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Readers Respond: What did you do for leaking breasts?

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Updated April 06, 2009

breast leaking

i saw my period this month but i don't know why my breast is leaking when i press them
—Guest Miriam eb

leaking at night

i started leaking at week 26 of my 1st and only pregnacy. after my son was born i leaked so heavily in the night for about a month that i would change my pads at the 2 feeds through the night ....and still i would be drenched, the sheets...everything, i put a plastic sheet on the bed. my little boy is now 18 months old and i just discoered leaking breasts!!! :D i hadnt heard of leaking real early in pregnacy and was glad to find this website...my hopes are higher now and im going to go for a blood test soon i hope as i took a pregnacy test just 4 days ago!
—Guest kk

Yes it happens

I'm 15weeks and I have started leaking on just one breast
—Guest Eno

mine started to leak at 23 weeks

My breasts started leaking at around 23 weeks pregnant and I'm now 27 weeks, it seems like in the day time they leak one at a time and at night they both leak:( I don't like it.. Its warm and can have a yellow colour in it, so yeah I wear breast pads now and try my hardest never to take my bra of LOL!
—Guest viktoria


I gave birth to my third child, breastfed a month. Two months later, I found out I was pregnant with my fourth. I'm 18 weeks now and my breasts have been very tender the last few days, tonight in the shower started leaking colostrum. I recommend useing "medula" breast pads. They cannot be seen through your shirt like the cheap ones, have the ahesive tape to keep them in place and are only about 2 dollars more for the same amount. Also if your breasts are sore, you can use a warm compress to relieve the colostrum. I recommend useing a breastpump and start pumping and freezing, that way you'll have lots of milk stored away and have a good milk supply for when baby come. Good luck ladies and Congrats to everybody!!

Leaking milk,, pregnant??

Could I b pregnant if I'm leaking milk. I breasted my 7month baby for 3 months. Could it be day I'm expecting again?? :))
—Guest Sweet cherry

Totally possible early

Ive had two girls and my youngest is two. I started lactating at 4 months with both of them. Well I just started lactating again and I havent taken a test yet. If im pregnant im anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks along:)
—Guest Cherry red

Breast leaking

I took a pregnancy test because my period was late than came only for 2 days but pregancy test came up negative and weeks later my right best start to leak some yellow fluid.
—Guest Ashley

After only 1 Week I developed colostrum!

This is my third and I noticed colostrum after on 1 week! This happened with the last one as well however I was about 2 weeks with that one. My body never fails to let me know especially when its too soon to take a pregnancy test :) Perfectly normal
—Guest Amanda

6 weeks

I breast fed my first child til about 8 months and she will be 1 in a few days and am pregnant with baby #2. I'm only about 6 weeks and have some leakage where as with #1 I was closer to 25 weeks before I noticed it. Glad to know this is normal this early.
—Guest shelby

One breast leaking

At 23 weeks I noticed one breast started leaking, I suggest using manty liners (:Just cut them to size ! They stick!
—Guest 23weeks Pregnant

Leaking Breast

I took a pregnancy 2 days ago and it says positive. I have only missed this months period. And I squezzed my breast today and some white yellowish fluid came out. Is that possible so soon?
—Guest Vivian

Why are my breasts leaking?

I had my son 6 months ago and I NEVER breastfed him and my breasts stop leaking like 2 weeks after I had my son and my breasts are leaking again. I don't know why.
—Guest Kayla


I'm 34 wks and just started leaking from one side. I didn't leak at all with my son. Who's now 5. I wasn't able to produce enough milk with him so does this mean I will be able to with this pregnancy?
—Guest Tish

Leaking Breasts at Night

Around 3 months into my first pregnancy I found my breasts were leaking a lot at night. One thing I found helped for me was wearing a night bra at night with nursing pads in them. It is very comfortable and it feels dry through the whole night. I had bought my night bra at a maternity store where I had asked the employee what type bra I should wear she had helped me pick a few bras out and then I tried them on to make my final decision.
—Guest akasha313

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