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Readers Respond: Telling Your Parents About Your Teen Pregnancy

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Updated June 10, 2010

When you're making a pregnancy announcement as a teen you might be really frightened. How will your parents take the news of a teen pregnancy? If you were a pregnant teen or are a pregnant teen, or you just have some wise words, share those others who are concerned about telling their parents about the pregnancy.

13 and pregnant

I have known my boyfriend for 2 years and just recently started having sex my parents don't know but I had unprotected sex 5 times in 1 night. My boyfriend used to be a player but his friends tell me that he has never cheated on me and loves me. I have told 3 of my friends and they will be there for me no matter what. I even told one of his friends and they gave me some very useful advise. But the bad part is I haven't told my mom or my boyfriend and I'm only 13 and very scared!
—Guest anonomyous

Two Many Teen Pregnancies

Yes I know that was the wrong two, but it's there for a reason. Just like the little one growing inside me is. I have a 3 year old due to rape, and am now pregnant again. Also, I am seventeen. I have a 30 minute test to take before I can graduate and that's it. My 3 year old's father isn't worth anyone's time. The father of this little one loves me, and is sticking around. Never day your child was a mistake. It's just a serindipitous moment in your life. You can graduate, go to college, work and have a life after baby gets here. Trust me, I am the biggest slacker and not good in most subjects... If I can do it, you can too.
—Guest Anony Mouse

15 and got a girl pregnant

I am a 15 year old male who got a girl pregnant and we aren't even dating. I'm scared to death of what I should do. Should I tell my parents now or see how things turn out I. A couple of months I can't sleep or concentrate during school. I have a 2 yr old sister and already know what it's like to have a baby. It's terrible. I don't know how to tell my parents bc they are very strict. She won't tell her parents and told me not to tell mine but this is such a serious issue that I can't stop thinking about it and feel if I tell them I will have it off my shoulders. What do I do??:(
—Guest Terrified

Every Baby is not a "mistake"

My mom had me at 15. She didn't tell anyone until she was about to give birth (yes, shocking). I'm just afraid that there are so many pregnant teens (ages of 15-19) who don't know what to do. Just please remember that not every baby is a "mistake."
—Guest No name please

Bitter sweet

I am 18 years old and I found out yesterday that I am 6 and a half weeks pregnant. I am excited and so is my babys father, I am extremely afraid to tell my dad. I love my dad with all of my heart and knowing his temper and how he is, I'm afraid that telling him will destroy our relationship, especially because I graduate in a month and I had so many plans for my future. Ive told my mom and although she wasnt happy at first, she is supportive. Please someone help me, I'm a daddy's girl whos afraid to lose her daddy.
—Guest Mommy to be Mercedes


Hi there girls, I just want to give you a word or two of advice. I know it is hard to tell your parents you are pregnant, it was hard for me and I was already married and 21 years old. The best thing for most of you to do is to tell your parents as soon as possible and start getting prenatal care right away. Your parents may be dissapointed in you at first, but they love you and will most likely be there for you. I pray that none of you have an abortion because there are other alternatives like adoption. Just "google" it and you can find help if that is what you want to do or go to a doctor and talk to then about your options. God Bless you all.
—Guest Robin

three months and still a secret..

My guess is I am three months into this pregnancy. I havent told my parents but half my school already knows. My moms family consists of biver a hundred people. same as my divorced dad. U only see him twice a year and will have to for this over phone. I am scared and idk what to do. I'm still in denial even though its obvious. My bellybutton popped and my mom throws hints she knows. SIGH
—Guest lissa

My Friend is 15 and Pregnant

Yesterday i found out my friend is pregnant... today she told me that she is 2 months and has been hiding it from people. I'm not sure if shes told her mom or not but i hope that she has because i know that hiding will not be funn for her in the end but i hope that every thing will be okay for baby and that she and the baby will be okay im not sure if shes gunna keep the baby and if shes going to keep the baby i will be there for her no matter what but im not sure how to exactly help her ive done some research but i need more info to help her
—Guest UNsure

19, pregnant and scared

I found out that I was pregnant last Friday and told my mom on Sunday and she is not pleased. She keeps telling me how distraught she is. My father lives in another country and I do not intend to tell him. I took a year to work before going college and was supposed to start this year, but it seems as if I have to wait another year. I have no job, even though I've been searching for one from last year. The father of the baby is stressed out because he doesn't want me to have an abortion, but if I don't, I don't know how I'll deal with the pregnancy. I know I'll feel embarrassed and ashamed because people see me as a "good girl". I really want to have this child but if I really decide to keep it, I have to find a way to make some money quick.
—Guest Aye Bee

16 going on 17, single, and 3 months

I'm 16, going on 17 and I was engaged. My fiancé left me shortly after I informed him I might be. He told me I could only get an abortion. I told him a few weeks after we broke up that I was and i told him to stay out of mine and the baby's lives. And though I told him, and my few close friends, and the church group I work for, I have yet to tell my mother. I don't know how she'll react and I'm scared of what she'll do. I've already erased him from my life, and I have a large support if "family". My friends who will be like aunts and uncles to my baby, but I want my mom on my side too. I'm scared and don't want to lose my baby or my mother.
—Guest Guest Nicole

I just don't know

I am 15 and my ex boyfriend 17 has me pregnant. He and I are still friends and are thinking about getting back together. I am only 3 weeks in and I haven't told him or my parents yet. Only one who knows is my two friends at school and their standing by me. I know I can do this, I just have to be strong. I'm going to tell them in a few weeks when I start really showing ..
—Guest hayley

15 and scared....

I'm 15 years old and I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 months we just recently started having sex and now I'm pregnant I told him right away and he said he will stay by my side but I'm super terrified to tell my parents my mom I know will be supportive but my dad.. I guess we'll see I'm against abortion and I can't imagine giving my baby up for adoption so Imma face the hard life of teen pregnancy and to be honest.. I'm a proud mother to be(:
—Guest Megan

every baby is a blessing

I am 18 years old and met my husband last year. We dated for 6 months and got married on Nov. 2011 a day after I turned 18. Of course I understand how a teen pregnancy can be scary but I have been trying to get pregnant and can't. I just think all girls who have or will soon have a baby should really feel blessed. My husband and I would give the world to have our own little creation so really appreciate what god is giving you. Nothing in life is easy, but things like this are worth the struggle. It breaks my heart to know I am not able to give the man I love a family of our own but I refuse to give up. I have faith that one day I will too be a mommy, so for all yiu girls that have been given such an amazing opportunity, cherish it every single day
—Guest Carlos karla

18 and pregnant

When I was 18 I found out I was pregnant. It took me bout a month to realize it until my best friend told me I needed to take a pregnancy test cuz I kept complaining bout being tires PR my boobs hurt. I took the test before I went to my church group one night and my friend was right there beside m the whole time. It turned out positive but I didn't believe it took another test the next morning before school and it said the same thing. Went to the doc the next week same response. I called my mom and she was excited. My best friends dad went with me to tell my dad I was a huge daddy's girl and still am. He kicked me put for a month so I lives with my best friend. I had my daughter 2 weeks before my 19th birthday. She is now the light of my life. Her father doesn't claim her though it is hard being a single teen mom. But I have a huge support system. Just face your fears and you will be great so what you want not what someone else wants you to do.
—Guest alyssa c


I'm 16 will be 17 in may and I believe I'm pregnant. I'm waiting a couple more weeks before I take a test but if I am I don't know what to say to my parents, who don't know I've had sex with my boyfriend, and I can't tell my boyfriends dad because he'll most likely ship my boyfriend off to military school for having sex. I now he'll be there for me and our baby but I want our parents to be there for us too. Any advice?
—Guest Briana
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