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Readers Respond: Telling Your Parents About Your Teen Pregnancy

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Updated June 10, 2010

When you're making a pregnancy announcement as a teen you might be really frightened. How will your parents take the news of a teen pregnancy? If you were a pregnant teen or are a pregnant teen, or you just have some wise words, share those others who are concerned about telling their parents about the pregnancy. Share Your Advice

i can relate

I'm 17 n 3 months pregnant n my 18 year old boyfrirnd afraid to tell his parents any help
—Guest Bre

desperate for a baby.

I really want to have a baby im only 17 but I know I would make an amazing mom because I do not party/drink/smoke or anything like that. I have two younger siblings that live with my dad and stepmom and my sister is 5 and my brother is 2. I have a 15 year old sister who lives with me at my moms house. I am so desperate for a baby girl, even if its a boy I don't mind I'd love him/her either way :) I am just worried that if I got pregnant how would I tell my parents, ive got a full time job now as I finished school and I am thinking of flatting with my best friend next year, so maybe a baby wouldn't fit in with my plans right now but I do love babies and I feel like I cant wait :(
—Guest Isabella.

19 pregnant

I am currently 19 and just found out I am pregnant. I live with my boyfriend and his mother. My boyfriend does not know what he wants to do but I want to keep our child.. we both work and are planning on going to school part time . It will be hard but I know we can do it . The only problem is that my boyfriends mom will freak out and will want me to get an abortion. Because I am not speaking to my own mother , I have no where to turn if she kicks me out. Help??
—Guest 19

16 and pregnant

I'm 16 and pregnant, my boyfriend is 18. He is going to college in January. And now all he does is work 3-11 an I never see him and he is not for this pregnancy at all. He wants me to abort the baby. (Which would never happen) He says we can't do this. We're just going to ruin our lives. But I honesty want a baby. I feel like it would eventually be better for us in the long run. How do I get him to accept the fact we're going to have a baby? And he's going to have to own up to it? What do I do? I've still not told my parents. Only a couple of my friends know only because we are so close. I just want my boyfriend to accept the fact we're having a baby..
—Guest Kailyn

19 and possibly (most likely) pregnant

I took a "6 days before period" test, the first was positive but then i took the second one and it was negative. So I'm confused. My dad has no say in my life so im not concerned about him. But my mother will be supportive. My sister got pregnant when she was 17 and i mean i live in an apartment above my mom and me and my boyfriend are inlove, and she knows it. The only thing is my stepdad. He's a jerk, always jokes so much, and i know he's gonna be so angry at first because he doesn't like my boyfriend. But i am the baby of 6. All have had kids, the most recent was born a few weeks ago... I just don't know what to do. My boyfriend is supportive of me, but not the thought of a baby. He wants me to do abortion, and pretty bluntly i told him- If i do keep it, he can leave me and forget about it. Hes already told me though that he doesn't think he could leave a piece of him behind especially, with the girl he loves. He isn't ready for this, but i am. I think i want to keep it. Wish me luc
—Guest taylor

Sooner the better

Being 20yr/old now, when I was 15 I was pregnant with a boyfriend who gave me no choice but to abort. In my saying, I was in denial of my pregnancy and didn't tell my parents. Until the day my doctor did a BC test on me before new medication. My dad was furious but helped me. I never told my mother until a year ago. It's better to tell your parents. They'd have advice given they've already had a child (you). I'm sure if you supported abortion or adoption your parents love you and wouldn't throw you out on the street with a baby inside. Yeah you may be shitcanned but it's way better to give your parents the truth so they can be better to help.
—Guest Vanilla

lets talk to our folks guys

ayt dude i knw u myt be stressed like fuck whn u are having a baby at a young age bt hey guess wht i've been thr n u shld mayb jst cook super n eat with your folks n tell 'em calmly over dinner jah thy gonna yell scream n shout but what the fuck cz the next day they'l be over tht taking care of u n the lil one so jst be kool n communicate wth them folks
—Guest channel

17 And pregnant

Me and my boyfriend are pregnant we have discussed all our options and he wants to keep the baby and raise it together which of course I couldn't be happier but we don't know how to tell our parents. Even with all this advice were afraid that they'll take the magic and joy out of our journey.
—Guest Bresilyn

16 and freaking out

I'm 16 , 17 in June my boyfriends 25 I know it's bad but I really do love him and I know he loves me I think my mom knows he's older she just doesn't know how old but I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant and I have no idea how to tell my mother
—Guest Kelly

im 15 and pregnant

I am 15 and my boyfriend is 19 we have been datin for almost 8 months and I need help tellin my parents any adivce
—Guest skyler

Preg n not independent

I just finished grad skuul, am 23, but I am nowhere near independent, I live with my parents n I dont ve an income, am scared am preg bcos I had sex on the first day after my menses, without protection, am very scared, n I pray am not preg, bcos my ppl will b very disappointed.
—Guest Wonder

Procrastinating telling parents

I'm 19 and my bf is 26, found out that I'm 9 weeks preggo and have yet to tell my parents and his. I'm kind of procrastinating telling them cause I'm not sure of their reaction. But last year same thing happened to my older sis and she waited till last minute and told them. they weren't mad but they kept telling me not to do the same mistake, now it happened to me I'm afraid ill be a disappointment to them and I just quit school too. Plus the good point, bf wants to get married before baby comes out.
—Guest Missfit

16 pregnant

my boyfriend is 19.. we have been on and off for 2 years... last year october we broke up big fight, then he was upset had sex with another girl and she is having the baby. She is in labour as i wrote this and i am 3 weeks pregnant me and him got back together going on 6 months now. and are very much in love :( i dont even know what to do.. but honestly it will be hard to tell your parents, my parents have high expectations of me and will never accept me being pregnant but you have to tell them eventually if your going to keep baby. but if your partner doesn't want a baby don't do it. You can not be a supportive parent if your not wanting it.
—Guest -jb

I'm 18 still at home and possibly pregna

I had just graduated high school this June and two days after graduation I had sex with my ex boyfriend who I still love. We're not even together but we act like we are, but anyways I'm scared I might be pregnant with his baby. I've been feeling sick and sometimes throwing up in the mornings and I feel dizzy all the time and I hate fruit with a passion but I've been craving an apple. I haven't been able to take a test yet to see if I really am or not. I hope I'm not because my mom and I had a talk about if I became pregnant about a month ago and (she doesn't know I'm sexually active) she said she'd probably kick me out. I don't even have a job yet. I've been looking and looking but no one has called me back. My ex is starting college and he works. I told him about how it's a possibility that I am and he said he'd be there for me. I just hope he will. I love him to death. I always wanted to have his child one day, but not now.
—Guest 18 and maybe pregnant

15 and 8 days late

15. Homeschooled. I'm currently 8 days late on my period. An I've never been late! I feel pregnant. My breasts more tender. Sick to my belly. I had sex about 4 weeks ago. And I had a semi positive pregnancy test. I'm scared to tell my mom. She'd kill me :/
—Guest Emmyyyy

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Telling Your Parents About Your Teen Pregnancy

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