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Readers Respond: How do you cope with fatigue during pregnancy?

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Updated March 01, 2010

From the article: Fatigue During Pregnancy
Fatigue during pregnancy can be a real problem. In the first trimester you might feel like all you do is sleep. Some women get a slight reprieve in the second trimester, only to nap through the third trimester. Did you have confounding factors like anemia? Did you have to deal with insomnia too? So what helped you? Naps? Sleeping more at night? Exercise? How did you cope?

Eyes are heavy

First baby, first time, first everything and I already cant keep my eyes open and only 5 weeks. Getting through a work day is tough but the commute home in bumper to bumper traffic is the worse! I swear it takes everything in me to keep from dozing off during traffic. Ugh... Fatigue was the last thing I was worried about when I got pregnant.


I just want 2 sleep ALL day!! Havent tested + yet. BUT think iam 1OO% prego!! (:
—Guest BleesedBeauty


I am 35 and pregnant for the 5th time. I have a 13 yo 9yo and 1yo. I nap once sometimes twice a day with my 1 yo. I feel bad for my older children I'm not spending as much time with them and when I do I'm exhausted and grumpy. My 1yo still wakes up 2-3 times a night which doesn't help my sleepiness! She's at such a fun playful age and I feel like I'm just watching everything pass me by while I'm in bed dreaming or wishing I was in bed dreaming. Ugh I wanna feel more rested and healthy! I remind myself my body's going thru something major it's making a human being!!! I'm gonna feel different :/ and not to be so hard on myself :)
—Guest y


I had a fight with my husband this morning bcz I ws nt making food from past 3 days.He cnt understand I also dnt want this to happen bt I am too tired I cnt do any thing.
—Guest Taara

Late night... early bird.

I'm current at 10 weeks. I tend to feel tired more,. my first baby,, I wasn't as tired. I've decide to have another baby 15 years later ... I'm really up throughout night. I would have small naps throughout day,. Sometimes I don't go asleep till very early mornings, 2am or so. Then right back around and awake up at 8am or earlier. Laughs!!! My days are all mixed up I would think. I was able to sleep better about a month ago ... something about 10 weeks.
—Guest HighlyFavor34

up all night sleep all day

I am up all night and sleep all day. I think I am on the baby's schedule. This is unusual for me. I normally go to sleep around 10-11pm and wake up around 9am. Now I go to sleep at around 8am and wake up around 3pm. The bout of fatigue I last had made walking to the kitchen feel like I was going on a 2 mile hike. Otherwise I am feeling very blessed to be pregnant.
—Guest Blessed

Night owl!

I understand how hard it can be, feeling tired and sleeping all day then wide awake at night. I used to work nights until I fell pregnant. I'm 10 weeks now and so used to my old routine that I'm up all night and then as the sun hits up I'm fast asleep. My only advice is to slowly get back into a routine. Perhaps wake up around 9-10am and keep yourself active in the day. Drink plenty of water and eat right. Then you'll eventually be so tired of an evening that you will sleep soundly. It may take a few weeks or even a few months to get into the right routine, but it'll work best for your baby because as you're awake all night so is your baby. At least getting Into the right routine, when your baby is born it'll sleep at night the right times. I'm going to try get back into a good healthy routine. Hope I've helped
—Guest Raegan1988

Fight Pregnancy fatigue

This is my second pregnancy. The first one unfortuantely ended in miscarriage. The first time, I was VERY tired. I could hardly make it through a work day. This time, this is how I fight first trimester fatigue: EXERCISE! I get up in the morning and I walk my dog before work. I try to walk on my lunch hour as well and I walk my dog when I get home in the evenings. It not only gets her out to use the bathroom before I leave, it also gets me up and going in the mornings. Plus, I also make sure that I get at least seven hours of sleep a night. I would say any low impact exercise on a regular basis should help you feel more energized. I used to roller skate once or twice a week, but my husband and I decided it best to wait until after I give birth to be on eight wheels. :) Try low impact exercise. It might help a lot.
—Guest K.B.

really sleepy

Before I tested +, I slept in d bus n was dropped past my stop, I was so surprised cause it has never happened. And now at 7 weeks, I sleep for hours and feel so guilty wen I wake up. Wen I go out n stay long, once I come home, I hit d sack like my life depends on it . My husband understands, and sometimes make a joke out of it. Now I know its normal, I am somewhat relieved since itsmy first. Wish y'all a safe delivery!
—Guest gechy


Jesus don't be a mother if you fucking complain, also learn to spell, use grammar and punctuation.
—Guest Stop bitching


Jesus don't be a mother if you fucking complain, also learn to spell, use grammar and punctuation.
—Guest Stop bitching

haven gotten a positive yet

I havent yet goten a positive test but i am prety sure I am pregnant. I'm glad i dont have a job yet(we just moved) because for the Past week i ha e been sleeping trough my alarms. Yes multiple alarms. I ge so mad t myself because i'll wake up at noon and sometimes later. Come night time i am ready to go back to sleep. My husband is deployed right now but thankfully i havent slept through any calls.! Have a docor apt tuesday hoping for a positive!
—Guest emma


i usually sleep in till ten but latley ive been sleeping in till two or three sometimes...and when i get up i just want to lay back down and i barely stay awake long enough to eat anything i feel as if im just going to shut down:( if this is pregnancy i hope that break in the second trimester really kicks in....
—Guest d

SOO tired

I am so exhausted all the time, I feel bad for my 6 year old little girl! She's such an amazing, and understanding kid, but I hate that I can't just get up and play sometimes...I'm either too tired, or too nauseated! My first pregnancy was a walk in the park. I had energy, worked full time, had an easy delivery and everything. I have to go back to school in a couple weeks, and I am SOO nervous that I won't be able to focus!!
—Guest Tayah's Mom

Sleep is required

I am 8 weeks pregnant. This is my 4th pregnancy and I feel like a bear, I just want to eat n hibernate (sleep) lol. My family are aware of the changes and are very supportive. I'm a nurse and it is so hard to stay focused and care for other people when I'm yawning while they are talking to me. All day I am apologizing for yawning in patients rooms. It is almost impossible to have a life growing inside of you, and it not take all of your energy to sustain it. I sleep every chance I can, choose healthy meals to eat out, and clean up when I get a boost of energy. Being happy and healthy during pregnancy over rules the small stuff. Good luck!
—Guest Sleepless

How did you cope?

How do you cope with fatigue during pregnancy?

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