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Readers Respond: What position did you sleep in during pregnancy?

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Sides are a real hassle!

I am three months pregnant but I was also told sleeping on one's belly and back is bad. I'm now practicing sleeping on the sides but believe me, its difficult back so many times I feel my back aches. GUIDE COMMENT: Sleeping on your back is fine until after about 16 weeks, same with your stomach.

Sleeping on your belly

I am still on my first trimester and I was sleeping on my stomach and my sister mentioned that it is not good but to sleep on the sides. I get tired and sleeping on my back is really difficult.
—Guest maria

Thank you

Thank you for all the sharing. I really appreciate the candid (and funny) stories. I'm not big enough to have to sleep on my side yet (can still sleep on my back which is my natural position), but I'll keep all the ideas in mind for later.
—Guest joyce

sleeping on your back

I'm 8 months pregnant now., and from about 5 months into my pregnancy I've battled to sleep on my sides because of my hips starting to ache. In this past week I've found that I have a decent nights rest and feel much better when I wake up if I sleep on my back, and for some reason it's also made my baby kick more during the day and move round at night instead of keeping me awake by kicking all night long. I know they say it's bad to sleep on your back, but it works perfectly for me.
—Guest chaneldj

On my side or back

I slept either on my side or back....but when I was on my back, I snored like crazy!
—Guest Lauren

On my side and I've never stopped!

Sleeping on my left side (draped over a big body pillow) became such a habit that I still do it to this day, 20 months after my last pregnancy. Well, minus the body pillow!
—Guest Catherie

Solo Side Sleep

I got a body pillow for side sleeping, but ended up sleeping without it. (I could just never get the hang of things that way.) I remember being SO relieved when I could sleep on my stomach again!
—Guest Elizabeth

On my side with lots and lots of pillows

I was the pillow queen when pregnant. I had it all worked out to a science... You can't sleep on your back, but I have trouble sleeping just on my side w/o being almost on my stomach (which you also can't do when pregnant!). So I would put two pillows behind me, so I was lying on my side, but leaning back against the pillow.. It's hard to explain, but it felt more like sleeping on my back than my side! I had a pillow for between my knees too, of course, and a pillow for BELOW my knees, and at one point, even a pillow for my stomach!! When I got real big, I slept sitting up. I arranged all the pillows into a "lounge chair", in the corner of my bed that is against a wall. I leaned my head against the wall. I was so exhausted. I kept wishing at the time that I would have the baby already, so I could sleep... !! HA HA!


When I was pregnant with my twins, I had so many pillows in bed with me it was hysterical. I had a huge body pillow (between knees and to hug), my regular pillow, a pillow for under my belly and a pillow to wedge under my side (back). There was almost room for my husband in bed! As I got further along, I had to sleep sitting up to be able to breathe. 16 lbs. of baby will do that to you!
—Guest MomofMany

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