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Readers Respond: Did you quit smoking for a pregnancy?

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Updated June 30, 2011

There are many pregnancy women who smoke, but pregnancy or planning a pregnancy are two times when women really work hard at quitting smoking to help protect the baby. Did you try to quit smoking prior to pregnancy or after a positive pregnancy test? What helped? What hindered? How did you do it? Cold turkey? Nicotine replacement therapy? What was your motivating factor?

Quit smoking for baby

It is amazing how important nutrition is to even a fully grown adult, malnourishment, alcohol or drug abuse can completely destroy all internal organs and function. If you can't quit for the sake of your own longevity, you should at least give that baby a strong starting chance. I was a heavy smoker, one pack a day everyday for about ten years. imagining a day without a smoke was damn near impossible. My pregnancy with my spouse was completely unexpected. I quit smoking three days after my pregnancy test, tested positive. Being a mother is the most important and valuable role for a woman. We all heard the cancer, and disease stats, its outrageous. I feel quitting smoking added to the irritability and weight gain in the beginning of my pregnancy, it wasn't easy but morning sickness attributed to it's lack of appeal. i still crave a cigarettes, its a life long struggle. I don't go to bed guilty every night wondering if my baby will be sick because of my lack of self will.
—Guest ravenfly

I'd tried before...

I tried before to quit smoking but usually started back again. So when my boyfriend asked me to quit before we got pregnant it seemed like it was more pressing, like not just about me. I'll admit that I struggled with it. But I did greatly reduce the numbers of cigarettes I smoked - until the pregnancy test was positive. Then I went cold turkey and have never looked back. I think morning sickness really helped that. I hope that it continues this way after my baby is born.

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