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Readers Respond: Did you cramp in early pregnancy?

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Updated July 05, 2012

From the article: Cramping in Early Pregnancy
Early pregnancy cramping is something a lot of women have in the first trimester. Sometimes you even think it's menstrual cramps, but this type of cramping is very different and can lead you to be worried about miscarriage. What was your experience? Did you have pain early on? Did you cramp? Share Your Experience

I cramped and spotted...

I got some achy cramps at five weeks and then very light spotting. It stopped but again at 7w4d's I passed a huge clot with no cramping at all. I'm still spotting. I was sent for an ultrasound today and i was told I was only three weeks. How does this happen?
—Guest Emma

I feel alot better

I went to a clinic and got a test done after home test said positive, and I'm surely preggers don't know how far yet until I go to my obgyn but I have been feeling cramping in lower back and in my pelvis I'm sure I'm like 6 weeks I was scared that the cramping wasn't normal but I guess so....plus my mom says she had them with my little sister.
—Guest Geneva Bernoudy

8 weeks

I'm 8 weeks pregnant my mood changing 10 times a day haha. I got stabs in my belly which I don't know what's that mean. No morning sickness at all....so happy about it. Still worrying if everything will be ok :)
—Guest Joanna


I've been having cramps for three weeks already and no period. And I mostly only last one week with cramps then my period comes. I know its still early but im just curious if I am pregnant. >.
—Guest Victoria♡

I'm really concerned

About 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend were intimate and I have the implanon (birth control) supposed to be 99.9% effective. I am starting to think I might be pregnant. I have taken 3 tests and they all said negative. But I'm still lead to believe I still may be pregnant. I'm having most of the symptoms, fatigue, slight nausea, bloated, head aches, slight back pain, sensitive to smells and foods that I usually love make my stomach hurt just at the sight of them, also my body temp has been slightly higher then usual and I'm really thirsty. Just a day and a half ago I started spotting just slightly not like a normal period at all but I'm not sure if that could be what it is, I've heard women can spot during early pregnancy. Someone have any advise?
—Guest Marina V

slightly worried

I am 4 weeks along and I expirienced intensely sore breasts throughout the day yesterday. I woke up this morning and noticed some slight bleeding but I have not been cramping recently. This is my first pregnancy and I was wondering if I should be worried.

What could it be?

I'm a week out from my period today. For the past three nights - at the same time every night - I have horrible abdominal cramping that lasts about 15 minutes or so. My breasts are starting to get tender today but I'm chalking that up to my upcoming cycle. Any thoughts on what this could be and why it has happened at the same time every night? Weird...
—Guest Rachel

maybe baby?¿

My head is throbbing now for a week, I've been told I am "moody", just not feeling well. I want to sleep and rest I am so tired. I've been experiencing mild to sever stabbing type cramping. My breast are mildly tender to touch. Feeling slightly nauseous. Experiencing frequent urgent urination, day and night, to the point of peeing myself. I do not have a UTI, this I am certain of. Have not yet missed my period however my partner and I aimed to conceive first day of ovulation. Here is the catch, I had a tubaligation 11 years ago, 2 years ago experienced a pregnancy however did not realize I was pregnant until I miscarried. Am I pregnant or and I not... I hope I am given my husband and I are both 35 and he with no children therefore a successful pregnancy would be a blessing. Have yet to take a preg test as I have yet to miss a period, waiting it out.
—Guest Teia


I was having like menstrual cramps my lower back was hurting . I'm 5 weeks pregnant I went to the dr . And he said it was normal to have thw cramping pains because, my uterus was streching.
—Guest christen

Cramps and bleeding

I had reason to believe I was pregnant I took 2 tests both came out negative but I assumed it was too early to tell I missed my period last month and was certain I was pregnant bc my body felt like it was changing I'm going to the doc this Tuesday and I wanted to know if I am pregnant is it ok to have bleeding and stomach cramps I'm a little scared bc I fear something had gone wrong ... It's my first pregnancy and I'm loosing my mind I'm over thinking and I keep reading these awful comments on the web about miscarriage
—Guest MrsMiguel

cramping early pregnancy

I understand first trimester cramps, in daytime, backpain, on off mild cramps thank God not at night, sore breast, but the cramps r totally deferent than ministration cramps. Thats one reason I knew I was pregnant before the test.
—Guest miracle

didn't feel cramp

I'm 1 month delayed I'm e regular but these is the first time I'm delayed in 1 month I tried pregnancy test its negative I didn't felt any of those signs even cramping?
—Guest Ana

Yes lots of cramping 8 weeks

Im 8 weeks pregnant, have mild but anoying period like cramps. Sometimes i get a stabbing feeling in left or right side of abdomin, also feels like i have a urine infection (or start of) i feel deydrated all the time even though im drinking 4 ltrs plus of water, including coconut water. Dr says its just stretching and growing, the body making way for the babies growth. Urine infection at a slight, and need antiboitics ( special ones for preggy ladies) to clear it up, this is quite a common happening and can also cause that heavy weighted cramping.
—Guest Missymelmichelke

Cramping at First...now Bleeding?

I knew I was pregnant, at the moment of conception. Went to get a pregnancy test and it was postive. In tears because I didn't want another child Right now. I started cramping as early as 2 weeks, the cramping was so Bad I couldn't move much like my menstrol pains but this one shot down my leg. at 5 weeks I went to planned parenthood for an abortion. Feeling down and depressed that I'm here again! Because I had an abortion before 6 years ago. So as they gave me an ultrasound they told me the couldn't find anything in the uterus so they sent me to emergency hospital and they had declared that everything was Fine! I'm now 8 weeks pregnant still and cramping is gone now I'm bleeding lightly, idk what it means but if I am still pregnant I'm going back to planned parenthood vecause I believe maybe I came to early. Not to sound like a horrible person but I'm not in any condition to have another baby I have one now 7 years old struggling with him as a single mom. I know for now on precaustion
—Guest Amanda

6-8 weeks

I have been cramping rlly bad for abt 2 to 3 weeks with no bleeding.. is this normal??
—Guest beth

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