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Readers Respond: Did you cramp in early pregnancy?

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From the article: Cramping in Early Pregnancy
Early pregnancy cramping is something a lot of women have in the first trimester. Sometimes you even think it's menstrual cramps, but this type of cramping is very different and can lead you to be worried about miscarriage. What was your experience? Did you have pain early on? Did you cramp? Share Your Experience

cramping early pregnancy

I understand first trimester cramps, in daytime, backpain, on off mild cramps thank God not at night, sore breast, but the cramps r totally deferent than ministration cramps. Thats one reason I knew I was pregnant before the test.
—Guest miracle

didn't feel cramp

I'm 1 month delayed I'm e regular but these is the first time I'm delayed in 1 month I tried pregnancy test its negative I didn't felt any of those signs even cramping?
—Guest Ana

Yes lots of cramping 8 weeks

Im 8 weeks pregnant, have mild but anoying period like cramps. Sometimes i get a stabbing feeling in left or right side of abdomin, also feels like i have a urine infection (or start of) i feel deydrated all the time even though im drinking 4 ltrs plus of water, including coconut water. Dr says its just stretching and growing, the body making way for the babies growth. Urine infection at a slight, and need antiboitics ( special ones for preggy ladies) to clear it up, this is quite a common happening and can also cause that heavy weighted cramping.
—Guest Missymelmichelke

Cramping at First...now Bleeding?

I knew I was pregnant, at the moment of conception. Went to get a pregnancy test and it was postive. In tears because I didn't want another child Right now. I started cramping as early as 2 weeks, the cramping was so Bad I couldn't move much like my menstrol pains but this one shot down my leg. at 5 weeks I went to planned parenthood for an abortion. Feeling down and depressed that I'm here again! Because I had an abortion before 6 years ago. So as they gave me an ultrasound they told me the couldn't find anything in the uterus so they sent me to emergency hospital and they had declared that everything was Fine! I'm now 8 weeks pregnant still and cramping is gone now I'm bleeding lightly, idk what it means but if I am still pregnant I'm going back to planned parenthood vecause I believe maybe I came to early. Not to sound like a horrible person but I'm not in any condition to have another baby I have one now 7 years old struggling with him as a single mom. I know for now on precaustion
—Guest Amanda

6-8 weeks

I have been cramping rlly bad for abt 2 to 3 weeks with no bleeding.. is this normal??
—Guest beth

All woman are different

Im now in my 4th pregnancy with only one sucess thus far, i have a 2and a half year old little boy and had just slight cramping with him, more like a stretching feeling in my uterus. with my second and third pregnancy they both only lasted till i was 8 weeks along, #2 i had intense cramping like something was being torn from me #3 i didnt have any cramping until i started bleeding out of the blue and then it was full swing and very painful. now with my 4th pregnancy i am 5 weeks past LMC and im having that light yet annoying stretching feelin in my lower uterus. i feel like every pregnancy is very different and every woman is different. its all in our reaction and how we handle the cards we are delt. so do i think cramping is normal, my answer is yes. you just need to be able to deturmine what pains are concerning and what are annoyingly normal.
—Guest Rissa

about cramps

Yes i cramp early in my pregnancy and it was very painful it felt like i was about to die but soon or later it went away now im 33 weeks pregnant but there is nothing to worry about ladies
—Guest miss redd

cramping early pregnancy

I am 5 week pregnant now, but over a week past i felt like period painful especially at night, my sister told me it is normal for an early pregnancy, i went to see a doctor and the doctor without do an ultrasound told me that is THREATEN ABORTION and i need a week bed rest, he just gave me these pills which i refuse to take it PHENOBARBITONE 30GM, I am not really sure if that is true after read all above comments, I need your advice since it is my first time having pregnancy, am i ok?
—Guest Ester


I have 2 kids and experienced cramping in my 1st trimester for both. I'm experiencing cramping again so I'm not 100% positive I'm pregnant again but it sure feels like it.
—Guest Joly

unsure but having all the symptoms

IM still unsure if i'm pregnant haven't took a test my mother says she absolutely sure i'm pregnant , I already have a 2yr old daughter , but i'm having cramps on one side of my stomach , some food I smell I throw up , drink dark drinks , eat hot food I throw up , craving pickles , spaghetti , dr.pepper , and butter finger candy... If so i'll be about 3weeks i'm almost sure that i'm pregnant... Any advice?
—Guest lady prego

anxious and doubtful

I am with my 4th m0nths menstruati0n delayed and this is my first time to have delayed like this.I done with pregnancy test 3 times but all are negative,i never seen a doctor because of that result.I experienced cramping,and othr pain.Aside missing my period,i had sore breasts,painful backache,unusual fo0d craving,enlarge breasts,bloating. I been 3 years married and we dont had a baby. whats wr0ng with me?i had experienced with those things and i had a negative result with pregnancy test,so doubtful if i need to see a doctor or n0t.

3 time around

This Is will be my third child, but my 4th pregnacy...Just last yr I miscarried around the same time...My pains was very painful, back aches, stomach aches and bleeding...I am now 4wks5days..since missing my period last wk and taking a test that came out positive i have experinced he cramps..but they are good cramps..=) I never had cramps before..with my boys..or tender breast...But I sleep alot and the cramps Ive been told are just the baby growing..so Im quite scared this time...never want to exp another miscarriage..=( so my cramps come and go and mainly in the day or when Im hungry..lol!! so stay positive mommies...grow on baby..=)

Cramping early pregnancy

I had very bad cramps early pregnancy. Just like period pains but much much worse. Was pacing up and down half the night. Exhausted and in a lot of pain more like bowel cramps you might get with food poisoning, with pain coming and going. Nothing helped and I did not believe doctors who said everything was okay but they were right. Cramps stopped after a couple of weeks and everything was fine. Would have helped if doctors had explained I was just experiencing a bad case of a fairly common problem.
—Guest Joyce

Baby is securing itself :)

I felt mild, sometimes not so mild, but bearable cramps and pain as if something is digging deeper inside me. I was very worried and rightly so because it was my first time. But my sister gave a very reassuring explanation: Baby is securing/attaching itself firmly to mother's womb... like a plant grows its roots :)
—Guest Shaks

5 Weeks and same for me.

I was very worried something was going wrong. But it turns out it's not just normal, but a good sign that things are progressing well.
—Guest Karen

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