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Readers Respond: Did you have a line down your pregnant belly?

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Updated October 18, 2012

Sometimes women get a line called a linea negra down their pregnant belly. Did you get one? At what point in pregnancy? Which trimester? When did it go away? Tell Us About Your Belly

Dark line

i am,currently 33 weeks,pregnant with a boy and i have that dark line down my belly. 1st pregancy so i dont know if,it will disapear.
—Guest Trina

line down belly

I'm 17 weeks no line yet does everyone get this ? I remember being pregnant before with this line but this time I dont have it
—Guest laura

Dark line

I had a baby girl my first pregnancy and I had the dark line..I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with a boy and have a very light line. So definitely doesn't matter on the gender.
—Guest Mommy of 2

im not sure if im pregnant but im gettin

Im not sure if im pregnant but I have that dark line. Do u only get that when u are pregnant?
—Guest jemi


My wife is twenty seven weeks. Brown line from crotch to sternum, thought it was hair! Not so much....very thin and evident bisecting tan line....weird..
—Guest moonsloth

linea nigra

Currently 18 weeks pregnant and have had it for a few weeks but gets more noticeable as time passes, not sure what im having yet though! Two more weeks until my appointment.
—Guest Nicole

belly line

im having my first baby and its a girl my line is really light but you can see it still.
—Guest shawtysae

Stretch marks

I don't know if I'm pregnant or not but I have stretch marks that appeared what dose it mean
—Guest Haley

Linea Nigra

I have a son and a daughter. I'm currently pregnant with another boy. Each time, I've had this appear. So it does NOT matter on the gender of the child. It does fade away shortly after you deliver.
—Guest Teresa Hurtado

Dark line on pregnant belly

My mom said that you have a dark line on your belly, your baby is boy. I'm in 31st week.
—Guest Nav

Dark line!

I found a dark line started around 17 weeks along with my third pregnancy. My mom tried to tell me that it was because I was having a baby boy. (We didn't know.) I had already had a boy and did not have the line, so I shrugged it off. It went away a few weeks after our son was born. It started fading nearly right away.
—Guest Robin

Tell Us About Your Belly

Did you have a line down your pregnant belly?

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