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Readers Respond: How did you feel in early pregnancy?

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Updated April 19, 2013

Happy but worried

I have had 2 miscarriage one back last August so it would be due now and one back in December so this baby is due Christmas day. I am only five weeks and am worried to could happen again. So far no bleeding and my test at home was so clear when the other ones were faint.
—Guest angie


I was shocked at first. I was joking with my boyfriend and said, "I think I'm pregnant." He went and got a test and it come back positive. I went to the doctor and I was 7 weeks and then came the vomiting. I'm now 3 months and still get sick, but so excited can't wait to be a mum. Food is the worst. I can't really eat much. All I want to do is sleep. I have constant headaches and my feet are so much colder, hope it gets better
—Guest tash

After a 4 yrs of ttc....It Was Positive!

I had been feeling a little moody more than usual. I woke up one morning and felt my breast sore. I had been having mild cramping before I found out I was pregnant but i thought it was my period getting ready to start but after being late 3 days I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! I couldn't believe my eyes. I immediately starting crying because it had been 4 years of TTC and after taking 4 rounds of Clomid I gave up and just let nature take its course! We are so excited because my sister and I had been trying for several years and we are both pregnant about a month apart! I am scheduling a doctor's appointment to make sure everything is fine and just to double check my pregnancy because I still can't believe it!
—Guest Sandra

Very excited

I'm 4 weeks and so far my main symptoms have been tiredness, gas and bloated tummy. Otherwise happy and can't wait to spill the beans!

Afraid to take the test.

I am so afraid, I haven't gotten my period yet. I am about a week late, have had the feeling like my period is here. But when I look it's not. I'm crampy, tired, moody, and having to pee a lot. I don't wanna take the test, just in case it turns out to be another negative. But I know I must. I want nothing more then to be pregnant, but don't wanna face the disappointment if I am not.
—Guest Libby

Praying for Hope

I kind of had my period last month but did not last long. I am 1 week late in my period and have been having pains in my stomach like period kind of pains. I get very tired all the time and eat a lot now, after I eat I fill like vomiting and like exploding. 2 weeks ago I bled a little for about a second or two but that was it. I get back pains, head aches, fill dizzy sometimes and frequently going to the bathroom. I am very moody sometimes. I have been trying for 2 years now with deception every month. However, I have never missed a period before and I feel pregnant, I am going to take a pregnancy test tonight and am praying for a positive result, am so happy about it and excited.... I have sensitive breasts, food cravings, lots of discharge and nausea.
—Guest Dominique

Please God

I am 24 and I am praying for a big fat positive (BFP). I am getting all the pregnancy signs but I tested at what I thought was 9 days post ovulation (dpo) and it was negative. The next day the doc did a urine test and it was neg but I had a UTI (urinary tract infection). That's why I went to doc with light bleeding and my period was due today and no period so I guess I will test tonight or in the morning. My husband and I want this so bad and its killing us not knowing.
—Guest TINA

Lots of symptoms!

I'm nineteen and prego with my first child. I'm nauseous all the time, pukey, hormonal, sore and HEAVY breasts, tired and constipation every morning. I feel everything... can't wait for the sickness to go away!
—Guest k

I'm pregnant with my first

I found out I was pregnant at Walgreens, this guy I had been seeing was going to buy me a test because I hadn't had my period yet but I wasn't worried because I had been through all that before, then I took the test two actually and they both came back positive! My stomach dropped. I'm nauseous all the time, I have cravings for everything, I get really super warm especially at night constipation every morning! I hate being sick but oh well. I'm only about 6 weeks along and I can't wait to make it to the safe zone that's my biggest fear! All I want to do is protect my baby. Motherly instincts kicking in.
—Guest kendra

5 weeks

I had discounted my symptoms as one of my more severe bouts of PMS. My boobs hurt, I was getting crampy (which I always do prior to my period), and I was more tired than usual. I noticed as I was lifting weights at the gym that I couldn't do as much anymore. I was at my wit's end and praying my period would finally start. Frustrated and feeling like I'd been hit by the exhaustion bus, I burst out in tears at work. "Wow! This is the worst PMS I've had in a while!", I thought. I kept getting sporadic, sharp cramps, but no bleeding. I took a pregnancy test on a whim to make sure it would be okay to start ibuprofen for these "cramps". Thank God I did!!! My only symptoms so far are fatigue, breast soreness and enlargement, and the little cramps. I'm also a little hungrier, and a few food tastes have changed.
—Guest Violet_angel


I feel scared. I miscarried and fell pregnant immediately after. I'm also excited but want to make sure everything is well before I celebrate.
—Guest shola


I'm nearly a week late in regards to my period, I'm very crampy, nipples are really sensitive and I can't stop peeing. My 1st test was negative and I'm due to test in the morning. My periods are normally every 30 days to the hour so I know I am. Just hoping for a positive test in the morning, the wait is killing me! Scared of it all going wrong! Fingers crossed that I definitely am and it all goes smoothly for me, and for all you guys!
—Guest siany

I don't know!

I am 5 1/2 weeks late for my period, I took a test last week and it was negative. My nipples are a little sensitive, I am exhausted all the time, off and on I get crampy! I have been eating like a pig and always thirsty and peeing! I don't want to get my hopes up because the test was negative.
—Guest Ashley

Am I Pregnant?

My husband and I haven't really tried to get pregnant. We've talked about it and just a few weeks ago we had an oops moment. I haven't thought anything about it but I've been feeling real sick to my stomach, constipated and real bad nausea. I don't think I am so I will wait it out for a couple of weeks and see what happens...
—Guest slim

Unexpected Surprise

I recently found out I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and right away it was POSITIVE. I didn't believe it. I was happy, scared and confused. I called my boyfriend to let him know and he was also excited!! I've had a wonderful pregnancy so far. I'm 5 months pregnant and we found out recently it's boy! And I can't wait to meet him.
—Guest Aylin*

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