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Readers Respond: How do you cope with fatigue during pregnancy?

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Updated March 01, 2010

From the article: Fatigue During Pregnancy
Fatigue during pregnancy can be a real problem. In the first trimester you might feel like all you do is sleep. Some women get a slight reprieve in the second trimester, only to nap through the third trimester. Did you have confounding factors like anemia? Did you have to deal with insomnia too? So what helped you? Naps? Sleeping more at night? Exercise?

8 weeks an over it

I'm only 8 weeks and it feels I have a hang over. I'm dizzy my head feels like its going to explode with a tone of bricks in it. At work it feels like I'm sleep walking. If I close my eyes for one sec I think I could fall asleep while standing. On top of that I feel so sick I find it so hard to eat. This is my first pregnancy and finding it so hard to keep up with everything. I wake at 4am for work and when I come home all I do is sleep. I'm hoping this passes soon :(


I am scheduled from noon to 3pm and 4 to 9 pm where I work, and I've missed three days this past week because I don't even have the energy to change my clothes in the morning. I can barely stay awake long enough to get something to eat! It doesn't help that my boyfriend isn't working. I'm ready to kick him out or just move back home where I know I'll have support. My boyfriend is great about asking if I'm OK, but he's not trying very hard to find a job and every chance he gets to go out with his friends he takes it-- and comes home drunk. I'm getting fed up with him. He just asked me a few minutes ago if I'm going to work tomorrow and then when I said I can't make any guarantees, he said "So then the bills will suffer." The bills are already suffering because what money he does bring home goes straight to alcohol and cigarettes.
—Guest SE

ever so sleepy

This tired sleepy thing is getting to be a real problem. I thought at first it was because of school, work and family to keep up with..... til the test +. Now, I just try to rest as much as possible. Close my eyes when able... even if its for a brief moment. This is my third pregnancy, but my second wa WAY worse !! I slept like tomorrow wasn't coming !!
—Guest bbc

heavy fatigue

My first time around I worked ft and had lots if energy. Fast forward 9 years later working part time, I can hardly keep my eyes open! I am now in bed at 9 and take naps at every opportunity. My family is a huge help this early in the game it's going to be a long 7 months.
—Guest mustbef8

Cut yourself some slack

I noticed the abnormal tiredness a few days after conception but didn't put two and two together until I got a + test. I work full time and in the evenings I would be ready for bed around 8 and wonder why my husband wasnt as tired. We had friends over a week after I conceived and I kept yawning and hinting that I was ready to say goodnight, lol. It was only 8 pm!! Now that I'm 8 weeks, I just lay low and keep it simple. My husband cleans up more and I say no to almost everything. At work I try to take 15 mins or so to sit in my car to close my eyes. My boss is understanding. I suggest not fighting it (no extra cups of coffee!!) and use it as a time to keep to yourself, read, watch a movie, nap on the weekends, and cut yourself some slack. Let the house get messy and ask for help. Let your husband ge takeout. (I'm too nauseous to cook anyway).
—Guest Evie

Oh boy!!

Holyy!!! I've been so sleepy lately- I was suspecting if it's even normal until I read your comments here and did a bit of research! Honestly, I'm only in my 7th week and I get super sleepy @ work and it always happens around 3-4 pm! I start yawning insanely and my eyes are all watery--- I try to catch up my sleep by going early to bed- Good luck to all of you- hope you all have a happy and healthy baby =]
—Guest Sleepy Mommy*

Just deal with it!!

My first baby was a breath of fresh air, always had energy to walk the long city blocks. However my second, tired but had it under control.. Now.. I am three months pregnant with my third, and can't seem to handle the fatigue and the hunger. I am in Law enforcement, which requires u be alert and remain diligent at all times.. I have to deal with it. We can't afford any mess ups.. but this time... I really messed up!
—Guest dovey

Still Coping.....

Right before I found out I was pregnant. I wanted sour foods that I hadn't been eating. After getting what I wanted from my husband at a baseball game. An iced lemonade with real lemons in it. I nearly fell asleep on my husbands shoulder while sitting in the baseball stands when I was supposed to be watching the game. Then no joke actually closed my eyes on the way home while holding on to the back of my husband as he drove us home from the game on his motorcycle. Yeah I was sleeeppy... Still am I try stay moving till I can take a nap or hit the bed early for the night.
—Guest nvrm

I can't take it any more!

I am so tired, it becomes very bad when I get to work all I wanna do is sleep. I am a receptionist and most of the time I get woken up by the phone ringing. Thank God my boss comes in late for work. Then when I get home I for some reason I can't fall asleep. I stay awake even at night as I am typing this I am half asleep and am only 11 weeks. Oh Lord have mercy!!!
—Guest pamela

Sooooooooooooo Tired

I feel so tired that sometimes I am afraid am going to drop dead any moment. All I do is rush off to bed any time I can't keep it going. It helps you know!
—Guest winningmum

Get some rest

The way I deal with fatigue is simple, I just take a nap when I feel I cannot stay awake any longer
—Guest sleepy

Complete opposite!

I thought id be wayyyy more tired and was prepared for it. Instead, I am having large bouts of insomnia. I would be soooo tired and lay down but can NEVER fall asleep or I would fall asleep and wake up several times in the middle of the night. I guess my body is getting ready for when my baby comes home....8 months from now. Hah. Hopefully it gets better.
—Guest Photomommy

Especially tired

This is my second pregnancy after twins. I was super fatigued with them initially, and had to take 30 min naps midday. Now, I take a nap in the evening and go to bed around 9pm until 5am. What is hard is when I wake in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. The answer seems to be: Sleep when you can! Your body needs it!
—Guest mimi

I never enough sleep

My 3 pregnancies I was good to go but with this one, my 4th I can't stay awake for the life of me! I'm sleeping more than I am awake ahhhhhhh!


I'm now 15 weeks. pregnant with my second child my first I was energized and didn't sleep a lot now I can't get enough of sleep I'm so tired at night that I can't fall asleep then during the day I can't stay awake but just know get used to it cause once the baby is here you will be tired most of the time with no sleep at night then little sleep during the day. My number 1 rule on getting rest when the baby comes is to sleep when the baby sleeps!
—Guest crystal
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