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Readers Respond: What did you do for leaking breasts?

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Updated April 06, 2009

Breast Leaking during pregnancy

I'd like to add that it's normal in pregnancy. I'm pregnant and when I consulted my GYN, she said it's a sign of pregnancy. This is my first baby and I was curious but she said it's nothing to worry about.
—Guest Angel


I'm between 3 and 4 months pregnant with my first child and my breasts have started leaking, mostly at night.
—Guest kylie


My breasts are hurting and I have discharge. In the ER they told me that I was 12% pregnant but I had to go again and now they say 5% which is negative. Am I pregnant or not? I want my breasts to stop leaking and hurting!
—Guest lala

Leaking Breasts

One of my breasts started leaking the very first week!
—Guest Shar

Leaking for years...

When I was 19 was when I first started leaking. I didn't have my period for three month's so of course I thought I was pregnant and I had gained a lot if weight but turns out I wasn't! I stopped leaking at about 22. I'm 25 now and it has started again but it feels way different. I have never been pregnant before, but I feel as if I might be this time, when I eat its harder to stay satisfied, my breasts are bigger, my midsection is thicker and I'm almost 4 months without a cycle. What could be going on? The first time the doc said it was normal.
—Guest Dee

Leaking breasts

I am 15 weeks pregnant and leaking already. Is that normal? (Yes, it is.)
—Guest jen


I have a 4 month old son. I don't breastfeed. But, I'm putting off some colostrum. I thought I would of dried up by now. So, I was wondering if leaking some colostrum could be a early sign of pregnancy. I plan on taking a pregnancy test within 15 days. I have breast pads that I've been using after I had my son.
—Guest Chiquita22gallo

breast leaking!

My breasts are leaking not a lot just a tad and am now scared! Can this be a sign of anything else apart from pregnancy as it really that wasn't long ago I had sex like within 1-2 weeks ago!?!?
—Guest helpmeplease

breast leaking

My breasts are leaking and I'm wondering if it's a sign of pregnancy!
—Guest indu elahi

Still produce milk?

You can have leaking from your breast long after ceasing breastfeeding if your prolactin levels don't recede. I was still producing milk 3 years after stooping breastfeeding. Doctors kept telling me it was fine. It wasn't until I found a great endocrinologist how helped me FINALLY get diagnosed with hypothyroidism that it all got "fixed". The pituitary gland produces prolactin. You should get your prolactin checked. If it is too high then they can figure out what to do next.
—Guest vadams


I just found one of my breasts leaking this morning and I am just short of 6 weeks along! Apparently it's rare to have this happen so early!
—Guest Leah

For penny - leaking boobs

Hi Penny, I'm having the same problem, I have a 14 month old daughter and I have a lot of pregnancy signs however I have gotten something similar to my period but definately wasn't, think it was implantation bleeding, I noticed yesterday my boobs were leaking when I squeezed them because they were so sore, I took 2 tests both neg... did you end up being pregnant? I think I'm gonna go get a blood test, I feel preg like I did with my daughter but the not knowing for sure is killing me.

I didn't know what was going on!

In my first pregnancy, I was 19 years old, my doctor hadn't mentioned anything like it. I'm almost 24 weeks, and I was just sitting at the computer and my shirt started to get wet... I was like what's happening! I called my best friend's little sister who is pregnant as well, [bit further along then me] and asked her if she had the same thing she laughed and said, "Oh yea, it happens." I guess now is when things really start to get interesting!
—Guest leaky

leaking months AFTER breastfeeding

I stopped breastfeeding 4 months ago, my daughter is 16 months. She is my third baby. I've been waking through the night soaked. I have a Mirena IUD so I doubt I'm pregnant (hope not!) but this didn't happen with my other kids. I've only had one period in over two years, so I don't know if I ovulate or not!
—Guest Stacey

Leaking, I know how you feel

I'm 32 now and my first child is 9. I just realized that I'm leaking and my breasts are so sore. I've taken a pregnancy test (3 of them this week) and they have all been negative. Still late, almost a week, an am think it may be time for that bold test. 2 children, ten years apart yikes!
—Guest Nicole
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