea (Artemisia ludoviciana). After having my son, 10 weeks later, it came back with a vengeance! This time I tried the same remedies above, and the doc also gave me a steroid cream – which did nothing (so I stopped using it as I was BFing). But it did only last about 2 1/2 wks that time.

This January, I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks, and had not developed the rash during that time, but now, 4 weeks later, here it is, and it is even worse than the first two times. Talk about adding insult to injury! I am going to the store tomorrow for dandelion root pills – already have the flaxseed and omega-3s, and have been trying olive leaf extract, plantain, and pumped up my vitamin D – Since I read that those most likely to get it are in Scandinavia and Chile – two of the regions furthest from the sun in the winter! I will let you know how it goes in about 2 weeks.

Always remember that your skin is connected to your liver (imagine jaundice – liver turns skin yellow), so dietary changes are SUPER important as well. I have given up fatty foods, citrus, and now I am stopping sugar as well. I remember with my son I had to do an elimination diet while BF-ing, so I think that is part of why the second time it only lasted about 2 1/2 weeks…

All I can say is, it DOES go away… I pity those of you who have/had long term bouts. Best of luck, and thanks to all who have shared here – I have learned a lot… my doc with my first son had never even heard of it, but my midwife this time had, so I think in the past 3 years there has been more research or more awareness on the condition.

Good luck to you all!

March 2, 2010 at 3:49 pm
(42) Jessica says:

Ok has anyone taken dandelion while being pregnant or flaxseed oils? did your baby come out ok? i heard its the best way to heal PUPPP and i just want to make sure its ok. The doctor will tell you NO because it hasnt been aproved the the FDA but if you have how much did you take a day?

March 9, 2010 at 1:57 am
(43) Rachael says:

My puppps started when i was 6 months pregnant with my son. It was TERRIBLE! i cried every night and finally after 2 weeks of having it i told my doctor and they put me on 40mg 2 times a day! i was sooooo BIG! oh my lord, i gained 90lbs and my son was 9lbs 8 oz. The puppps was soo bad nothing worked! the steroids kind of helped for a day or two and then it went crazy again. I got my puppps from my entire belly and it went around to my back and stopped at my spine. down the inside of my legs and caffs down to my ankles on my breats and arms. It was the worst thing in the entire world. I want another soo bad but if i go on the steroids again it could kill me. MY doctor told me it was the worst he has ever seen and he had seen many cases. My skin is soo stetched out nothing helps. the stretch marks are still purple and dark and ihave used $100 lotions for months. It was soo bad my husband was going to leave because i was soo miserable and i was soo mad at him.The moment i had my son the itch was gone.

i was reading every ones comments and im crying my eyes out becasue it thought i was the only one.

I am absolutely terrified, if one of you girls can guarantee that it will go away with the milk thissle and dandalion roots then im having another! please tell me..

March 11, 2010 at 3:29 pm
(44) jennifer says:

hi, had terrible puppps with first pregnancy which was a boy, had it for 6wks from 36 wks, baby was born at 39wks and still had it terrible until he was 3 wks old, contemplating on having another baby but terrified incase i get puppps, labour, birth and stiches were a breeze in comparison to this rash, how likely am i to get puppps. thanx jennifer

March 11, 2010 at 5:33 pm
(45) jennifer says:

hi, worst thing i have ever experienced in my entire life with the torture from the itch from puppps, labour, birth an stiches were nothing in comparison to this. doctors that had been practising for more than 20 yrs didnt know what it was, in the end after seeing more than a dozen docs/midwifes/consultants someone said it was puppps, they would not give hyrocortisones or steriods as i was preg nor afterwards as i was breast feeding, they reluctantly prescribed an anti histamine that made little difference and e45. The only thing that slightly helped was to cover myself in sudocream, it has antiseptic in it so did hide the redness which made it look a lot better, calamine lotion by the bottle did ease the itch but not for long and when skin became too dry i would use E45 or double base and basically kept repeating the process for 6 wks, cut my nails down as far as possible and would only scratch with the back of my nails as i knew if i got it infected theyre was probably nothing they could have given, i would scratch through clothing only as i knew it was going to make it so much worse, i used to lie in bed on my hands to stop me scratching my body apart as that is how itchy it was, it lasted 6 wks, considering the mess i was in, i have no scars, but you need to be so strict not to scratch, easier said than done. It was my first pregnancy and it was a boy, terrified of having another baby incase of puppps, please advise the of the likelyhood of getting again, thanx jennifer

March 13, 2010 at 5:22 pm
(46) Priscilla Corder says:

I thought it was just me!! Just now starting my 30th week into pregnancy and started to get these hives on my stretch marks about a week ago, then a couple days later it has spread all over my thighs and arms! Went to the doctor a couple of days later, and of course, all she did was prescribe a cortisone lotion and that was it!!! Im so glad I found this website, everyone has been so helpful! I’m glad to hear I am not the only one suffering. Scares me that it won’t even go away after I deliver, ahhh!! I of course have been taking oatmeal baths and using lotions, but no relief!!! I want to desperately try the dandelion root, hopefully that will help!! Anyone find that it did help?! I like others are wondering if it has any affect on the baby?? Let’s hang in there, ladies, I know it will be worth it in the end. We need to work on spreading the word about PUPPS bc I had not even heard about this until doing this research on my own, and obviously the Doctors are not well educated on this either.. Hope this dandelion root works, and is safe, there has to be SOME hope for this insane itchiness!!!!!!

March 13, 2010 at 5:50 pm
(47) jennifer says:

hi priscilla, my baby boy was born 5 july o8 (1st pregnancy) so i didnt know anything about dandelion root, the rash seemed to last 6 wks so u may find that it will be gone before delivery, like that it was self diagnosis with me, i was telling the midwifes and consultants to google it. I had the rash from end june 08, baby born 5 july 08 and it wasnt diagnosed to 28 july 08 which just made matters worse as no one new what it was, in the end the doc had 30yrs of experience and was a surgeon previous to that and he said puppps ! thank god someone knew but still nothing worked, it seems to have to run its course. the consultant said to me, its not doing u any harm its just itchy, i could have killed him, i said to let u understand how it feels, try walking through nettles naked, (idiot !) my heart goes out to anyone with puppps as i know how extremely bad the torture of the itch is. look on the bright side labour, birth and stiches will be a breeze for u because they can give relief for pain but not for itching, ps. all i had was paracetamol, codine and gas n air and still it was a breeze compared to puppps. thanx jennifer

March 14, 2010 at 5:31 am
(48) AJ says:

Thank you everyone for your comments. This is all so bizarre and isolating, I do not know how I would manage without the stories I read on-line.

I first noticed itchy stretch marks somewhere between weeks 34 and 35 and my midwife diagnosed it as pupps shortly thereafter. It is my first pregnancy and the sex is unknown. By 37 weeks, it had progressed to patches over much of my body. I mostly do not scratch so the actual red rash is hardly noticeable, but the itchiness is unreal (as you are all well aware!). I’m currently 40 weeks +2 days. I just took my first dose of prednisone a minute ago and I am feeling so mixed up about it. I have had it at home for about a week and finally broke down. With probably 6 hours of sleep in the previous two days and I can not imagine going into to labour with so little rest. I have tried dandelion root, nettle, acupuncture, grandpa’s pine tar soap, oatmeal baths, sarna, a+d ointment, v-8 juice, omega 3′s, benedryl, ice packs and some slight dietary modifications. On bad nights, when I can’t control the actual scratching, I have to wake my partner to hold my hands back. While I’ve had a few days here in there where it relaxed, nothing has made it go away and it’s now spread to me feet. I guess that’s my breaking point!

It’s drives me crazy when some well-intentioned person tells me how hard it is to be 38, 39, 40+ weeks pregnant- if only that was the concern!!! I am thinking of starting a facebook group, particularly for those wee hours when others are sleeping soundly and we’re up trying not to scratch our sweet babes out.

Best wishes to everyone out there who is struggling still pre- and post- delivery!

March 14, 2010 at 7:02 am
(49) jennifer says:

hi aj, i know exactly how u feel, distressed, etc. that was like me, it was on my tummy, bum, legs, neck, palms of hands and soles of feet, it didnt go on my back, breasts or face. like u i tried my up most best not to scratch, the bits i did scratch were the worst parts and took longer to heal, when u do scratch it does not ease it it only makes the inflamed skin itch even more intensley and it becomes a vicious circle, so well done for being sensible and strict and resisting the urge to scratch, you will benefit from this in the long run. At nite i didnt use a quilt as it intensified the itch, only a sheet and a fan on all nite, yes i was freezing and shaking especially with calamine lotion applied every half hour, ps. calamine lotion was the best and it did ease it better than anything else even if it was only 20 mins to half an hr then i would need re applyed, and the sudocream hid all the redress and probably eased the swelling, dont worry about the labour, thats nothing and the gas and air eased the itching for hours, i did not sleep for 3 wks before delivery and i was fine, labour and birth will be the easy part for u after what u have suffered, i also used to wet tea towels and put them in the freezer then take them out later and put them on the really bad parts that were inflamed and it probably soothed it a bit. i also had cool showers if it was really bad but sometimes id find that it would make it worse as before the shower i would have had a really good base of cream on and once out the shower it would need all re applyed again, i only washed with plain water. best of luck, have u considered induction as once baby boy was born although it was still extremely bad for 2 – 3 wks it wasnt just as bad as before. jennifer

March 14, 2010 at 7:07 am
(50) jennifer says:

hi aj, yes face book is an excellent idea, thanx jennifer

March 15, 2010 at 4:54 pm
(51) Priscilla says:

Thanks for the comments, Jennifer! I will take all that into mind.. I don’t know how you and AJ do not itch it?? I always joke about how I need to wear mittens, but O MAN!! I really don’t think I can NOT itch!! That’s like the only relief!!! I know it’s really bad to itch, though. My skin feels like it’s on fire, after I have been itching so much, but honestly feels better than the actual itching itself!! Didn’t get much sleep last night either, had to take more benadryl, and try to pass out that way.. Oh well, I CANNOT wait until Maaaaaaay!! (due date)

March 15, 2010 at 5:58 pm
(52) jennifer says:

hi priscilla, it is horrendous not to scratch but i guarantee it will make it worse so try your best, when u itch u just want to keep itching and itching and itching by which times u r scratching all the inflamed skin, google puppps scars then go to the one that says ” i just wanted to share what puppps rash is and what it looks like….” and a girl will explain what scratching caused her( hopefully after reading this it will make u do your up most best to be so strict with yourself as u will benefit major in the long run) i know its torture and yes cut your nails until there is no white tips left and definately mittens. best of luck jennifer

March 23, 2010 at 6:02 pm
(53) ML says:

My husband diagnosed my PUPPP at 37 weeks – our midwife even checked it out and said it Wasn’t PUPPP. Lies. Although it does appear there is a ton of misdiagnosis of pregnancy related rashes (seems they all get lumped under PUPPP.) Anyway, I delivered our son two weeks later, he is now 5 weeks old, and I am on prednisone for 17 days. I have read so many stories of people who have done the prednisone, only to have the rash return after weaning off. I mentioned this to the doctor who prescribed it, and she said it is most likely because they didn’t do a long enough run. Any insight on this? I have seen comments from women who have done 6 day treatments, etc. I’m on 40 mg x 7 days, 20 mg x 4 days, 10 mg x 3 days, 5 mg x 3 days. Everything about my pregnancy was perfect and uneventful until I got this rash, and I have literally been suicidal over it. Seriously, I’d rather recover from ten c-sections back to back. I love my baby and my husband so much, they are the only thing that have kept me going through this. Now I am TERRIFIED that it will come back – the prednisone seems to be making some difference – I still itch, but I can’t tell if it is because the rash is still waiting around to kill me, or if my skin is just so traumatized. So I guess my questions are:
1. Prednisone takers, how long were your treatments, and did they work?
2. Did your skin still itch while on the prednisone?

March 24, 2010 at 5:54 pm
(54) Jess R says:

Yes, try not to scratch (which is about impossible not to do). I tried not to scratch, but gave in every time. I was presribed prednisone and slowly, my puppps went away within days. Needless to say I gave birth on Dec 26 and my scars have still yet to fully go away. My stomach is of course, worse of all.

March 24, 2010 at 6:01 pm
(55) Jess R says:

I took 3 60ml prednisone pills everyday for 5 days. It made my rash go away, but not completely. I had a very severe case of puppps (arms, legs, stomach, back). I literally had welts. The prednisone made it very mild and tolerable. I only itched very mildly (like an annoying mosquito bite) maybe once or twice a day. I hope this helps you, ML.

March 26, 2010 at 3:34 pm
(56) Priscilla says:

Hey again, Just wanted to give an update. I have been taking the Dandelion root pills for almost two weeks now, and OH MY GOD, they are life savers!! They really do work!! The first day, of taking them, a little better, second day, I slept through the night!! Now after about two weeks I can not even see the rash at all on my arms!! Just on my legs a little, but no red bumpy stuff, just looks like scaring :o ( I still itch a little bit, so It still must be there a little, but not visible at all!! The only other thing I have been taking is my prenatals and fish oil occasionally. I know some people said the dandelion didn’t work for them, but I HAD to give it a try. If you are still suffering, I say give it a try because it has made a tremendous difference for me!!!!

March 26, 2010 at 4:33 pm
(57) Claudia says:

I developed PUPPP 2 days after delivering my first in 2005. It spread from my belly’s stretch marks all the way down my legs. I went to a dermatologist after 5 days, because I couldnt take it! She gave me a shot of a very strong steroid that she had to give 1/2 the shot in one butt cheek & half in the other because she said it would leave a permanent dimple if all put in one side (guess what, now 5 years later, I have dimples in both cheeks =).) BUT, the shot, whatever it was, made the PUPPP go away within 3 days & it never came back!!! I am now 12 weeks pregnant with #2 and scared I will get it again while I am pregnant. I asked my dermatologist this am & he said it was highly unlikely that you get it in subsequent pregnancies. That made me feel good, until I read this thread & all the ladies that it is happening to again. I hope everyone finds relief soon!

April 3, 2010 at 1:03 pm
(58) annoyed says:

i cant stand this rash anymore at 30 weeks, i have had it for almost 3 weeks now and thought it was poison ivy! I have tried the pine tar soap,prescribed a lotion steroid that only aggrivates it,now want to try the dandelion root path,V8,and slather in yogurt! This is for sure taking the pleasure out of being pregnant cause i cant think about anything else but itching my skin off!! Doc said the only thing to do is deliver,and thats 8 weeks away with a repeat c!!! Anymore suggestions would be great!

April 16, 2010 at 1:08 pm
(59) Sympathetic Sister says:

My poor younger sister developed PUPPS about two weeks ago and by last week was so covered in the rash that she could barely move. Doctors and midwives suggestions were not very helpful….. she tried every remedy she could find.
For all you other poor mums to be out there here are a couple of not so well known remedies that helped.
1% Menthol in Aqueous Cream – Your pharmacist should be able to mix a batch up for you. This probably was the MOST RELIEF EFFECTIVE TREATMENT. She found it would give up to 3-4 hours relief.
Another little know one is any brand of
aloe vera/lidocaine gel or spray…..most often used as sunburn treatment and readily available in your local pharmacy.

Good luck ladies, I hope one of these works for you.

April 23, 2010 at 7:42 pm
(60) Becca says:

During my pregnancy I was never diagnosed with pupps. I had breaking out all over and it would happen spontaneously. It was like an allergic reaction. My child is 16 months old and I have been to specialists that think I had pupps when I was pregnant and it was never treated. I now have to carrey epipens and make trips to the ER often. I have an allergy to beef now that I did not have when I was pregnant. It is weird how your body changes after you have children. I was trying to see if anyone else has had the same problem that long after pregnancy.

April 24, 2010 at 12:21 am
(61) Vickie says:

I am reading through these comments and trying desperately not to scratch myself right now. I was diagnosed with PUPPP at 39 weeks. My son was born 2 weeks later and is now 3 weeks old. For 5 weeks now, I have been slowly going insane. The rash is all over my belly, legs from hip to foot, all over my buttocks, on my arms and the sides of my breasts. The itching is absolutely unbearable. It is definitely worse at night. I take cool showers, have switched to fragrance-free moisturizing soap, have been prescribed a steroid lotion and try not to scratch. Scratching feels so good yet makes the itch intesify. I have spots on my legs and feet where I have made myself bleed from scratching so hard. I can’t wear shoes or socks. I am losing my willpower not to scratch. I think I may try the dandelion seed treatment. Something needs to make this itching stop! My OB had warned me it would get worse after delivery before it started to get better, but I had no idea it would be this bad. Hopefully the dermatologist will help…

April 27, 2010 at 5:53 am
(62) Rebecca Ditchmen says:

i have pupps now i am 38 weeks now i have had it for the last 3 weeks and i am going insane did not know there were so many woman out there with this horrible problem the hospital put me on steriod cream and antihistamines to help me sleep but still nothing is working so now they may want to induce me i am hoping cause i dont know how much more of this i can take

April 30, 2010 at 2:30 am
(63) Adele says:

Dandelion Root capsules worked wonders for me im still taking them and have 5 weeks of my pregnancy left i read it on here that some women tried it so i grabbed some from the herbal shop and it started to work in a few days:)

I had puppp for a week before i tried these capsules the doctors didnt know what it was and prescribed a cream that cost me 30buxs which i think just made my condition worse, they told me to come back a week later for a check up and when i did i told them i had read online about it might being puppp but she didnt know what that was so was going to refer me to a dermatologist that was going to cost me $140 i declined and stuck to the dandelion capsules and my puppp just slowly dissapeared..so grateful for this website :)

April 30, 2010 at 1:00 pm
(64) Kathleen says:

I developed PUPPPs AFTER delivery of identical twin GIRLS. My girls were born at 35 weeks via c-section. About 36 hours later, I broke out, from head to toe, in hives. I scratched and scratched and scratched. No one seemed to know what it was, but thought I was having a reaction to the anesthesia. I was miserable. After a couple days of non-stop scratching, I was so miserable and depressed that I wouldn’t leave my room to go visit my girls in the NICU. I just laid in bed and cried. Finally, a doctor gave me a prescription strength antihistamine and a topical cream. RELIEF.

UNFORTUNATELY, it only last a couple of days. About a week post delivery, I broke out in welts between my fingers, behind my knees, armpits, and inner thighs. Not only did they itch, but they were hot and painful.

I went to the NICU that day and showed the welts to one of the nurses. She didn’t know what it was, but she wrote a snarky comment in the medical records that she thought I was mentally unstable.

Who wouldn’t be? I’d just recovered from a head to toe rash, and now was breaking out in welts that were worsening by the hour. My girls were in NICU. I was recovering from a c-section, and I’m sure my hormones were raging out of control.

My OB-GYN dropped by the NICU unexpectedly, looked at me, and told me to go see his dermatologist immediately. I left the NICU and drove two blocks to the dermatologist (obviously without an appointment). I had my 6 year old son with me.

The receptionist told me that I’d have to make an appointment. I showed her my arms, neck, torso, etc… She didn’t care. She insisted that I could’nt be seen without an appointment. I started to cry. I begged her to at least go tell the doctor I was in the waiting room and that I was covered in welts. FINALLY, she got out of her chair and went to talk to the doctor.

The doctor immediately came out, took one look at me and whisked me into an examination room. Within minutes, I was surrounded by nurses, other doctors and medical students. I think I was the most exciting thing they’d seen in quite a long time.

I was COVERED in 6-8″ welts over my entire body. They were causing my feet and hands to look deformed. The doctor took a plug out of one of the welts on my calf to send to the lab. He suspected it was PUPPPS but couldn’t be sure since he’d never seen such extreme symptoms.

He gave me a prescription for a steriod (although I can’t remember which one, and another prescription for an even strong antihistamine.) I began taking them immediately. I felt so relieved.

Later that night, the doctor called to tell me the lab results had come back and that I had a perfect text-book case of PUPPPs. He told me to continue the meds and that I should improve soon.

Well, that night @ 4AM, I woke up because my face hurt. I got out of bed to take a dosage of the steriods and antihistamine, which I think I was taking every 4-6 hours. My face hurt so bad.

After I took the medicine, I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror to see why I was in so much pain. I now had two massive welts in my face. One was across my forehead and into my eyelid, the other was across the opposite check and into my nose and lips.

I looked like something out of a Star Trek movie. My face was completely deformed. I started to cry. I don’t care who you are, when you see something like that in the mirror, it’s absolutely terrifying.

I know it sounds crazy, but I didn’t wake my husband because I didn’t want him to see me looking so terrifying. I faked sleep as he got dressed that morning for work. After he was gone, I went downstairs to show my mom (who had come to stay with us to help with the babies).

When I went downstairs, I covered my face with a towel. I told her that I didn’t want to go to the hospital to see the babies because I looked so bad. She thought I was over-reacting. She told me to move the towel. I told her no. She got impatient and told me to move it. Finally, I did and my mom started CRYING. It really was that bad.

Fortunately, my mom can make things happen. And quickly. She was on the phone immediately. Within a couple hours my prescription was changed, the dosage tripled, stronger antihistamine, etc…

It worked. Within 48 hours the welts were gone. One bad side effect was that the medication dried up my milk. I wasn’t able to breastfeed my girls anymore.

Fast forward to today. I was at the doctor yesterday because I’ve been having depression related symptoms. While gathering my past medical history, this story came up. My doctor’s background is neuro-biology. She told me that things like PUPPPS are usually caused by underlying autoimmune disorders. She’s ordered a full panel of blood tests which I will have done in 3 days.

Just wanted to pass this along. I hope it can help someone.

May 2, 2010 at 1:17 pm
(65) Larisa says:

I am currently on my 27th week. Ive been having the same itchiniess and red spots for the past 2 weeks but didnt know what it is until today. THe red spots has covered almost my entire body due to scratching. Ive tried all the lotions you could think of but it seems it would only give me a 20 min relief. After reading all your comments, it made me feel like im not alone. I feel so crazy now. WIth my 2 previous pregnancies, I didnt experience this… I dont know why it happened to me just know. HELP! where can i buy these dandelion capsules? i live in australia and im thinking maybe you can only buy these in the US.

May 3, 2010 at 8:41 am
(66) Larisa says:

I have finally found dandelion root extract pills. My husband bought it from a herbal shop. I will start using it immediately. I will update you guys on how it goes… thanks for all the tips.

May 4, 2010 at 8:36 pm
(67) Ashley says:

I am so happy i found out about puppps. They itch so bad! I am 31 weeks pregnant, I went to the hospital, the told me it was a staff infection. Then went to the doctors 2 weeks later, after it got a lot worst and the said I had scabies, which didnt make since at all because no one in the house had this rash. It’s driving me crazy! I look horrible because I have bumps everywhere & people dont even want to come around me. I found out about puppps in a MAYO CLINIC book. I looked on the internet about them, and saw your comments, and I want to thank you sooo much, because I’m going to the store tomorrow to try the Dandelion Root pills. I will let yous know how it goes! Thanks Again!

May 14, 2010 at 11:34 am
(68) Beth says:

My PUPPPs showed up at 18 weeks with Baby #3 and I never had it before with the other two. It’s on my neck, forearms, stomach, breasts, armpits. I couldn’t believe there was no solution from my OB so I did some digging – like most of you. This is what I am taking and finding relief with: (you can find these at Whole Foods or Better Health stores):
Dandelion Root capsules – 3 capsules, 3 times a day (Nature’s Way – 540mg)
Milk Thistle capsules – 1 capsule, 3 times a day (Nature’s Way)
Nettle Root extract capsules – 1 capsule, 2 times a day (Solaray – 300mg)
All of these ingredients are in:
Itch Relief Tincture by Herb Lore – 2 dropperfuls, 3 times a day (herblore.com)

I take 2 showers a day – morning and night – in cool to lukewarm water using Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap.

I use Gold Bond Extra Strength lotion in the green bottle. The menthol helps to really cool the skin. I also use Bach’s Rescue Cream (health food stores), SARNA lotion, Hydrocortisone topical cream (for when its really bad) and take 50mg of Benadryl at night to help me sleep.

I hope it goes away after this baby comes. It’s the absolute worst!!!!

May 21, 2010 at 2:59 pm
(69) Kristen says:

I’m curious if anyone has tried major dietary changes and had any relief? I developed (what I think is) PUPPPS around the beginning of my third trimester and have tried all kinds of things. Milk thistle/dandelion had no effect. My baby was born last week and afterwards the rash started to get worse again. I was able to talk to a midwife who told me to take lots of probiotic, chlorophyll and stay on a no wheat and no sugar (at all, like no fruit, honey, molasses, anything) diet and within 48 hours the rash was less itchy and since then is healing up in most places! The relief is amazing – especially when all you want to do is be able to relax and enjoy your new baby. Last night I strayed from the diet and had some champagne (high in sugar) with dinner. Within an hour I was itching in places that hadn’t itched for several days.

Don’t know if this would help anyone else or if what I have is just strange but it is definitely worth a try if you were as miserable as I was.

May 21, 2010 at 3:01 pm
(70) Kristen says:

Oh, and maybe this is just me, but the best way I’ve found to relieve the itch is to take a really hot shower – which feels really good – kind of like scratching. Then I just rinse with cool water before I get out. It’s kind of like it flares up the rash all at once and then when it cools down it feels better. I don’t know if this will help anyone else, but it definitely has been more successful for me than cool showers.

May 26, 2010 at 11:26 am
(71) Jenny says:

I’m 14 week and have had the rash for 4 weeks! It’s soooo annoying! Just two days ago I tried the Gold Bond Extra Strength lotion (green bottle)…and it WORKED! I have previously tried prescription steriod ointment and hydrocortozone cream. Gold Bond is the way to go! I finally slept through the night! Whoo hooo!

May 27, 2010 at 4:48 am
(72) ADRIANA says:

i developed a rash at 34 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls didn’t think anything of it at first but then it started to itch and thought my belly was just getting mega big then within that week i developed bumps on my stretch marks sides and spread to my hips upper arms inner thighs behind knees lower back and butt i was so naive and since this was my first pregnancy i thought it just came with the territory and it’d go away in a couple days!! boy was i wrong!!! as my due date came it was very intense and very hard not to itch and when i did itch i
would immediately get these hive welt looking things so i got online and ran into an article on pupps described what i was going through and i finally showed my ob at my last appointment b4 my scheduled c sec (went full term) and said if this is pupps it goes away immediately after delivery so i waited it out excited that this was goig to be over soon and nothing as soon as i delivered i still itched and i broke out in hives worst then when i was prego. so I tried the root flax seed pills and nettle for like 3 days and wanted faster results i was seriously dellusional and this itch was dragging me diwn along with a busy schedule twins!!! so i called my ob in tears and told me to go in asap I was 3wks pp at this point my skin was raw hot and scabbed i scratched till i bled i showed him and still said it wasn’t pupps because it dissapears after birth so he brought in the ob specialist and said it could be contact derm cut out all softners everything fragrance free and prescribed a topical cream and pills the cream was a 7 day treatment and the pills were 3 daily till done I was fine for a couple days but I am now 5wks3days pp and it’s come back now in diff spots on my ankles neck back thighs i am so desperate and cry all the time like why me!!!!!!!!! i am determined to show my doc these post among other things I’ve read about pupps but if there is anyone out there that is still sufering pp PLEASE REPLY!!!

June 5, 2010 at 10:10 pm
(73) Margaret says:

I was diagnosed recently with PUPPP with my 2nd pregnancy (girl) at 22 weeks. I did not have this with the 1st pregnancy. I read a lot and decided to try drinking V8 juice and lemon water. Also, using Pine Tar Soap and Desitin. I am happy to report that as of today the rash is gone. It took several days of doing this before seeing a gradual change. My doctor recommended caladryl which I found to just aggravate the condition and make it more red (dried out my skin started to itch even more!) Hope this helps others.

June 10, 2010 at 11:14 am
(74) Dominique says:

Hi everyone these posts are really helpful. My baby is now 6 weeks old and I have what must be pupps. I didn’t get any stretch marks during pregnant but got loads when my milk came in. About a week ago I noticed the red rash on the side of my boobs just tried not to scratch hoping itvwould go away. It has got worse and has now spread down my legs. I’m dreading the evening as I know it’s gonna get so itchy. It’s like being covered in insect bites. This morning the doc gave me some steroid cream but I don’t think it’s a good idea putting it on my breasts as the baby is feeding so much. I’ve asked my bro to get me the dandelion root so fingers crossed that will clear it up. Thanks for the tip about not eating sugar of any kind I’m gonna give that a go too. Will let u know how I go. Sympathies to anyone who is reading this cos they have pupps it is truly horrible. On the upside my hands are too full with looking after a newborn to get the chance to itch ;)

June 11, 2010 at 4:08 pm
(75) Melody says:

I got this at 30 weeks. I looked up all the info online. By the end of my first week it was all over both arms, my stomach, and my legs. I started the dandelion root pills 3 pills 3x a day and 2 showers a day with grandpa’s pine tar soap. It was gone in 3 days. Don’t waste your time anything else. Try the dandelion and pine tar soap first.

June 19, 2010 at 5:22 pm
(76) CallMeCrazy says:

Ok girls…at the risk of sounding crazy I am going to share what I did. It was 3 am…I was DESPERATE for some relief from this damn rash! I was sitting on the toilet crying and scratching my skin off. Then, a thought occurred to me… I had recently watched a movie where they talk about putting urine on a jelly fish sting. I though, piss on it..what’s there to lose? Like I said I was desperate. At this time I had itched and the rash was incredibly inflamed. I peed in a cup and dipped some cotton swabs in it and rubbed on my legs … it kind of burned a little at first. But after a couple minutes it felt pretty damn good. I went back to bed and didnt’ wake up uptil 12:30 PM !!!! That’s 9 hours of sleep for the first time since this rash! And it even looked better in the morning. I have since done it each time I feel the urge to itch and it takes it away. It’s only been a day..but I really do think I’m on to something here…I’ll post and let you know if it gets progressively better. Here I’ve spent crazy amounts of $ trying to find relief, and there was my own natural resource in front of me the whole time! I don’t know about y’all…..but the relief is worth it to me!

June 22, 2010 at 2:38 pm
(77) Becky says:


Please write back and let us know how it works in the long run. I’m really curious.

June 23, 2010 at 3:48 pm
(78) Penny says:

I developed this awful condition the same day I delivered my son. I tried benadryl prednisone and clobnex none of which helped. After reading the advice on this board I went to the healthfood store on Monday and bought dandelion root capsules milk thistle capsules and grandpas pine tar soap. I wad not overly optmostic I started the regimine Monday night and it’s weds aftenoon my rash is almost gone and I am nearly itch free! Amazing

June 24, 2010 at 10:30 am
(79) Nicki says:

I started getting the dreaded itch as of last tuesday, i am getting no sleep and scratching like mad, I bought some dandelion root capsules today but on pack says only take 1-2 a day! Most people on here say that they take 3, 3x a day! The capsules are 520 mg, do you think i am ok to take 3 capsules 3 times a day??


June 28, 2010 at 9:43 am
(80) Penny says:

I took 3 caps 2x a day and I was fine

June 29, 2010 at 3:48 am
(81) ADRIANA says:

hi ladies i posted something 5/27/2010 about the pupps or whatever the hell it was i am now 10 weeks PP and am happy to report that the intense rash hive looking things have gone away! i do itch at times but nothing compared to what it was i suffered from my 34th week and on up till a couple days ago. at my 6 week it was still hive rash looking and my doc had no clue what this was and the smart man that he is said “if you ever find out what it was be sure to tell me!” im like seriously? no way! lousy doc i swear not reffering one person to this guy. anyway he did refill my o/t steroid cream n pills just incase of an outbreak but thankfully i haven’t had the need to use it too much which is fantastic cause a couple weeks back i went through if like in 2 days. but this pupps really does clear up on it’s own it could be hormone levels stress level bile whatever but it really just does didsapear on it’s own believe me i know this first hand because i suffered with for 4 months total i thought i was gonna be stuck with this stupid thing forever i was frustrated when I read threads about women saying it does get better it’ll be over before you know it some lucky of you get rid of this itch within days and if your like me months but it does get better!!

June 29, 2010 at 6:52 am
(82) Larisa says:

Its me again.. Im now on my 36th week of pregnancy. Earlier, I mentioned that I started having PUPPPS on my 27th week.. I tried all the creams you could imagine… But what really worked, aside from taking Dandelion ROot Capsules is diet. I lessened my sugar intake. The itch also lessened and I could sleep really well. Just recently, I craved for some sweet stuff. so, for a day, i indulged. And, there you go.. it came back again.. I regret eating too much sugar that day. BUt, what can I do… i have it again.. cant wait to give birth soon.

July 2, 2010 at 8:10 pm
(83) Haley says:

I am 26 1/2 weeks pregnant and was just diagnosed with PUPPPs. My physician knew immediately what it was and prescribed me Prednesone, an oral corticosteroid. It is my third day on the medication and I am feeling great! Rash and itching is almost completely gone and I am sleeping much better. I am usually not pro-medications, especially during pregnancy, but I made an exception for PUPPPs. What misery which is almost gone.

July 25, 2010 at 10:57 pm
(84) CallMeCrazy says:

I wrote earlier about rubbing urine one the rash, and yes, it did help! That, aside from scorching my skin and then running it under freezing water right after, is the only thing that gave me relief for any measurable amount of time. The rash did slowly get better, but I think that was more because it just ran it’s course. Not to freak anyone out, but a herbologist i talked to said Dandelion Root is not recommended in high doses when pregnant because it causes detox and all the toxins can run through the placenta…he put it in different terms, but that about sums it up. So, if anybody is on here reading and desperate, piss on it! =) P.S. Even the day after delivery(it was almost gone anyway) the rash was completely gone…just the scabs from me scratching are still driving me crazy. It’s summer and I can’t even wear shorts in public still!

August 13, 2010 at 4:04 am
(85) digitpx says:

After the 7th month of pregnancy, I developed PUPPPs. The rash broke out from the stretch marks on my belly and left awful scars. The itch felt like an intense burning. My skin became lizard-y now and did start healing after some of the treatments, but then became itchy from the dryness. It SUCKED big time and lasted until 6 weeks after my son’s birth. I tried everything to alleviate the constant feeling of itchiness and the sleep deprivation it caused. It was a nightmare. horrible horrible nightmare.

Doctors normally recommend steroid injections and I felt strongly that I did not want to inject my body with steroid. I tried Benedryl antihistamine spray, Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap, Aveeno oatmeal soap and baths, Eucerin Anti-itch cream, calendula cream for the healing dry scaly parts, tea-tree based anti-itch cream, Ahava lotion. I also had weekly acupuncture appointments.

In the end, Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap, the topical antihistamine spray and acupuncture treatments helped the most.

August 25, 2010 at 4:31 pm
(86) Carrie says:

I have had Puppp’s with all three of my pregnancies. I went to the dermatologist after it got really bad with my first pregnancy, and I was told to take 25mg of benadryl as needed. That took care of the itching, and the rash got much better. It worked with the other two times I got it as well…I say, take the benadryl and do not suffer!! I would wait until after the first trimester though. Good luck to you all!

August 27, 2010 at 4:11 pm
(87) Laura says:

My first born, a boy is now 10 weeks and I have had the rash since he was 4 weeks old – I have been to the docs a few times and each time they have told me its an allergy to something, but I have all the symptoms for puppp and it all started around the belly button and in the strecth marks then the backs of my legs and thighs. The rash has dies down now but there are several smaller spots and my skin still itches like mad – can you develop puppp after giving birth??

October 17, 2010 at 1:16 am
(88) Sara says:

I had a severe case of PUPPPS 2 weeks before delivery and 5 weeks after… They only thing that cured my PUPPPs was Predinsone (steroid) and Attarax.

My doctors would only prescribe the steroids after I gave birth… I held out hoping the Pupps would go away after birth so I could breastfeed.

I finally gave up at 5 weeks post-partum and took the steroids. The Pupps went away after 2 weeks of treatment.

Grandpa’s Pinetar soap and Sarna lotion helped to relieve the itch temporarily.

Hope this helps!

October 19, 2010 at 4:24 pm
(89) Katherine says:

I had this at 40 weeks with my first pregnancy ( a daughter) it spread within a week of delivery to cover my whole body from the neck down to the ankles and was absolutely awful. The doctors knew little about it and prescribed lotions and creams (useless) and then after about two weeks of agony steroids which cleared it in a week.

I am now 34 weeks with my second child and started to get raised, itchy lumps on my stomach. I’m dreading a return and wondered if it was linked to craving chocolate and sweet things as I had real chocoholic cravings with both pregnancies. If it is related to liver dysfunction perhaps cutting out toxins and sweet things would help and drinking lots of water with lemon juice in it. Also heard that Dandelion root pills can be really good so off to buy some tomorrow as I don’t want it to get established. I told my midwife about my previous experience at the start of this pregnancy and she’d never heard of it. A lot of ignorance out there from the medical profession which doesn’t help when you are desperate for advice and help!

October 24, 2010 at 6:25 am
(90) Lisa P says:

Hi Ladies,
I feel for you, my daughter is 36 weeks and is miserable! We have been to the OBGYN several times, the ER and have searched the web looking for a cure. My daughter does have an autoimmune disorder and I believe sugar may play a big part in making the rash worse. The doctors act as though they do not know what this is and I can plainly see she has puppps. She has a terrible rash that is purplish in color around her belly button, sides, thighs, down her calves and now her feet are beginning to itch as well. The doctor did do blood work (checking liver function) and another 3/4d ultrasound looking to see if she has IUGR. If you do have IUGR do not take the dandelion root pills, this can cause the placenta to worsen. She has tried everything under the sun as far as topicals go…. She can not take a shower, the water hurts her skin…. The best advise I have for you is: be firm with your doctor, ask for the appropriate tests, a prescription steriod and prescription topical. Watch your salt and sugar intake as though you are a diabetic. We are going to buy the grandpa’s pinetar soap, claritin, omega -3 and dandelion root pills tomorrow, we will keep you posted on what seems to work… Hopefully, we will write back with a note of relief!

October 24, 2010 at 1:39 pm
(91) Katherine says:

Me again (19.10.10) I’ve been cutting out the chocolate and sugars and taking the Dandelion root pills. Still have the rash but wondreing if I can take more Dandelion. On the dosage it says 1-2 tablets a day (510mg each) but I’ve noticed on the PUPPP sites women are saying 2 tablets of 500mg 3 times a day. Is this correct as I may not be getting enough at the moment. Have tried putting caneston cream on my stomach as it has hydrocortisone in it and did seem to help for a couple of hours so may try it to get to sleep as much worse at night time.

Will try and see a doctor to see if they would consider steroids but doubt it during pregnancy. Good luck to everyone. It’s the worst thing ever and so unfair on top of all the other problems in late pregnnacy.

October 26, 2010 at 4:22 pm
(92) Katherine says:

Me again! Still taking the Dandelion and have upped the dosage to 2 tablets three times a day. I think it is helping as it hasn’t spread beyond my stomach but it still terribly itchy. I’m determind not to scratch it as a few lapses have immediately made it burn and the spots become more raised.

I’ve ordered pine tar soap and have found cetaphil moisturiser helps a lot and cools it down and makes the skin feel smoother and less inflamed. Off to see a doctor tomorrow. I’m not leaving the surgery without something to help! Can’t believe the ignorance of the medical profession when there is so much on the internet about it. NO help to all us poor suffering women.

Does anyone else have a history of PMS and hormonal imbalance? I’ve suffered from PMS since puberty and mastalgia and read that liver dysfunction is often linked to hormonal imbalances so wondered if other women had a similar background and whether that might be a cause?

October 30, 2010 at 11:50 am
(93) Katherine says:

Just a quick update on the grandpa’s pine tar soap which is brilliant stuff though it does smell like creasote and lathers up brown! If you lather it over the rash and wash off with tepid water and then put on cetaphil lotion it stops the itcing for up to about 3-4 hours and will help you sleep. Also try sleeping with as little coverage as possible to stop rubbing irritating the itch and keep you cool. Heat is the enemy! I can’t bear to have a bath but a cool shower with the soap does help. I got mine from the Ray Mears website and think you can get it on Amazon as well. Unfortunately the 3 days 5 mg steroids didn’t do anything to stop it. I think I need a much higher dosage but may have to wait until the baby is out. I’m 36 weeks today so could be a while. HELP!

November 6, 2010 at 11:30 am
(94) Michelle says:

I started a support group on Facebook for people suffering from PUPPP. Please join, so we can all help each other!


November 19, 2010 at 8:33 pm
(95) rae says:

I had this at 37 weeks when pregnant with my son. It was the WORST irritating rash of my life! For any of you suffering with PUPPP. I highly encourage you to use Grandpas pine tar soap. It’s sold at whole foods and organic stores. It was THE ONLY THING that gave me relief and has even healed most of my rash!!!! I took a shower with it twice a day in very luke warm water and made sure not to put any other soap on my skin. Over the past 5 days, I’ve had almost complete relief and my rash a subsided greatly. Not nearly as enflamed. It is slightly drying and smells like a campfire but if you are serious about trying something that could relieve you, this is it. I did put a small amount of cortaid on after my shower just to take away the dryness and keep irritation cooled.

December 23, 2010 at 10:47 am
(96) Jessica says:

I had PUPPP’S as soon as I concieved. It was ALL over my body and the only thing that helped me was an oatmeal bath. At this point I had no clue I was pregnant. It wasn’t until after I had my son that I was informed about this condition. Is is uncommon to get this in the early stages? It lasted about a month then disappeared. Thank God!

January 6, 2011 at 2:46 pm
(97) ... says:

I was 21 when i got pregnent i didnt have any morning sickness or weird cravings nor did i have any stretch marks..UNTIL i was about 8 and 1/2 months, i started to notice little bit of strect marks under my belly..so i decided to get some butter cream, i used butter cream once i start getting big around 7 months..some how one day it startd to itch really bad, so i decided to get the oil kind.. it help but i started to get these little bumps..i started to thing maybe its not right for me..soo i stop..couple days later the itchness started from my tummy and my hands..i was concern but was thinking maybe its nothing…until it started to get really bad, i try to go see my obgyn but they never had any time to book me in..i was soo mad..it started to get worse itchness on my legs and arms..i couldnt really sleep through the night sometimes.. i tired the grandpa pine tare soap. it help for a bit, but still..the scars are nasty there like little dots of scars everywhere on my arms and legs..my tummy not so bad just a couple of stretch marks..i wishd i never encounter this again, yet i wishd i never stracth…its been 5 months since i had my baby and the scars hasnt gone away…im hoping i can find something to help my scar disapper soon

January 11, 2011 at 2:09 pm
(98) Ashley says:

I am 24 weeks with girl baby #1. I already had some stretch marks on lower belly. I was using Palmer’s Tummy butter and then the itching started to get really bad. I noticed my stretch marks were becoming irritated and swollen. I would put all kinds of lotions (vaseline, hydrocortisone, aloe vera with menthol and lidocaine-does help some) and the tummy butter but no relief from the itching. A couple of days ago it got worse and then the bumps started forming on my sides and thighs… now it’s on my arms. The itching has gotten worse and worse. I called my doctor and they said it sounded like the “pregnancy rash” and to take benadryl and use benadryl cream. I looked online and the pictures of PUPPP look like what I have. I got the Benadryl product and they really didn’t work. I am drinking the V8 even though I hate it. I’m going to get the Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap today. I found taking a luke warm shower and putting Noxema all over helped then rinsing in cold water. After that I put witch hazel on with a cotton ball and then A+D diaper rash cream. The main thing I’ve found is that you want the rash to dry out. People with success use that term. It’s funny you’re told to moisturize stretch marks but then need to dry out the rash! The more drying agents I put on the better it feels. I don’t know about this dandelion and omega3 and steroids. It worries me to take herbal remedies as they are not regulated by the FDA in production.

January 11, 2011 at 2:10 pm
(99) Ashley says:

I started crying reading some of the posts here. I can’t imagine going through this for as long as some of you have. It makes me want to find a cure! I read it could have something to do with the liver and bile control and I’ve also read about auto-immune problems. I have been tested for Lupus before, though it came back negative. I had fifths disease as a baby and now I have Reynaulds (fingers and toes turn purple in temperature changes and can become very numb). Both are auto-immune issues. I will post if anything I try helps. Good luck to all of you!!

January 11, 2011 at 4:55 pm
(100) jennifer says:

hi to all you ladies out there terrified to be pregnant again incase of puppps, i had severe puppps with my first pregnancy in 2008 a boy and i just wanted to die it was so bad, i would like to thank the lord that i have escaped puppps this time and my baby girl is 6 wks old, so anyone wanting to try for another baby try not to let it put u off, there is light at the end of the tunnel !

January 12, 2011 at 8:13 am
(101) Ashley says:

UPDATE: my husband went to pick up the Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap yesterday and they were out. They gave him samples of Neem Root soap and Neem oil and Aloe Vera gel. I used them and had relief for about an hour. My mom encouraged me to look online and make sure that Neem is safe for pregnancy. I got conflicting info. Some say it’s safe in soap or lotion forms but not safe for ingesting. Others say it’s not safe at all. I’m not going to use it even though the ladies at the health food store said they used it and everything was fine…. So, I took another shower and washed with my good ol’ glycerine and put on Bendadryl cream. About an hour later I was itching again so I used Aloe Vera with lidocaine and menthol. I am calling my doctor again today. I ended up taking 2 benadryl pills and going back and forth between the benadryl cream and aloe gel. I can say that wearing tight clothes does help. Surprisingly leggings are better than loose sweatpants, etc. Going today to get Pine tar soap and will update!

January 19, 2011 at 5:53 pm
(102) Anna says:

When I was 38 weeks pregnant I noticed small bite marks in my stretch marks. When I went in to see my gyno she just told me to keep an eye on it. It might just be from my skin stretching. The following week I had a c-section. Immediately following my c-section my body eruppted in a rash. My arms, legs, hips, hands, feet, and butt were completely covered. The itchiness that followed was unbearable. The staff did not know what I had. So my gyno called in infectious disease doctors to take a look at me. We were put in quarantine. If anyone wanted to see us they had to wear a gown, gloves, and a mask. My son was no longer able to go to the nursery because he had already been around me. It is hard enough adjusting to being a first time parent let alone dealing with this. The excitement of having our first baby disappeared as we had to deal with what was going on. The doctors took samples to culture to make sure that it wasn’t some infectious disease. Then a dermatoligst came in and took biopsies from my stomch. I had to receive more stitches. They finally took me off quarantine and was able to go home. I was still itching like crazy and the rash was beginning to merge into one. A few days later I went in to see the dermatoligst and the report came back that the findings were most compatible with PUPPP. I was given oral steroids(predisone). I took these for two weeks. The rash has slowly gone away I still have flare-ups on my hips and butt but the itchiness continues. It is horrible at night. It has been four weeks since I had my son and I continue to deal with this. It is the worst thing I have ever experienced. The c-section was a breeze compared to this. I hope that the itchiness goes away. I am so scared that I am going to have this for a really long time. I feel for everyone that has to go through this horrible experience.

January 23, 2011 at 11:53 pm
(103) Michelle says:

Calendula cream and pine tar soap!!!!

after trying calamine lotion, hyrdocortisone cream, benadryl spray, and polysporin itch relief lotion over a week long period I found than none of the medicated options provided anymore relief than the calamine lotion and a cool wash cloth or ice pack. Also, I think trying to use everything at once at the beginning probably irritated my skin even more and may have cause it from breathing properly. I kept up with the calamine (applied in large amounts) and then my husband came home with what seemed to fix me up nice and right- the calendula cream and pine tar soap from our local health store.

after just 4 days 2 cool spot washes of pine tar soap (cold showers are much to unbearable for me and warm water makes the itch awful), and a few applications of the calendula cream my hands and belly started to clear up! By the 5th day I just had a pine tar soap wash in the morning and never applied anything else until the evening. While the rash started on my belly and backs of my hands, it spread to my bum, thighs, behind my knees, inner upper arms , ankles and tops of my feet, after using the cream and soap my rash is disappearing before my eyes and I just use the soap to start and end my day, and put the cream on before bed (itching, if any at all now, is still worse at night). I also take a benadryll to help me sleep. I was taking two- once before bed and two more when I would wake up through the night. Now I just take one if I wake up and can’t get back to sleep after an our or so. I don’t have any itching through the day at all and even the itching through the night isn’t too bad- feels more ticklish or creepy-crawly than anything.

These two remedies seemed to work for me and I hope they can help you too!!

January 26, 2011 at 3:04 pm
(104) Nancy says:

Hi ladies,
I am 3 months pregnant with second child. I never had PUPPPS with my first, but this one I developed a slight itch on my stomach, around my belly button about a month ago. I ignored it thinking it was dry skin. The itch spread to my uper thighs and upper arms. Then when I went to my 12 week ultrasound, my stomach flared up after they used the gel on me. I went to my OBGYN, who said it looks like PUPPPS and if it doesn’ t get better to see a dermatologist in a week. Well it didn’t get better so I saw a DERM and she said it is very early for PUPPS but it is exactly what it is. I told her I used the PINE TAR SOAP and she said, no use DOVE or anything fragrance or dye free and to not scrub. Let the water fall on you. If you want to use a lotion use an all natural no perservative lotion. Nothing in it. I then applied Desoximetasone 0.05 strength morning and night. The puppps is almost gone. I felt immediate relief after first use. Talk to your Dermatologist and ask about this stuff.

February 4, 2011 at 4:09 pm
(105) Sarah says:

Hey guys, im 33 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I have had this rash on my stomach for about a week now and when i went to my doctors 2 days ago she told me it was PUPPS and gave me a prescription for hydrocortisone cream 1%. Before I even got the prescription I needed to find other things that would help me and I would like to share with all of you because having this sucks, especially when you want to try and get all the sleep you can before the baby comes. So the first thing I did was take a cloth and wet it with really cold water and i would put it over the rash and that would soothe it and take away the itchy feeling and the burning that some people get along with the PUPPS. I would leave it on for about 10 minutes and it was a temporary relief for about 2 hours or so but it worked really well. After that I would rub so aloe vera cream on it and i would either wear loose clothing or I would lay in bed with my shirt up so that my stomach could have some cool air. (heat is bad for the rash) At night time a trick that helped me was to put some aloevera cream on my stomach and keep my shirtlifted up and put the fan towards it, the cool air also took away the itching sensation. When I got the prescription, I would use the hydrocortisone cream twice daily and I would still use the cold cloth technique as well. I noticed that in the shower, scented soaps or body washes really irratated my skin so I bought Aveeno bodywash specifically for itchy skin and rashes and i would use that on my stomach. If you use a lufa or something like it to wash your body it was a great excuse to give your tummy a scratch if you really needed it. I really just want this thing to go completely away, so Im going to try the dandellion and I just picked up some pine tar soap today so I’ll be trying that as well. I hope this helped you and good luck !

February 5, 2011 at 12:37 pm
(106) Nic says:

Hi ladies,
Wow- I am so unbelievably overwhelmed to read that this horrible rash affects so many of us and yet as many of you say, the doctors and midwives seems to know so little about it.
I am 38+4 days pregnant with my first baby (sex unknown). At 37+5 I was admitted to the hospital with concerns I may have has preeclampsia. Thankfully after 2 days of observation and testing the results came back negative. HOWEVER, while I was in the hospital I noticed that I had developed new red stretchmarks across my lower abdomen and two very sore welts above and below my belly button. I told the midwives about this and they completely dismissed it as a ‘pregnancy rash’. I was sent home and within 48hrs, the rash had completely taken over my belly and has started appearing on my arms and thighs and is extremely itchy behind my knees. After 1 sleepless night I turned to the net for help.

Just last night I showered using Pinetarsol soap and I have woken up with amazing results!! The rash is 1/2 has red and irritated and I got in 5 hours solid sleep :) I have just had another shower now and couldn’t wait to share my news!!

I will continue using the Pinetarsol soap and will also look at getting the dandelion root capsules for further relief.

I hope this helps some ladies… I’ve read some of you have suffered for weeks- I’ve only had it for 5 days and couldn’t handle it… But TG I’ve found some relief thanks to this thread!

Best of luck ladies… I’ll keep you posted :)

February 8, 2011 at 7:34 pm
(107) Nic says:

Hi ladies,
Me again… 39 weeks pregnant now and still suffering with this awful PUPPPs.
The Pinetarsol soap has helped to relieve the itch, but overshoweinf has causes my skin to dry out which inflames the rash. I have fried using Aveeno Dry Itchy Skin lotion, which helps for a shortwhile, but once dried on the skin sets the rash off again.

I have also been taking 3x Dandelion Root 3x/day and Flaxseed Oil 2x 3x/day and they don’t seem to be helping.

My rash has gotten much much worse and has pretty much taken over my body- the only clear skin I have is on my face and my breasts. Everywhere else is either one big red welt or tiny itchy dots.

Had a Midwife app yesterday and they were completely unsympathetic- ‘oh it’s really common’, ‘it’ll go away’… Those comments just made the whole ordeal worse- I finally brokedown when hubby and I got home. Here I am 39 weeks pregnant- after a pretty much perfect pregnancy… I should be looking forward to my baby and spending these last few precious moments connecting with it while it’s still in my tummy and all I can concentrate on is this damned rash! So I caved and cried and cried And scratched and scratched!

I’m getting desperate now… I have been thinking of an induction, but am fearful it will result in a C section… Sigh. I can’t believe that for something so ‘common’ there is no textbook solution.

I keep reading all your stories and they give me hope that this will go away, that some of you poor ladies have had to deal with the itch and frustration a lot longer than I have and that there is an end in sight.

My last remedy will be ‘Will Power’.

Again, will continue reading your inspirational stories and keep you updated with my progress.

February 11, 2011 at 3:32 pm
(108) Melissa says:

Thank you all for your advice and words of encouragement. Thanks to all of your information, I realized early that I was suffering from PUPPPS and not just some allergic reaction or dry winter skin. I went out right away and bought some Danelion Root Capsules and started drinking tons of water. Two days later, the rash is already starting to go away, and the itching is significantly better. Prayers for all of you who continue to suffer – it is truely a miserable condition!

February 12, 2011 at 11:39 am
(109) Nancy says:

Hi Girls,
It’s Me Nancy again. After being PUPPPS free for about a month, I am now in the middle of a raging flare up on my back. It feels like a severely bad sunburn. I called the dermotoligst and they called me in a higher dosage steriod cream which I will be using tonight before bad. I thought I was free and clear, but you never now when a outbreak may occur. So horrible. I will let you know how the cream works this time around. It worked great when I had it on my stomach.

February 18, 2011 at 7:59 am
(110) karuna says:

I am 14 weeks pregnant and yesterday i came to know that i have puppp, it started in my 11th week.. now its increasing on my arms and buttocks. I search on the net about puppp, it says that ‘The cause of PUPPP is unknown. It is not associated with preeclampsia, autoimmune disorders, hormonal abnormalities, or fetal abnormalities’.
really worried about the last cause…. dont understand wht to do.. pls suggest… really tensed…

February 28, 2011 at 12:35 am
(111) itchychick says:

So after major research online and reading through all these posts I have decided that I probably have pupps. I am only in my 16th week of pregnancy (#2) and I am miserable. I have a midwife appt in 2 LOOOONNNGGG days, hopefully I will get a definite answer. I know it is early but I cant imagine what else it could be. My symptoms match everyone else’s. I have been using Eucerin Calming Creme which pretty much lasts all day but at night I have to reapply around 3am.

March 5, 2011 at 7:19 am
(112) Sharon says:

I had this rash not diagnosed. It spread from legs to the rest of my body. At first I used aveeno and cortisone cream, helped a little. Went out and bought dandelion root pills and omega 3. Two dandelion pills a day with 2 omega 3. Still washed with aveeno and put on aloe Vera and cortisone for the itch. Mine is almost gone, lasted about 8 days. Now I can enjoy the rest of my 14 weeks left. :) . Good luck ladies

March 14, 2011 at 6:12 am
(113) Nic says:

Hi all,

Me again!

Update: 2 days before I was induced at 40 weeks my PUPPS rash finally cleared up… I had been taking 3x Dandelion Root tablets and 2 x Flaxseed Oil Tablets 3 times daily for about 2 weeks… Seems this helped!
I then had a beautiful little boy- supporting the theory that PUPPS occours in 1st time, male pregnancies…
But alas! A week later, I started itching again. There is no visible rash, but this itch is more unbearable that before- I’ve actually scratched myself to bleeding… Sigh. Back on the tablets again and hoping this will help.
Has anyone else experienced this?

March 14, 2011 at 6:20 am
(114) Nic says:

Me again, again!

Forgot to mention that a naturopath recommended ‘Calendula oil’… Have bought it online (wasn’t able to find it in pharmacies or health food stores) waiting for it to arrive to try it out…

Nancy- this natural remedy may help- apparently it’s anti-inflammatory and helps with the itch… I’m still BFing so can’t use or take any steroid based solitons… Worth a try!

March 19, 2011 at 8:48 pm
(115) Andrea says:

Oh my god girls, u have been such a help!! I am in day 3 of pupupps and going insane!!! Was able to sleep the last two nights but no hope tonight going mad with itch. I have a docs appointment on Tuesday , but reading your posts im not holding out much hope of a solution. I will take your advise andand get some dandelion tablets. 14 weeks left couldn’t bear to have this until then and possibly weeks again! Good luck everyone and thanks for your help

May 20, 2011 at 12:43 pm
(116) Tracey says:

Ok ladies, don’t laugh at me but I read that aloe would help. Well at the time the only aloe we had in the house was “Aloe After Sun Lotion” by Banana boat, that my husband had used. I started using that and it worked. I didn’t have Puppps as bad as some people, but it took away the constant itch. After a few days it went away!! :-)

June 10, 2011 at 5:12 pm
(117) Itchy momma says:

This is the ‘itch that rashes’ as a friend put it – I had it badly with pregnancy two and am starting to develop it again on my tummy with pregnancy three.

I tried everything the first time and the only thing that worked was the dandelion root capsules. I took 3 pills, 3x per day, and kept up with the Sarna-P lotion and putting ice on my rash when I couldn’t stand it. After 3-5 days the rash was noticeably less itchy, and after 10 days it was really not bothering me.

Dandelion root pills work! Get them now! :)

June 18, 2011 at 1:38 am
(118) roxanne says:

I have PUPPP also.. and i want to know if dandelion root pill is safe during pregnancy? ‘cos i read one of the comments in the internet that it will affect your growing baby inside your belly.. so i want to ask those who tried dandelion root pill if their baby is normal after they give birth?pls answer me.. cos i can’t handle this itch anymore!

July 8, 2011 at 3:24 pm
(119) Sharon says:

I got PUPPPS at 17 weeks and thought I was going to lose my mind! I started taking two flax seed oil pills and three dandelion root pills 3 times a day…and the rash was gone in 2 days or less. After I got it under control (a month?), I cut back to taking the 5 pills once a day. The doctor was okay with it, just couldn’t officially sanction it. My 15-month-old daughter is the picture of health.

July 9, 2011 at 12:28 pm
(120) samantha says:

CURE for PUPPP… there is hope!

I researched into it online and someone said drink lemon water – worked a treat along with NOT SCRATCHING and covering myself in E45 cream frequently (ie whenever i got the itch)

The rash was all over me, but since drinking lemon water it has pretty much completely dissappeared! If i get an itch and scratch it too much, then the hives reappear, but slap on a bit of E45 cream instead of scratching and hey presto – rash no more!

I have about 1/8 of a lemon in the morning, squeezed into hot water and chuck in the flesh too (which i eat too, just for good measure) then put another 1/8 juice and flesh in a bottle of cold water to drink throughout the day. ive heard others drink a lot more, like a whole lemon a day or more but ive been relying on sheer will power and E45 cream as i have sensitive teeth too…

If it works for you too then spread the word!
Good luck!

July 9, 2011 at 8:10 pm
(121) Karina says:

I got PUPPP with my first pregnancy (girl) at 34 weeks. After delivery 3-4 weeks later it went away. With my second pregnancy(boy) I got it again at 37 weeks. 2nd day after I delivered my rash got so bad I had 1″ hives from neck down all over my body. I have seen every Dr. You can think of. I got acupuncture, biopsy, detox …… My soon will be 2 years old in August and I’m still suffering. It comes and goes. It’s more like pressure hives now. Good luck

July 14, 2011 at 11:24 pm
(122) Sandy says:

I had PUPPS during both my pregnancies. With my first, it nearly drove me insane. The late-night itching was unbearable, then it actually got worse AFTER delivery. They sent three dermatologists to look at the rash in the hospital and they did a biopsy because they all said they had never seen such a bad case before. Turns out that it was PUPPS.
With my second pregnancy, I was horrified to see that first bump spring up. I knew immediately that it was PUPPS again. I switched to a midwife for this pregnancy and she recommended I try dandelion root tea. Amazing, amazing, amazing. That stuff worked better than all the creams and Prednisone that they gave me the first time around. I drank about four cups a day and I could literally feel the itching subside about half way through each cup. I would start to itch while I was a work and I would call my husband on my way home to have him put the kettle on. What a life-saver. I would consider trying the pills…the tea is a bit bitter, but much better than the itching. I know they have started to sell the tea in the organic section at the local grocery stores.
If you have PUPPS, I urge you to try the dandelion root.

August 14, 2011 at 12:55 am
(123) Katlyn says:

Hi all,
I’m 37 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first (a girl) and suffering from PUPPP.
In short I have the same issues everyOne else does that suffers from it. It started on my belly in between where my bladder and belly button are inside my stretch marks. This lasted about 5 days and hen overnight spread to almost everywhere. It’s miserable and hard NOT to scratch. I have found that if you can get someone, anyone other than yourself to lightly rub the itchy area with their fingertips it helps to subside the itching without scratching. Clearly you may not always have someone willing to or around to do so.. So I’m strting my regemend of dandelion root and flax oil capsules! Hope this helps.. I know it’s not much

December 15, 2011 at 1:18 am
(124) nursejill says:

i had the puppp during my first pregnancy and i feel for you girls! it was the worst 3 weeks of my life! now, 11 months after delivering my baby, i am starting to get the rash again. i think that hormones really play a big role in the development of puppp. i have too much in my plate right now that is probably why im breaking out again.;( one thing’s for sure, i will try to use the GRANDPA’S TAR SOAP i bought at wholefoods again. i hope it will work! lets see if antihistamines will help me too…

January 15, 2012 at 11:34 pm
(125) Sandra says:

I had PUPPPS during my second pregnancy, heard of all the stories and how the only cure is delivery. Well, as desperate as i was to get rid of it i was on th einternet non stop googling possible cures. Few ladies have mentioned that vitamin C has helped them. Went to the store and got 10 pounds of lemons. For the few followong days I had about 3 liters of lemonade a day, 2 sqeezed lemons per 300 ml glass of water (no sugar)….well, about 4 days later the rash was not itchy and couple days after it started going away….so i actually got rid of it 6 weeks before I delivered my son.
At themoment,, my son is almost 8 months old…and guess what…the PUPPPS is back….starting back with the lemonade tomorrow and will let you know if it works again!

January 17, 2012 at 12:22 pm
(126) Xiomara says:

Hi My name is Xiomara i gave birth 12/22/11 but i been have pupps since i was 7 month its very itchy but the stranges thing is my hussband has it to around the same spot i been taken benadryl plus cortizone 1% but it doesnt help i also find out and notice it that when i take benadryl pill or liquid i get hives and the itchyness gets worst. i need somebody to help me i cant take this no more.

January 27, 2012 at 7:43 pm
(127) Paige H (grandmother) says:

My Naturopth recommended Dandelion root pills, calendula oil, A&D ointment (Mixed with calendula oil); fish oil – tablespoon daily but must be distilled! This is important to protect the baby from heavy metal contamination (check the bottle). My daughter is in her 14th week and it’s started already. Hope this helps!

February 12, 2012 at 2:56 am
(128) Jessica says:

I’m 26 weeks pregnant and have had this rash for a little over a week now. It is miserable. I know it is PUPPPs because I have researched for hours upon end and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing else it could be. It started on my belly, the next day it spread to my hips, thighs, arms and lower legs. It is literally driving me insane. The doctor prescribed me Diprosone, a steroid lotion which is supposedly to help stop the itching. It really didn’t relieve it much at all. After reading about the dandelion root remedy I immediately went to my local GNC and bought a bottle. I’m hoping I’m one of the lucky ones that it cures. In the mean-time I have been taking slightly warm baking soda baths which have seemed to help a lot. I’m still itchy though. I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to deal with this rash until I have my baby. I can’t have this thing for 14 more weeks!!!

February 22, 2012 at 7:27 am
(129) maria says:

I am 39 weeks pregnant & 40 yrs old with my 2nd child (girl), my 1st pregnancy was a girl as well she is now 12 1/2…I had gotten PUPPPS after 20 hours of labor, when they induced me & broke my water finally, is when it all started, they thought it was one of the meds that they had me on…no one knew what was wrong…no the Dr, nurses, lactition specialist, no one…I was miserable!!!! 2 weeks after having her I was sent to a Dermatologist, he was the ONLY person that knwe what it was…he had told me that ‘basically’ it was an ‘allergy’ from the hormones that produce the breast milk, & if I wanted it to go away completely, I would have to stop breast feeding…I did…and as soon as I dried up, it was gone…I told my Dr this recently & she looked at me cross eyed & didn’t believe me…she says no one gets it after pregnancy…whatever…appearently she has never had it herself! I will however try the Dandalion Root this time to see if it helps ‘flush out toxins in my liver” I would love to breast feed this time!! this time it started in my 3rd trimester…we’ll see what helps!! I hope to get relief soon!!! :(

March 24, 2012 at 3:52 pm
(130) Shea McGuire says:

WOW, so great to know there are so many women going through what I have gone through, and SO FRUSTRATING no one seems to know what is going on! I gave birth to my 2nd baby boy 20 months ago. First pregnancy, nothing. At the end of my 2nd pregnancy, I has some itching on my belly, but figured it was just part of the streching of my skin. AFTER I gave birth, I eurrputed in the most violent rash, boobs, belly, thighs, neck, ears, back. I could not sleep or breastfeed, and I looked like a total freak. I went to the Dermo and he proscribed everthing from steroids, anihistamines, topical creams….NOTHING WORKED. I had sever itching for 4 weeks after pregnancy, and scarring for 2 months. The only thing that helped was scortching hot shower (to scratch) then freezing cold water, and lots and lots of ICE. 3 months later I thought I was in the clear. All symptoms gone. A few months later I started getting random itchy bumps…almost like a few bug bites, on my back and belly. I litterally thought I had bed bugs or something, so I got rid of mattresses, disenfected everthing I could think of. Itchy bumps eventually went away. I did not go to the doctor. Another few months went by and the same thing, only this time it was worse, also, my period had started again since breastfeeding never took off the way it was supposed to. I went to the Dermo again, and he sent me home, suggesting it was crazy it was related to the rash I had after pregnancy. Now my baby is 20 months, and I woke up a week ago to a rash compariable to the first PUPPP rash, and this time not only on my boobs, belly, thighs, ears, neck…but now my face! The top of one of my eyes is totally swollen. I have an appt ad UC Davis Med center next week…I pray someone will listen to me there!
PUPPPS IS NOT JUST A PREGNANCY ISSUE!!! After reading some of these posts, I am also going straight to acupuncture….sounds like that person was on to something.


April 29, 2012 at 4:36 am
(131) Diana says:

Since this is liver related has anyone tried plant enzyme? Check with several natural stores and ask if they.have any feedback – plant enzyme.helps break your food down naturally and get rid of toxins – you will have great bowel movement which should help your liver not work so hard – and maybe give you relief

May 7, 2012 at 1:31 pm
(132) natasha says:

I was diagnosed with puppp in the third trimester and it drove me mad.Was referred to a dermatologist and was prescribed Betnovate gel cream and it works very well!! Also i had it on my face ,hands and feet really badly so is worth asking your GP for advice. Mine flares up periodically and my daughter is now 4 years old.

June 21, 2012 at 12:36 am
(133) Sheri says:

I had PUPP coverimg my entire body at 12 weeks. Amazing remedy!!!!
Juice 1/2 fresh beet and two apples twice a day.. Three days later…. Gone!! What have you got to lose but the itching…. Good luck to you all!

August 14, 2012 at 8:54 pm
(134) Danielle says:

I had PUPPPS starting at 35 weeks, after one week of incredible itching and trying cortisone creams, along with other itch creams without relief I heard abound dandelion root and grandpas pine tar soap. I used them together and after three full days my bumps were almost completely gone and as well as the itching. After 2 weeks I quit taking the dandelion root (@ 38 weeks) and my PUPPPS starting coming back. I resumed the dandelion root and it cured my PUPPPS again. I think I need to take up until delivery to prevent reoccurence, but it is well worth it. I mix the condensed liquid form in with some tea that I drink twice a day.

September 6, 2012 at 4:35 pm
(135) Stephens says:

Hi all, I got puppps almost two weeks ago on my belly. It’s the worst thing I’ve had to go thru! My obgyn just told me to use an anti-itch cream. That did not work! What has worked for me is baking soda n water….I make it into a paste and rub it on….it burns like hell but it gives me about 7hrs of sanity….I wipe it off once it has dried with a damp paper towel….it’s like exfoliating n scratching the itch….I apply it again n wipe again…then I take a cool shower. After my shower I pat dry n apply aveeno anti-itch cream. I do this every morning n before bed. I also have started the dandelion root pills n the puppps are slowly starting to go away on my belly. The itch is not as bad on my belly as before after my regimen….I’m working on my legs now….the baking soda works really good for me….it burns bad n it looks worse but after a few minutes it looks better! I hope you ladies find comfort. I’m 35wks preg w/twins soooooo I’m hoping they decide to come out soon!

October 4, 2012 at 4:59 pm
(136) Chelsey says:

I am only 10 weeks pregnant and my doctor suggested I may have PUPPPs. I have small welts especially on my elbows, knees, around my waistline and on my scalp and neck. However, most everyone describes this as a large pruritic rash. Mine itches but just looks like bug bites. However, my hands and wrists did itch tremendously last night and were swollen. Is it still PUPPPs if it is not a large rash, but just isolated bumps. Is it weird that it has occurred so early? Am I to expect that it will develop into an awful rash as the pregnancy progresses?

November 2, 2012 at 7:33 am
(137) Dana says:

I had pupps over 7 yrs ago with my first child a little girl, and to this day if i get any kinda of bad itch that resembles the itch i had when i had pupps i get all worried for a momment that i could have it again. Im in my 4th pregnancy now, and im at 24 weeks where is started with my other daughter and every itch makes me wounder when the rash is going to break out. and since they dont know the cause i wonder it you can get it when your not prego if the conditions in your body are right. i can only compair it to shingles, yes ive had singles, and its way worse than shingles. if you are among the 1% hang in there

November 21, 2012 at 1:01 am
(138) jessica says:

im 39 weeks preganet and i had puppps for a month and its really itchy any ideas on how to stop it from itching or spreading ?

February 11, 2013 at 12:19 pm
(139) Hannah says:

These comments have been so helpful to me, so I wanted to share my story in the hopes that it might help others.

I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with PUPPS at week 18. The condition started a few weeks earlier, first a few bumps on the back of my calf (which I brushed off as winter dry skin), then it spread up and around my entire calf to my thighs and hips, then to my stomach, neck, and hands. I tried using Aveeno Ezcema cream for awhile, but nothing really worked. The dermatologist recommended Sarna for relief, which worked for a few days to take the edge off, but became less effective and even irritating after that.

I am currently in week 20 and the rash and itching are pretty much gone. Here’s what’s been working for me:

-Dandelion Root Pills: Yes, I join the hallelujah chorus here. I started off taking the recommended dose (1000mg a day), but didn’t notice much. So I upped to 1000mg (2 pills) 3x daily, and within two days, the itch was almost totally gone and the rash was disappearing.

-Chinese herbal remedy: to clear toxicity and heat: For this, you need to go to a Chinese medicine practitioner. A good one will be able to prescribe herbs that are not contraindicated for pregnancy and who understands the need to balance due caution for the fetus with the health and comfort of the mother.

-Aveeno oatmeal baths 2x daily: At first, I made sure to keep these very tepid/lukewarm, but now that the itch is better, my skin can take more heat.

Moving forward, I do have questions about when to cut down on the herbs/pills, and how much. I think my plan is to stay at the full dosage for another week or so and then gradually wean off. If the condition recurs, I will go back to the old dosage. I’ll post any updates that I think might be helpful for others.

Good luck to you all!

March 24, 2013 at 6:35 am
(140) D Byrd says:

I started getting puppps 2-3 days post delivery of my little 2nd girl. I have now had puppps for 1 month. I took v8 juice and will go buy dandelion root capsules and thistle. My regular doc just tried to prescribe anti histamine and anti fungal but no relief. How long should I take the sandelion and thistle pills? Or should I taper off of them? I only started having puppps after delivery and its driving me nuts.

Also has anyone gotten bloodwork done? They say its a liver issue?

Some also said after puppps went away they started getting eczema.

Any advice or clarification on this illness would be appreciated.

April 29, 2013 at 3:32 am
(141) Allison says:

I just found out I’m pregnant. do not know how far I an yet but can’t be more than 6 weeks or so. I actually noticed the rash BEFORE finding out I was pregnant and went to the emergency room thinking I had singles again. they said it was a allergic reaction to laundry soap etc. now that I’m reading all this I’m positive I have pupps. why so early? this will be my third child and first time with pupps. this is awful and I feel for anyone else who has or is experiencing this. I will try dandelion root though. good riddance ladies. you think men could do what we do? HAHA

May 9, 2013 at 9:34 am
(142) Susan says:

I want to share my experience with all the women who has pupps, I hope this will help you as well. My skin was perfect for the entire pregnancy. I developed pupps 5 weeks postpartum. It is very rare to have pupps after pregnancy. I wonder if there is anything to do with symtocin? Coz I was induced.
It started on my stretch marks on my hips. First, I thought the itch was just stretch marks itch. 5 days later, it went down to my legs, spread to my whole body, except my face. The itch and the hives + baby cried non-stop were driving me crazy. I wanted to kill myself everyday. I got into see Dermo dr on on the day my rashes spread. I m a dermatology nurse. The dr did a biopsy. I was very glad she did the biopsy. The result came back in 4 days, it was pupps. Dr gave me steroid cream and antihistamine, i used it for 10 days, didn’t help at all. I was breastfeeding my baby, the antihistamine really irritated my baby. My baby cried a lot more when i was on antihistamine. So then I got onto this forum, I have to say, one of the only things keeping me alive was reading this forum.

May 9, 2013 at 9:36 am
(143) Susan says:

I have read every single comment. And I have tried everything the people recommended- calamine lotion, steroid cream, antihistamine, v8 juice, baking power, all kind of moisturizing cream, oatmeal bath, oatmeal, and anything you can think of. I spent over $1000 aussie dollar. Finally, I found something that work over night. Dandelion tea + fish oil + grandpa’s pine tar soap + paraffin cream + baby powder. I was amazed how the dandelion worked for me, after drinking 2 cups of dandelion root tea, most my itch went away, for the first night I didnt have to scratch myself, I could sleep.to shower with room temperature water in a winter with Grandpa’s pine tar soup, i tried shower with hot water as someone recommended, it only gave me 2 hours relief, but made my rash worst, so please don’t use hot water at all.then after shower, moisture my whole body expect my face with paraffin cream, I think you can use any water base moisturizer. Then put baby powder on after moisturizing your body. Combine all my remedies, my rash went away completely within 4 days.  
To conclusion, I highly recommend to get a biopsy if you think you have pupps. Because dandelion root tea does help with pupps. Take at least 4 cups of dandelion root tea a day, 3 capsules of fish oil, put lots of paraffin cream on, use lots of baby powder. 
I am from Australia, I bought grandpa’s pine tar soap from eBay, they cost $20 for 2 soap, a soap only last no more than for 10 washes, coz I put lots of soap on. 
If any of you want to contact me, you are more then welcome. I feel for every poor woman who’s got pupps. My email address is: shuzhen220@hotmail.com

June 27, 2013 at 5:27 pm
(144) Helen says:

I had pupps twice during my pregnancy with my 5th child. I did not have it with any of the others and they are all girls. I tried everything to try and get some relief but for me it just had to run it’s course about 6-8 weeks each time. I have just weaned my 8 month old and now I see the rash re-appearing in the same place it started before….gutted! The second episode wasn’t as bad as the first so I’m hoping the third time is even less.

July 7, 2013 at 7:03 am
(145) Charlotte says:

I’m 39 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with PUPPP just last week. It started out as minor but annoying itching on my lower belly, with one or two bumps. Within days the bumps turned into stretch marks, and within a week my lower half of the belly was covered with bumps and hives and like most ladies here, the itch is worst at night. I’ve noticed that within a day the rash has spread to my thighs, legs, and butt.

My doc prescribed me Sarna hydrocortisone 1% cream. It helps for 20 mins. I also use Aveeno oatmeal anti itch bath wash, cream, aloe Vera gel, cold compressor, and wet towels. NOTHING WORKS.

I’m glad I found this forum because I’m going to buy grandpa pine tar soap everyone’s been raving about. I can’t take this anymore. I can’t even enjoy the rest of my pregnancy the itch and rash are all I can focus on. I pray this soap will help me. Wish me luck :(

July 12, 2013 at 11:43 pm
(146) Mommy2BE:)) says:

THERE IS A CURE.. I got pupps at 7 weeks. It was so bad by the 10th week, I didnt want tk go outside or even get dressed:(.. But I tried Dandelion Root Capsules, drunk about a gallon of water a day, and cut out junk food..It was gone in 5 Days.. I still have scars, but thdre sslowly going away with cocoa butter. I was so scared I was not going to get to enjoy my first pregnancy. But now im back to normal, with no itching:). Im 19 weeks now and still take it, im nervous to stop I dont want that rash back:/

August 10, 2013 at 4:30 pm
(147) Naldy says:

SUCCESS!!! :) I thank God with all my heart that I’m finally completely healed from PUPPP!!! After 7 days my body is RUSH FREE!!!! It started at 33 weeks and then the rush and burning sensation attacked me with ‘power’ at 34 not only on my belly…it spread to my entire body!!! , I couldn’t sleep, I cried a lot, I could not wear clothes and I felt miserable. My husband and I search information everywhere and after taking DANDELION ROOT EXTRACT IN CAPSULES (3 in the day and 3 at night) that I found in a nature store, and 2 to 3 cold showers a day with PINE TART SOAP and drink lots of water, (I also used SARNA lotion at night and I had it next to my pillow to help with the itching so I could sleep) I am BETTER!!! IT WORKED!!! . The third day the skin of my belly started to peel off and stopped itching and 4th day my belly was completely healed!!!! The places on my body were the rush appeared first started to heal first with this treatment. My doctor and midwife were impressed!!! They said the PUPPP doesn’t have cure and that it would disappear after I have the baby!!!. I asked God for help and all my family and friends too, and now I am BETTER, HAPPY,36 WEEKS, RUSH FREE and preparing everything for my precious baby boy You can take pictures to see progress!! it’s awesome!!! PLEASE do yourself a favor and try this sooner than later I hope this can help you!

August 26, 2013 at 6:40 am
(148) Cristiana says:

Hi Girls,

Thanks for posting your comments and experiences. It is very useful.
I have a question for you who have gone through this terrible condition.

I am 23 weeks and feeling quite well. No problems so far (fingers crossed it will keep like that). However, yesterday something odd happened.

After dinner, I notice by belly region got reddish with small rashes. No much, but enough to make me super worried. I searched online and discover about PUPPS. I was (still am) very worried.

However, this morning everything is gone. If I look hard, I can still see some red spot, but very little.

Now I am scared it might come back again like last night.

Did any of you experience PUPPS just for a day? Do you think it may come back? I am already following some of the suggestions here and avoiding coffee, citric juices, drinking even more water etc.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Many thanks and hope that we can fight this terrible condition!

September 11, 2013 at 4:53 pm
(149) PS says:

Now looking back, I am awre that I first starting I developing PUPPPS at 30 weeks but just on sides of breast like a heat rash which I controlled with hydrocortisone cream. But by 34 weeks it was full blown all over body except face, thank God at least for that blessing! At this time I then googled/researched pregnancy & rash and found out about PUPPPS. For me now at 36 weeks I have found that super hot showers, air drying, using anti-itch cream like hydrocortisone 1% on isolated itchy spots at night or throughout day. The main remedy for me was the super hot showers becuse they dry out the rash and leave me pretty much itch free for many hours. So I am trying to ride this out in hopes that it will go away in due time. But although the itch is pretty much under control, the skin on my body now looks horrible because I scratched with my nails before figuring out to use a bristle hairbrush to scratch and taking blazing hot showers! :*(

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