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Readers Respond: How much weight did you gain in pregnancy?

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Updated October 18, 2010

From the article: Pregnancy Weight Gain
During the course of your pregnancy how much weight did you gain? Was it on track with what you expected to gain? What did your practitioner have to say about it? Were you over or under weight? If you're still pregnant, are you on course? What nutritional advice are you getting form your doctor or midwife? Are they being positive about your weight gain or do you worry about it? Share Your Experience

21 weeks

I am 21 weeks and I've LOST 6 lbs. I am 5'6 and I weighed 176 lbs. I knew I was a little over weight and when I got pregnant my cravings were fruit and if I didn't eat some fruit I felt miserable and lazy. So maybe cutting out the junk food and eating fruit is making me lose weight. But my baby girl is healthy and a whole 12 oz.
—Guest Jody

I wouldn't worry about gaining little.

I'm considered "normal" weight. I gained 25 lbs with my first and 15 lbs with my second. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant with my third and I haven't gained any yet. I'm not worried about it as at this point I trust my body to gain what it needs to. I do tire of people telling me I need to be gaining "1lb a week from here on out". I'm healthy and my baby is healthy. If that's the case there's no reason to worry!
—Guest Lindsey


I depending on who you talk to doc or ultrasound tech am due in the next 1 to 3 weeks. I have gained 4 pounds my whole pregnancy and yet my baby was 4 pounds 6 weeks ago... I look like I'm literally carrying a fake bump. Like a small basketball or something... I was a 7p9o baby 6 weeks early and my baby's daddy was 9 pounds with each of his siblings getting progressively bigger until 12 pounds for the youngest girl. If this baby follows mommy and daddies birth weights and I've not gained any weight I can't wait to see how much I've lost lol
—Guest Memmalee

working hard to gain

im 8weeks down the line and i have gained 7 pounds. im really encouraged to read this. im also working extra hard to gain for the sake of my baby.Im underweight and im hoping to gain more. In fact i want to gain 35 pounds and still retain it after i giuve birth to my baby. Though sometimes im tempted to eat the junk but im trying hard to resist the urge.I wouldn't want any complications for my child. and i hear that if your underweight you will experience much of labor pains during delivery. i dont want that so im going to eat like never before. Though this time healthy eating so as to gain weight. i always carry food with me and my doctor advised mi to eat small portions regularly. tho im actually finding myself eating bigger pieces regularly. hahaha. im happy to be pregnant and i like the experience its pretty amazing. My husband is also so happy that im gaining weight for the sake of our baby. since we work the same place he also carries some food with him for me.
—Guest evalyne

weight gain

I am normally and before pregnancy 115 5'4, with my first I gained 40 pounds, probably because I ate a lot, I lost the weight 6 months after having her now she is 3, and I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my second, I have gained 7 pounds, weigh 123, with this pregnancy I have not been sick at all and I'm definitely showing, but with my first I was soo sick for the first 5 mnths, n I still gained more, I think it has everything to do with staying active and eating right, bc with my first I had a desk job and ate more junk food, now I'm a stay at home mom and my daughter keeps me super active lol.
—Guest stace

pregnant weight sucks!

If you are in a position to do so, try to eat more frequently with less amounts. Also try to eat like a diabetic, as you may even be diagnosed with it later on in your pregnancy. It's amazing how much you learn about food when you're a diabetic. The amount of sugar/carbs in certain foods would shock you! What is normally classified as 'healthy' is not always the case for a diabetic. But just generally speaking and going by all these different comments, there is no right or wrong weight gain. The bottom line is, you can't control it. And don't expect to lose all your weight gain straight away. It could take a year or more, depending on how much you put on. You have to remember that your skin needs time to shrink in order for you to lose the weight as nicely as possible. Working out excessively could cause your skin to become loose too quickly, so just be careful about that. Stay true to yourself, try to be healthy, and more importantly, look after your precious baby!
—Guest mygalamorphic

Being Pregnant can make you fat!

I am 10wks pregnant with my 2nd child. Let me 1st talk about my 1st pregnancy. I was a beautiful (though I didn't think so at the time) 53kg hottie! As soon as I conceived, I started the weight gain instantaneously! At 10wks I was already 7kgs heavier! I also got fatter everywhere. By the end of the pregnancy I weighed 78kg. My legs were so sore from the weight I couldn't walk! I was unfortunate to have to work during the 1st 7mths of the pregnancy, so it was definitely hard to maintain a good diet (not that I ate too much, it's just that you should try to eat more frequently with less amounts while pregnant and that is not what I was used to doing, until I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes). My baby didn't end up large, he was in fact only 2.9kg and very healthy. He was 7mths when I conceived again. By that time I weighed 63kg (I was still slowly losing the effects of the 1st pregnancy) and at 10wks I weigh 64kg. I am lucky to be at home and can now eat frequently with less foo
—Guest orbweavez

Can't Gain :-/

Im 5'5" and have a very athletic build, I a started off at 147# and a size 4. At 30 weeks I've only gained 8#. I try to eat but have HG brought on by severe acid reflux, I got an 8 week break from it, but it's starting back up. I want to eat, Im hungry, but being on a GF, low acid, limited lactose diet that still doesn't stay down half the time isn't helping.
—Guest Ashley

My weight gains seem to match my mom's.

I'm in week 23 right now and have gained 8.5 pounds. I was a bit worried as this seemed to be in the low range, but then I talked with my mother, and she said that it was much like her in all her three pregnancies. Also, a friend of mine who was nauseous for half the pregnancy still weighs much less than before her pregnancy (in five years). Her daughter is just fine. I think that it has a lot to do with genes, and as long as you eat healthy, you shouldn't worry overmuch.
—Guest kit

overweight to begin with

With my first in my 1st trimester I had gained 15lbs and I started my pregnancy at 150. I ended it at 190 and then between pregnancies I gained 20 more lbs and in the process of trying to lose weight I discovered my 2nd pregnancy. So I started this one at 210 and have gained 3 lbs my first trimester. I'm hoping to only gain a maximum of 17 more lbs more and then continue my weight lost regiment shortly after birth.
—Guest hefty mama

was scared at first

I was a little underweight pre-pregnancy, 5'4" and 104 lbs. In the first trimester I gained about 3 pounds which I thought was ok. From weeks 20-24 though, I had a huge spike in weight gain, which really worried me. I thought I would keep gaining at that rate. I also live in a country where they recommend very little weight gain. Even though I had an underweight BMI before, the doctors still want me to keep the weight gain under 10kg (about 21-22 lbs). After the spike in weight gain around the 5th month, my weight gain slowed down a lot, and I'm now at 8 months pregnant with an 18 lb weight gain. At this rate, I'm thinking when I deliver I'll probably be at about 22-24 lbs total weight gain.
—Guest i

25 weeks

I'm only NOW starting to get scared about my weight during this pregnancy (the first I've been able to carry past 10 weeks) but not how one my size would normally worry. I'm 5'5 and roughly 250.... Which puts me larger than many woman my size & age (24yrs). I lost 10 lbs my first trimester, gained 5 my second & am officially in my 3rd as of 3 days ago and ive again lost that 5. So I've put NO weight on and lost 10. My body looks different already however (hips wider, stomach rounder), but everyone keeps commenting on how the rest of my body is looking thinner.... I don't starve myself, by any means, but I don't eat past 8pm & I'm still working my regular 65+ hours (I have 2 jobs).... My back aches more because I don't take any medication, and I quit smoking the day I missed my cycle.... My doc hasn't said anything about my lack of weight gain & all vitals for myself & my daughter are fine.... I'm starting to wonder when I SHOULD be worrying about gaining weight...
—Guest NinaBean

Im scared too!

I am 25 weeks and I weighed 164 pounds and 5 4 when I got pregnant I did not gain any weight my first trimester and now in the 2nd I put on 16 lbs! This is my first baby so I don't no what to expect I eat a lot of bread but I never eat after 7pm. My mom gains 50 lbs when she was pregnant with me I guess I'm lookin at 30 lbs even though I was aiming for 20 but we can't all get lucky! Just work out after and breast feed and I should be looking better then when I started! :)
—Guest Evelyn

First Pregnancy 22 Weeks

Just a little about where I was prior to finding out I was pregnant. 5'11, 210 pounds (Which at my height is just above normal). I found out that I was pregnant at 9 weeks. My first weigh in was fine at 210. Then I went to my second doctors appointment and was 206, not too bad. Then the following appointment I was at 196... Now, typically that would not bother me as that is how my weight has fluctuated my entire life, but with the baby I was concerned. I went to my next doctors appointment and had an ultrasound done and my little girl was looking great, again I weighed in at 196. Doctor said as long as I don't lose anymore he isn't worried. I have my next appointment at the 23 week mark and I am really hoping that I gained something with the holidays, but if not, doctor said I am not to worry because she is very healthy :) I am hoping to gain something though, staying the same is making me quite nervous... not to mention, I am halfway through the pregnancy and I am still barely showing
—Guest Lyssa

no gain

I gain very little during my pregnancies. I have had 5 babies. My last I actually lost 2 pounds. I am a size 10 so not skinny but not really too big I dont think. My baby was over 9.9 lbs perfectly healthy no diabetes or anything. I eat normal during pregnancy except bumping up my protien some. I used to worry about not gaining but my babies have all been healthy sizes. I really think when I am pregnant it speeds up my metabolism. I wish I had that metabolism always. I try to eat healthy pregnant or not so I dont think that plays a part with me. As long as you are eating healthy and getting the nutrients you shouldnt worry to much about your weight. Dont let being pregnant give you liberty to eat a bunch of junk and you will probably be fine. I probably would worry too though if I gained more than 30 pounds though. Hope this helps if anyone out there eats plenty and doesnt gain and is worried. I believed I was the only weird one out there for a long time and worried about my babies.
—Guest Debbie

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