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Readers Respond: What position did you sleep in during pregnancy?

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Updated October 04, 2010

Back pain and sleeping on side

I'm 1 month pregnant I use to experience terrible back aches and sleep on my side but don't know when to be on my back.
—Guest Maimuna Said

Sleeping on stomach

I am almost 10 weeks pregnant. I'm used to sleep on my stomach but now whenever I sleep on my stomach my hubby says that it's not good for our baby. But now trying to sleep on my half belly so it make me feel way better. This is my first baby and I and my hubby are too excited . I just can't wait anymore to take my baby In my arms.
—Guest Sarah


I'm 20weeks and I can't get comfortable 4 anything! I'm way too tall 4 a normal body pillow, and its hard 2 get comfortable with my bf and my dog n bed with me. I used 2 sleep on my belly, and I have 2 catch myself sometimes and move to my side. I try putting pillows how my doc told me...but I'm still waking up all through the night and its very difficult 2 get 2 sleep. I love sleep! But I just can't get comfy enough 2 enjoy it.
—Guest Colleen


Since about 5 months pregnant I have really struggled with sleep. However, I have found the most comfortable position to be on my left side with a body pillow, and on my back. Sleeping on your back is fine as long as you are comfortable, even in later stages of pregnancy.
—Guest Clairey


There are 6 billion people in the world, no ones dying because their mom slept on her back while pregnant. I sleep however is comfortable and don't worry about it. Seriously, I can't imagine it being given in less prosperous nations.
—Guest Jenna

Side sleep

I am 6 months pregnant, i would suggest you to sleep on your left side rather than right and your back, sleeping at your back causes back ache and your on your right, blood circulation will be less. Sleeping on your left is good for the blood circulation and it helps you to rest properly.
—Guest pallavi

Need sleep!

I'm 26 weeks and I can't sleep. I maybe sleep 3 hours total each night plus have four other children to take care of during the day. I need sleep but can't!! Tonight I'm trying out the ideas I just read.
—Guest sarah

sides and back sleep

I do sleep on my side but sometimes I see myself sleeping on my back so he does watch dog every night to make sure I don't sleep on my back.
—Guest Gift

Side by side without pillow

I am used to sleeping side by side without pillow during pregnancy, so it's no big deal.
—Guest vivian


I'm 6 months pregnant and I sleep any way that's comfortable. Which varies all the time thanks to the little one and my partner doesn't make it any easier lol. I usually sleep on my left or right side and turning my upper half the opposite way. Or facing one way with a pillow under my breasts and my arm that I'm laying on cupped around my belly and tucked in my pajama bottoms. Everyone's different though lol :)
—Guest Lorna


Sleeping on my stomach makes me nauseous. I'm in my first trimester.
—Guest Donna

Sides are a real hassle!

I am three months pregnant but I was also told sleeping on one's belly and back is bad. I'm now practicing sleeping on the sides but believe me, its difficult back so many times I feel my back aches. GUIDE COMMENT: Sleeping on your back is fine until after about 16 weeks, same with your stomach.

Sleeping on your belly

I am still on my first trimester and I was sleeping on my stomach and my sister mentioned that it is not good but to sleep on the sides. I get tired and sleeping on my back is really difficult.
—Guest maria

Thank you

Thank you for all the sharing. I really appreciate the candid (and funny) stories. I'm not big enough to have to sleep on my side yet (can still sleep on my back which is my natural position), but I'll keep all the ideas in mind for later.
—Guest joyce

sleeping on your back

I'm 8 months pregnant now., and from about 5 months into my pregnancy I've battled to sleep on my sides because of my hips starting to ache. In this past week I've found that I have a decent nights rest and feel much better when I wake up if I sleep on my back, and for some reason it's also made my baby kick more during the day and move round at night instead of keeping me awake by kicking all night long. I know they say it's bad to sleep on your back, but it works perfectly for me.
—Guest chaneldj

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